Detroit Leads the Way FORWARD, Yes We Can

☪ Islamic Detroit has been bankrupt for years just like the Titanic on the ocean floor and like the United States. That’s what Democrats do, throw taxpayer stimulus dollars at problems and then bankrupt cities, counties, states and countries. Detroit is the trial balloon, the rest of the Blue Cities and States are not far behind.

Our national debt is just a drop in the bucket, our unfunded requirements add enough debt to amount to over $500,000 per family. Our Presidents and Congress give people what they demand. Then we name buildings and bridges after them and they take their golden parachutes and leave us holding the bag. Congressmen who tell citizens they can’t have free candy are demonized and chastised.

But don’t worry, President Obama says we’re not there yet although we’re going in the right direction.


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One Response to “Detroit Leads the Way FORWARD, Yes We Can”

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