Government Verses the Private Sector

Managers In the private sector get rid of employees who won’t work, in the government they just hire more workers. If taxpayers (the 47%) knew how little work was getting done in those Marble Buildings, THEY WOULD REVOLT!

Most government employees belong to government unions. The unions make sure they don’t work too hard, working conditions are luxurious and there is no child labor sweatshops. Before Jimmy Carter opened the door to government unions, I don’t remember any sweatshops or overworked government employees?

Private sector unions have dramatically declined during the past decade but government unions have taken up the slack of providing funds for the Democrat Machine. Government managers don’t object to unions since what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. Government employees negotiate with themselves for time off to go for a walk and fitness facilities to take a steam-bath, all on the taxpayer’s dime.

The day government unions are outlawed again, Veteran’s Claims will be processed faster, Homeland Security will become more efficient, Airport Security will become better, The CIA, NSA and the Department of Defense will start doing their jobs instead of playing silly Union-Management games. Best of all, government will take steps toward becoming affordable and sustainable.

I welcome your comments, pro and con.


5 Responses to “Government Verses the Private Sector”

  1. genemcvay Says:

    Sorry my spell checker changed VERSUS to VERSES and I didn’t notice.

  2. Lorna Woods Says:

    Gene McVay—I think you are living in a dream world if you think that things will change if unions are outlawed. I worked for the government for 30 plus years and yes I was a union member for most of those years. It is not the unions that are keeping all those processes from being done, One thing that happens is that the government does not hire enough people to do the jobs you are talking about and many times the people who they hire to do the jobs have no qualifications to do the job. It is true that some government workers are busy trying to get out of work but the majority of government workers I worked with worked hard, sometimes did without lunch, breaks, etc. to get the job done. I never had time to take a walk or a steam bath on the job. Maybe before you make such statements, you should interview some government workers to see if what you write about is true.

    • genemcvay Says:

      I am retired from the federal government at the highest rank in my organization (GM-14). I also have extensive experience as Chief Management Negotiator negotiating with the AFL/CIO and Federal Employee Unions. In addition to federal employees, I also supervised state employees and ran a six billion dollar organization. Private Sector Unions are one thing, Government Unions are choking the life out of America. We can not afford them. My opinion.

      • genemcvay Says:

        I should also add that I was a very unusual government employee, I tried to save taxpayers money and often turned back funds I didn’t need. When my supervisors would ask me to hire temporary employees to do their jobs I told them I didn’t want temporary employees doing their jobs, I wanted them doing their jobs.

        I agree there are two cultures in the government, those who are overworked and those who really don’t have any responsibilities. I am convinced there is nothing the government does that cannot be done better and cheaper by the private sector. That is why we have more contractors in Afghanistan than Department of Defense Unionized Employees.

        It was Jimmy Carter who allowed government unions; as long as we have them the collective bargaining should be between unions and taxpayers, not government employees and government employees. Taxpayers have skin in the game, government employees don’t. When their organization goes bankrupt the government just prints more money. Our great-great-great grandchildren can pay off the debt.

        PS: When I turned back federal money, they gave it to some other director who didn’t need it. They would buy a new desk or an Inspirational Wall Hanging and hire temporary employees to do their jobs. The taxpayer is always left holding the bag. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Rick Ellis Says:

    The last I heard, govt un-employment was 3.8%. Slight different than the private sector.

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