I was Profiled

When I was 14 the police pulled up almost touching the front of our one room house at midnight with their headlights on bright. They yelled for me to come out. Somebody matching my description had just been seen on the other side of town prowling the neighborhood. Since I was home, it could not have been me so they left.

Poor people, black or white, in those days were often assumed to be guilty. At the same time the banker’s son and his friends stole breeding fish from a federal trout hatchery and had a fish fry. It was a federal crime. Nothing happened to them.

Was I profiled, sure. Was I a victim, of course. Did I get a raw deal, you bet. It all stopped when I became the star of the high school Basketball Team. I was never arrested, I don’t have a criminal record, I got a Top Secret Clearance. In the end, I count it a learning experience. Can I empathize with the downtrodden, yep.


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