What I Expect in the Near Term

When America was competitive, America was prosperous. Now that our government punishes companies for hiring employees and taxes and regulates them out of business, our inventions and designs are produced outside the U.S. It costs General Motors $70 an hour for a union worker, that’s $145,600 a year and that’s not competitive.

On top of that the Fed is printing dollars like crazy. In spite of everything the Fed can do, inflation is a natural result of printing billions of dollars in new currency. I expect Jimmy Carter size double digit inflation.

I believe very soon the dollar will not be accepted by OPEC, Japan and China. When that happens we will have to convert dollars to Swiss Francs or some other currency. At the same time interest rates will rise. America is $15 trillion in debt, do you think we can afford higher interest rates?

The average bureaucrat earns twice as much as private sector employees and we have twice as many as we need. The people who have figured all this out are buying Gold and looking for a place to go. The Pilgrims came here for freedom of religion and opportunity. Forget about Republicans and Democrats and look for people who understand our perilous Tax, Spend & Over Regulation Problem and have the courage to fix it.


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