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A Plan for Arkansas Prosperity

March 8, 2013

Even though Texas has NO INCOME TAX, all other taxes are much lower than ARKANSAS taxes on a per capita basis. We now have an Arkansas Legislature that is seeing the light. Texas revenue is growing because the WORLD is beating a path to their door.

An Arkansas competitive tax plan won’t happen overnight BUT IT CAN HAPPEN! The cornerstone is elimination of personal income tax. Not eliminate income tax and keep the thousands of unionized highly paid state employees to do nothing. I know that government employees are special and heaven forbid we fire ONE. When the citizens voted to legalize Charity Bingo, the government taxed it to death. The state hired 7 bingo police to harass the little old ladies at church bingo games and World War II Veterans in Veteran’s Posts until they killed Charity Bingo. The state employees gobbled up the paltry income charities once made from bingo. Now that bingo is all but dead and some posts had to close, we still have the state employees.

I am advocating that we have a hiring freeze and mandatory retirement to bring the size of Arkansas government back down to the pre Mike Huckabee levels. Governor Huckabee increased state employees by 20%. That trend continues. That would mean we need thousands of fewer vehicles and fewer palatial buildings.

If we can get our state trimmed down and our taxes in order, Arkansas will flourish. Walmart and other major Arkansas companies won’t have to incorporate in Delaware. Billionaires can return from Texas and Wyoming. We won’t have to bribe companies to locate here. Real jobs will be in abundance and our residents can buy nice homes, nice automobiles, nice guns and good hunting dogs. A good way to start is by appointing an ad hoc Joint Competitive Tax Committee to recommend a comprehensive plan to the next Legislature. Members must be people with proven experience streamlining and running businesses or organizations. They can consult people like David Glass who was successful at Walmart and with the Kansas City Royals. We can do it. Arkansas deserves it!