Today I drove to Greenwood, Arkansas to pay my taxes like I have for the last 34 years. To my dismay, I was met with two armed deputies at an Airport style walk through metal detector. A second deputy brandished a handheld detector. When I was told to empty my pockets I told them I just wanted to pay my taxes and asked what was going on? They said it was policy to screen everybody who came into the Court Building. I asked how else I could pay my taxes and they said there was no other way. I angrily complied and was told my pocket combination toothpick, file and knife with a 1 1/2 inch blade was not permitted. I said just give me my belongings and I will get out of your hair. I left having driven to Greenwood and wasted gas for nothing!

So this is where my tax money is going? Of all the places like schools, hospitals, churches, daycare centers, nursing homes, parks and my house where security might be needed, we have armed guards in the Greenwood Court Building where the Sheriff already has an office and the Police Department is two blocks away? Is the Court Building a crime riddled neighborhood? Is there no crime out in the county? I wonder if they can spare a deputy to come out and arrest me for not paying my taxes? This is not what I fought in the war for, to be dealt with like a criminal. If this is the judgment emanating from elected officials we must have some new elected officials with some common sense. There are things such as drive up windows. I will never be subjected to such indignities just to pay my taxes!


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