Can Arkansas Compete?

How many Arkansas residents will join me in the fight to join the Seven States with No State Income Tax? I want to eliminate the tax and phase out the thousands of state workers who administer the program and save the thousands of trees it takes to make the tons of paper required for all the forms and documentation and save the millions of hours it takes to fill out and process the paperwork.

In addition to the Seven States with no income tax, two other states only tax dividend and interest income. Some of those states not only have no income tax, they also have no sales tax. Guess what, none of those Nine States are anywhere near bankrupt. The bankrupt states are the high tax states, imagine that!

It is a shame that Arkansas citizens become millionaires and billionaires and then are forced to move to states with reasonable taxes. Even our former governor moved to Florida.

Our current governor travels all over the world trying to lure companies to Arkansas. They come and they look and they like everything except our taxes. Then they go to Texas. Do you think Arkansas can compete with Texas? I know we can compete but will we. Do you want to continue to have the highest per capita taxes in the south, or do you want to get serious about becoming competitive?

In 1999 the Murphy Commission presented a detailed study of Arkansas state government. More than 100 community leaders and volunteers developed recommendations to make Arkansas government smaller, more cost-effective and more accountable to taxpayers. The Commission toured the state with the huge chart depicting the structure of State Government as best anybody could determine the structure. The abject waste and mismanagement remain unabated to this day.

I pointed out two years ago that Arkansas has 20,000 more state employees than Kansas, a state with a larger land area and the same population. Heaven forbid that a single state unionized worker be laid off! That would be tragic. Have you forgotten the state employees who retired one day and came back to work the next day and drew two state checks? Maybe if we allowed state workers to retire and not come back to work? Perhaps a hiring freeze and phase out of agencies that have no use and provide no value to Arkansas? How about demanding a day’s work for a day’s pay?

Is there a candidate for governor with the courage and conviction to make Arkansas competitive? Are there legislators who have the vision and will to make it happen? What will it take? Drive around and look at the abandoned factories and business buildings. Arkansas is not Detroit, at least not yet.


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2 Responses to “Can Arkansas Compete?”

  1. Patti Says:

    Have you submitted this ‘blog’ selection to a newspaper for more people to read?

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