Salivating over Internet Taxes

✯✯✯✯ Has Wal-Mart Declared War against Steve Womack the Arkansas Congressman who sponsored the Marketplace Equity Act happens to represent the district where the Wal-Mart Corporate Headquarters is located. His co-sponsor is San Francisco Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier.

What is the difference between Internet purchases and Montgomery Ward, Alden, Spiegle and all the other catalog sales that took place for so many years? The cost of shipping was the equalizer. Wal-Mart is the LARGEST RETAILER IN THE WORLD with almost twice the market capitalization of Do they really need to do this? Do we REALLY need another tax? How will this affect the five states with no sales tax?

Politicians have been dreaming about taxing the Internet for years. Mike Huckabee wrote a letter as Chairman of the National Governors Association demanding Internet taxes several years ago. It was Bill Clinton who placed a five year moratorium on Internet Taxes when he was President. Yep, a Democrat stopped the taxes and now we have a Republican championing Internet Taxes. Do Taxpayers have any chance? Will anybody champion a Taxpayers Equity Act? Go figure!


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