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How to Cut Federal and State Spending

January 24, 2011

A first step is to eliminate Fraud, Waste & Abuse (FW&A).  To do that we must eliminate the current Inspector General system and replace it with a totally independent system.  Even though Congress passed whistleblower protection and strengthened the protection, every member of the Armed Forces and every federal employee knows that if they see FW&A and report it their career will be over.  IG’s rarely substantiate allegations, especially when higher ranking individuals are involved.  We have agencies investigating themselves, how’s that working?

There is plenty of waste in the Armed Forces like $2 billion dollar bombers and submarines.  Although I am a retired fighter pilot, we must draw down the manned fighter & bomber fleet in favor of remotely piloted vehicles which are just as effective and cost much less.  No RPV pilot has ever needed rescue or been held hostage.

It should be a federal crime for any employee paid by federal funds to belong to any collective bargaining unit.  All federal unions should be decertified. There has never been any justification for federal unions, no child labor, no sweatshops and no overworking. As a result of unions and their tactics to preserve jobs, all departments are bloated and resources are misdirected.  The reason our borders are not secure is not because we lack resources, it is because our leaders lack the skill or will to properly deploy the forces we have.

If I had the responsibility to trim the budget, my first step would be to bring the Cabinet Members together and announce a 20% cut in personnel through attrition and a hiring freeze.  I would tell them if they could not embrace the concept and need to accomplish the mandate, I would accept their resignations.  Anybody can manage when they are knee deep in taxpayer funds.

While the private sector unemployment is high and companies are going bankrupt and cutting back, the government, state and federal, is spending like there was no tomorrow.

If the leaders we have in government are only interested in protecting their turf and not making meaningful cuts for the general welfare, they should be replaced.

Essentially the same is true for states:  For example, Kansas & Arkansas have similar populations, Kansas has 45,163 Full-Time Equivalent employees, Arkansas has 61,336. Hire me as a consultant and I can cut 16,000 government jobs in Arkansas and cut traffic on the highways at the same time.