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Send them Home to Fix Chicago

June 27, 2012

Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress during the last two years of the Bush Administration and the First two years of the Obama Administration. Yet, democrats try to blame Republicans for everything. The blame game and trying to divide us is wearing thin.

America was the most powerful nation on Earth when Obama took office. Tearing down our country and building up foreign countries has been the hallmark of the Obama Administration along with picking and choosing which laws to uphold and pitting one demographic against another, picking winners and losers in industry, driving companies overseas, killing industries with impossible regulations, denying pipelines and drilling, printing dollars to drive up prices, trampling on religious freedom and Biblical principles, distorting facts about fairness and taxes and cutting deals behind closed doors.

Not to mention the KILL LIST, Fast and Furious, an anemic Foreign Policy that does nothing to stop the killing of innocent women and children while jetting around the world living a lavish lifestyle while people are unemployed and hurting.

While claiming Romney is out of touch, the first lady has a host of servants and the Obama’s even have a full time dog trainer on staff. The fear of being outspent has driven the president to attending more fundraisers than all his predecessors put together. To find people to attend these fundraisers, ticket prices have necessarily been slashed and still attendance is poor. More and more democrats are even refusing to attend the Democratic National Convention. This is too little too late as democrats seek to distance themselves from the failed president in the 11th hour. They were fully complicit in drinking the kool-aid up until now.

I will be voting to send the gang back to Chicago where murder is rampant and the budget in shambles. Maybe they can fix their own house.