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It’s Time for Real Welfare Reform

June 16, 2011

Now that our country is broke, maybe it’s time to fix our broken Welfare System.  A good place to start is with our dysfunctional Food Stamp Program.  A program where recipients buy steak and lobster and sell them to buy drugs, tattoos and piercings.  Sometimes recipients pester shoppers at the checkout counter and offer to pay for their groceries if they will give them 75% of the cost in cash, if they are desperate they offer to pay for even less cash.  Food Stamps should only be valid to purchase beans, rice, powdered milk and bread.
To qualify for welfare including  Medicaid, all recipients must be tested for drugs, alcohol, and nicotine, if they can afford those things, they don’t need and should not qualify for welfare.

Government housing will be maintained and cleaned or the people will be evicted.   Luxury items like TV’s will not be provided and all quarters will be subject to no-notice inspections daily.

To qualify for welfare, everyone must work.  If they do not work they shall not eat.  Jobs may be in the public or private sector.  Public jobs may be picking up trash or repairing public housing and subject to inspection.

The Welfare Program should be completely voluntary.  If  anyone feels that they would be demeaned or their self-esteem would suffer, they are free to move in with their relatives or get a job.  Taking money from people who worked hard to earn it and buying boom boxes and body piercings is demeaning.

Welfare should not be a system that rewards and encourages bad choices.  Almost everyone can work.  They can take inspiration from Chad Colley, a triple amputee who won two Paralympics Gold Medals for Alpine Skiing and served as National Commander of the Disabled American Veterans.  He was named Handicaped American of the Year.  Getting obese and watching trashy television is not a handicap that prevents people from working.  Don’t ask me to pay for YOUR bad choices.  Don’t ask the government to reward your bad choices.

For people who are temporarily down on their luck or suffered a tragedy, there are many shelters and programs to help them get back on their feet.  The goal of all welfare must be to restore people as productive members of society.