Has America Lost Both Freedom and Security?

I hate to be the one to break this news to low information voters like Gretchen Carlson, Brian Kilmeade and Bill O’Reilly but, the United States no longer enjoys FREEDOM or SECURITY.

Arming Syrian Cannibals makes as much sense as giving F-16’s to Egypt? Americans are warned about visiting Egypt now!

What will we think of next, scrapping 1/3 of our nuclear weapons putting us at a disadvantage against Russia, North Korea and Iran?

Legalizing illegal aliens including about 20,000 from terrorist countries like Yemen, Somalia, Iran, Syria and Libya?

NSA knows what you’re wearing and eating but don’t know where those 20,000 illegal aliens are. NSA also don’t know and don’t care where the other 11 to 20 million illegals are. NSA don’t know where Russia’s missing suitcase nukes are hidden or the 20,000 missing Libyan surface-to-air missiles. NSA don’t know what happened to Saddam’s weapons. It looks to me like Saddam trucked his Chemical Weapons across the border to Syria in the middle of the night?

Our borders are not secure and building another great wall won’t help at all. It will only become a tourist attraction. How did that Maginot Line work for France? The FBI admits we’re using Drones in the United States but we certainly are not using them to secure our Borders and 92,000 miles of Coastline.

The sad story is that we are paying an exorbitant price for security but it is money down the drain. If those Russian Nukes are not already in the United States it is only because they don’t want them here. Those 20,000 invaders have not attacked yet because they are waiting to see how long it will take our government to destroy America with Political Correctness?

That warm fuzzy feeling you get when TSA strip searches grandmothers and pats down little girls may just be heartburn?


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