It’s Not Your Courthouse Anymore

An elderly lady carried her tiny dog with her to the Courthouse to drop off a single sheet of paper. Airport Style Security stopped her, took her dog, handcuffed and arrested her and called the Humane Society to take her dog. Nazi Germany? Greenwood Arkansas? In this case it was Lexington, Kentucky. I remember when horses were tied up outside the Courthouse and men played dominoes in the basement. I remember when Nazi’s stopped citizens and checked their papers at will in Germany.

That same brutal treatment has come to America. Maybe you paid your taxes for 60 years and never threw a single piece of trash on the ground. You are now subject to unreasonable search at the will of the government. To pay your taxes, assess property, buy a marriage license, see a Veteran Service Officer or County Extension Agent in Greenwood, Arkansas, you must be searched by Armed Deputy Sheriff’s. The only way out is to be an illegal alien.

There are school shootings in Arkansas, rapes, armed robberies, kidnappings, stabbings, rampant manufacture and sell of narcotics and grand theft auto. None of those things happen in Courthouses. In the last 150 years there has been one crazed man who fired shots in the Crawford County Arkansas Courthouse. That is all the excuse necessary to suspend the Constitution and subject citizens to insane security. YOU WILL NOT RECOGNIZE AMERICA in ten years.


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2 Responses to “It’s Not Your Courthouse Anymore”

  1. Tim Says:

    Your little segment here is more relative as of today, 6th,Nov.’12. Only time will tell if Obama will govern more from the middle, but I doubt it.
    I think he’s going to think he can do what ever his little(and I do mean little) heart desires.
    I hope it’s not goodbye to the good ‘ol US of A.
    I think of all the service men/women, that have died for the Country of the “Norman Rockwell”s,
    Saturday Evening Post’s & Our Constitution in
    general, our 1st, 4th & 10th amendments, in particular, among other rights and the Rule of Law.
    How soon will these disappear altogether in their entirely?

  2. Tim Says:

    I meant in their entirety!

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