Your Government in Slow Motion

If the Navy Seals were unionized, the bin Laden mission would have taken a 747 load including plumbers, electricians, grief counselors along with a light bulb changer just in case.

Unions are masters of the WORK SLOWDOWN. The highest form of the Art is practiced by Federal, State and Local governments like the Department of Motor Vehicles, Social Security, VA Claims Workers, Post Office Clerks and Federal Bureaucrats.

Hire another government employee and get a lot more work done, right? Actually, wrong. Work slows down even more to fill the workday. If changing a light bulb is the workload for the day, it will take all day to change the bulb. Hire five new employees it still takes all day but now they have enough workers to have a planning division, safety division, environmental division and a grief counselor. After several meetings they will eventually be prepared to tackle that pesky light bulb, but wait, it’s almost quitting time. The light bulb will have to wait until tomorrow. Oops, tomorrow is a Federal Holiday.


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2 Responses to “Your Government in Slow Motion”

  1. Lucy Ladley (@LucyLadley) Says:

    How True! Thanks!!! I will share your blog!

  2. David E Parrish Says:

    I have known some government workers like you described, however, speed is not always the best solution. General government workers, as well as, non government workers do a good job and in real necessity they can produce. We have the greatest workers in the world, bar none.

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