No Tax Pledge, Really?

Dick Morris called out Congressional Candidate Steve Womack for not signing the NO TAX Pledge. Within minutes Morris was notified that Womack had signed the pledge. Politicians often run for office saying they won’t raise taxes, but then quickly turn their backs on the taxpayer. Now first term Arkansas Republican Congressman Steve Womack has teamed up with Democratic San Francisco California Congresswoman Jackie Speier to TAX INTERNET SALES. Arkansas and California did the same thing which caused Amazon to dump all its Arkansas Affiliates with the resultant loss of jobs and taxes. California quickly delayed implementation.

Who sells on the Internet? More people than you can imagine. Many bricks and mortar businesses also sell on the internet. Amazon is the largest but the company has millions of affiliates. People in your community who take part in the opportunity to earn money through this new venue. It includes pie shops, jewelry stores, auto parts, electronics, health foods, pet supplies and just about everything else. In addition to individual companies, millions of people sell on eBay. Grandmothers sell pot holders they make themselves. Artists sell their work. Grandpa sells his coin collection.

Bill Clinton placed a moratorium on Internet taxes because LIBERALS were clamoring to TAX IT TO DEATH. How many years did Montgomery Ward, Alden, Spiegle and hundreds of other mail order companies operate without collecting sales tax and remitting it to all the individual states? The nightmare of mom and pop businesses collecting sales tax and then sending the tax to all (57) states on top of packing and shipping the items will KILL the Internet except for the big boys. No one benefits except companies like Walmart. Incidentally, Walmart Corporate Headquarters is located in Congressman Womack’s District.


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