Is this the End of the Line for We The People?

I have made scores of trips around the Sun and have learned that government is no longer of the people, by the people and for the people. Clearly laws are made to apply to We The People but not to the government. We have an Attorney General continuing to be a loose cannon while being held in Criminal and Civil Contempt of Congress. Are we to believe that every single government agency is, coincidentally, a rogue agency? NSA is charged with Foreign Intelligence, yet the 100,000 unionized employees are spying on law abiding citizens. Worse than that, the Director of National Intelligence, James R. Clapper and the Director of NSA Keith Alexander misled Congress about what NSA was doing. Can you name ANYBODY in the Obama Administration who has not misled of flat out lied to Congress? While Republicans sponsored a Bill to defund NSA’s illegal spying, it was the majority of the Democrats who voted for it against Obama and Pelosi’s wishes. You guessed it, the Bill failed because the Republicans were afraid MSNBC might not like them!

Meanwhile, the Constitution is being trampled on by government at all levels. The Constitution is suppose to protect us from an overreaching government like this “Mother of all Overreaching Governments!” Take the Supreme Court, for example. While the Obama Administration is reading emails and listening to phone calls of the Supreme Court Justices, the Justices are Legislating by 5 to 4 decisions. So who is upholding and defending the Constitution, the 5 or the 4? They can’t all be defending the Constitution, that would be impossible would it not?

We have unionized border patrol agents and drug enforcement agents who draw their huge salaries and great benefits while illegal drugs and illegal aliens pour into the United States like hungry New Yorkers pour into Time Square during lunch break.

Republicans you elected have stopped reaching across the aisle, they have moved across the aisle and are setting on Chuck Schumer’s and Nancy Pelosi’s laps. Michelle Bachmann, the Tea Party Darling, has fallen for the NSA lies hook, line and sinker. And to think that Babe in the Woods ran for President! My own Republican Congressman supports giving tanks and F-16’s to Egypt and sponsored the Bill to tax internet sales. Yes, it can be embarrassing to be a Republican these days!

In summary, the list of scandals grows longer and longer everyday. That is not counting phony scandals like the despicable antimuslim video and the George Zimmerman Trial that wasted taxpayer’s money. Here is my simple question: What would a U.S. President have to do to be impeached?


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