Can we just get past Racism?

There were Hispanics at the FL Debate calling for Hispanics to be appointed to the Cabinet, how is that not racist? I am of Irish descent, I’m not calling for Irish to be appointed. I’m a Protestant, I’m not complaining because there are no Protestants on the Supreme Court. I’m happy if Presidents appoint honest Americans who can read and write and understand simple sentences like, “Congress shall make no Laws…” I once hired an assistant who happened to be a black lady. Some high ranking officials were saying that Gene McVay hires blacks whether they’re qualified or not. Really? I hired her away from the Justice Department at the same rank she held there. She had a Masters Degree and was well on her way to earning a PhD. I would have been happy with 2,000 more just like her.

I don’t care if ever single member of the Cabinet is Hispanic, or Black, or Vietnamese! In fact, the Vietnamese came to America, integrated and flourished. Around here they were usually the valedictorians with 4.0 grade point averages. What happened to appointing the BEST person? How can one person be racist and another person who does the same thing not be a racist. Why can’t we be Americans? What’s wrong with being an American?

When I grew up in a one room house in North Arkansas there were no Blacks in the County. Bigots had to pick on somebody so they picked on me. As a result my character and toughness benefited. That all stopped when I became a star on the Basketball Team. Everybody in the county and surrounding counties knew my name and spoke to me on the street. The police, teachers and administrators all but bowed down to me. I saw both sides and I liked the side where I was being beaten up and having white wash thrown on me the least. I was put upon but that’s all water under the bridge. There are some who were never mistreated who want reparations for what happened to their great great grandfathers. Mine was imprisoned at Andersonville almost the entire time it was open. He was from Southern Tennessee a few miles from Shiloh and enlisted in the Union Army shortly after the battle. He suffered on behalf of Blacks held in slavery. I’m over it, can you get over it? Indians, Blacks, Irish, can we get over it. Can we just be Americans willing to work hard for our country?


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