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What I Know About Government Unions

February 26, 2011

I want to make every American Taxpayer aware of what I know about Government Unions.  For several years I would leave my responsibilities leading combat pilots and their supporting units to periodically act as Chief Management Negotiator engaged in Collective Bargaining with other Government Employees who were members of the AFL/CIO.  Keep in mind that I was a very strange bureaucrat.  If I didn’t absolutely need funds, I turned them back in so that other Administrators who didn’t need the funds could buy framed wall art or new desks.  The Government loves bureaucrats who can use up the funds.  Anyway, picture bureaucrats negotiating with each other.   Sure, one side is management, the other side is labor, but in fact, what is good for the goose, is also good for the gander.  If labor wants three hours a week to exercise, (Play racquetball or set under a tree) management don’t mind having some of that pie too.  There is no profit motive and after all, it ain’t gonna bankrupt the government, at least not until now.  If the inmates continue to bargain with each other over recreation facilities and parking places, over time they will have a parking garage as tall as the Dubai Skyscraper and a sports complex the size of Michigan Stadium.  It’s easy to keep giving them benefits year after year when it’s no skin off your nose.  There have never been sweatshops or child labor problems in the government.  Government unions serve no valid purpose other than to gain benefits for their members and give millions of dollars to Democrats.  If I don’t like to fund the UAW and hence, democrats, I can buy a Toyota instead of a Chevrolet.  That is not the case with the government which is a monopoly.  Whether it’s the Postal Service, Air Traffic Controllers or Teacher’s Unions, government unions do not work and cannot work.  If government unions are not busted, we will all be busted sooner or later.