Is U.S. Intelligence a Bad Joke?

The tax money spent on Intelligence is classified but you can get the flavor by looking at NSA Headquarters outside of Washington DC. It is larger than the Pentagon. A new one million square foot facility is opening in Utah this month. Intelligence is huge with legions of unionized bureaucrats whiling away the hours in palatial conditions on our dime.

With that kind of expenditure I would expect a modicum of results. I would expect that the Khobar Towers bombers would have been well known by our Intel Community well in advance. In fact, even after 19 US Air Force personnel were killed and 372 were injured 17 years ago, our Intelligence still don’t even know who did it!

Thirteen years ago the USS Cole was attacked in the Yemen port of Aden, 17 Armed Forces Personnel were killed and 39 were injured. Al Qaeda claimed to be the attacker but our Intel Community can’t say for sure.

Attack after attack after attack with impunity. You would think our Intelligence organizations would know every single member of Al Qaeda, their relatives, what they had for breakfast, what they watched on TV (Probably MSNBC) and what they plan to attack next.

Our government knows the size of YOUR underwear and demands to know the content of YOUR prayers. Our government is providing arms to Al Qaeda while working 24/7 to take YOUR gun away from you. What will it take to make you angry?

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Ladies and gentlemen, we can no longer afford to do nothing. Somehow we must get a day’s work for a day’s pay from our government. We must demand the security we’re paying for including border and coastline security. We must get involved and we must do it today!


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2 Responses to “Is U.S. Intelligence a Bad Joke?”

  1. Paul Gilbert (@RealPaul) Says:

    I think US Intelligence is doing a good job, but our problem is the wrong optics. We believe government does this to protect us, when it is the contrary. As Noam Chomsky wrote, the real enemy of governments is its own people. So the NSA, CIA etc are spying on the true enemy of the government, the very citizens of the nation. They don’t give a whit about foreign terrorists, its the patriotic American that is viewed as the true threat.

    • genemcvay Says:

      Back in my day, we knew who the bad guys were, where they were, what they had for breakfast and what they planned to do to harm us. Do you really think these bureaucrats can track an 18 wheeler in the snow?

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