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April 30, 2013

As an Air National Guard Group Commander and Federal Director I told a Major General the truth when he questioned me. I believe others were also honest. Sometime later someone filed an anonymous IG complaint. Because a Major General was involved, the IG Investigator was a high ranking Senior Executive Service Civilian. I have known dozens of IG’s, she is the Only honest one I ever knew. I also know she was pressured not to substantiate the reprisal charges. Eventually a Department of Defense report stated that I made protected disclosures to the Major General and suffered reprisals as a result.

After that report came out the real reprisals began. I received lowered performance reports and letters of reprimand. All because I would not lie. After the reprisals got worse I just took it with a smile.

Later in my career a complaint was filed against one of my men alleging sexual harassment. A female Lieutenant Colonel was assigned to investigate. I am reasonably sure he was guilty. When the IG briefed me on her findings she told me she could not substantiate the charges and quipped, “That’s what you wanted to hear isn’t it?” I told her I wanted to hear the truth.

Eventually I was promoted to Full Colonel and GM-14 anyway. The likelihood of a Whistleblower being promoted is on the order of winning the lottery. Just before I retired I was offered a Brigadier General position. I declined.

The IG System itself is Pure Fraud and a major reason Fraud, Waste and Abuse are legendary in the government and military. The IG works for the agency and almost NEVER substantiates fraud, waste & abuse if it reflects badly on the agency.

The Government Accountability Office and Congressman Darrell Issa’s Government Oversight Committee are the ONLY trustworthy Fraud, Waste & Abuse fighters. Please support them.


April 2, 2013

The Press has been silent on Venezuela during the Obama Presidency. Chavez, the darling of the Liberals, visited Iran in 2007 and said, “We are willing to confront U.S. imperialism in any territory and to defeat it.”

Diplomacy is not rocket science but the United States has had trouble separating the sheep from the goats under the Clinton and Kerry run Department of State. I will sort it out for you. Here are the goats: Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, Cuba, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and Libya. There are many other willing confederates.

To the mission of confronting U.S. Imperialism, Iran and Venezuela put their money where their mouths are by ponying up two billion dollars in a special alliance fund.

When any of these countries does anything, a real Diplomat would understand that it must be viewed in the context of all the goats. An example is the current sabre rattling in North Korea. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has scientists in Iran helping with their nuclear weapons program even as I write this blog. The DPRK already has nuclear weapons and has had them for a long time. Since they haven’t blown themselves to smithereens it is safe to assume they have a degree of expertise in nukes. Since they have the technology is it possible that Iran does not? Again, not rocket science.

We know there are Iranians already in the U.S. through the Mexico – Arizona Freeway. Iranian books have been found discarded in the Arizona desert. The Federal Government handcuffed Sheriff Arpaio giving them a clear path.

We also know that Russia cannot account for their suitcase nukes and many other scary weapons. Added to this nightmare are the 20,000 missing surface to air missiles in Libya, some of which found their way to Gaza. Are you starting to get the picture or are you too focused on homosexual marriage and the Dream Act?

The goats have a name for us lambs, they call us the Big Satan. They call God’s Chosen People and our best ally, Little Satan. The United States is the only reason the goats have not already tried to destroy Israel. The Dream Act for the goats is the destruction of both the Big and Little Satans. Those of us who pray and read our Bibles know that the goats will come against Israel at a time known only to God. God has not told us the EXACT time but He has given us the signs of the time that it will occur. The 38th Chapter of Ezekiel is a good place to start.

So here we set, while the TSA frisks grandmothers in wheelchairs and little girls, our country is in GRAVE danger. Our 92,000 miles of coastline and thousands of miles of border are NOT SECURE. While we send our Naval and Air Forces to Korea, Venezuela can proliferate nukes and surface to air missiles to the United States. The only delivery method they need is a boat and the Iranians already here to meet the boat.

Are the goats smarter than Obama, Kerry, Hagel and the rest?