Gene’s Epistle to the Americans

People discussing the stock market on CNBC are reminiscent of the time of Noah’s Flood. The people didn’t deduce anything until the water got up to their noses. They all assume everything will be great if Republicans & Democrats strike a deal to keep spending like drunken bureaucrats, keep printing dollars day and night and keep drowning companies in taxes and regulations. The National Debt is on a Lunar trajectory and Paul Revere is not here to warn America of the approaching doom. The U.S. credit rating is AA+ while Saudi Arabia and Syria are tied at AA-. If the stock market drops the talking heads say it’s because a groundhog passed gas or President Obama saw his shadow.

This is just me talking and I don’t have a Harvard MBA. TODAY the unfunded requirements (Obligations the US has made to pay pensions, Medicare, etc) amounts to over half a million dollars per family. Most of you can’t come up with $500,000 today. At the rate we are going, that figure will soar to over a million dollars for our children.

How much money can the Fed print before the dollar becomes worthless trash? Before Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan refuse to accept dollars for payment? On the day Americans have to convert dollars to Swiss or Russian currency to buy oil, what will happen to the value of the once mighty dollar? When interest rates rise again, there will not be enough currency on Planet Earth to pay the interest on our National Debt! Very few people remember Germany when it took a wheelbarrow full of Marks to buy a loaf of bread. If you had lived through that and witnessed your 401K drop 98% would you be thinking differently now? Would you be thinking at all or would you be watching talking heads make pop tarts on Good Morning America?

Do you have any idea how close America is to becoming a satellite of some other country? Our government knows everything about YOU but nothing about our enemies. It has no idea just how many illegal aliens are lurking in our country or where they come from. We know they come from Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Russia, China and Libya but where else? Pakistan, North Korea, Cuba? We don’t know what they will do to America or when.

What if your water was shut off today? Your electricity? What if the grocery store shelves were bare? Can you interpret the signs of the times? How long will God bless America now that He has been kicked out of schools and off public lands? Do you have a plan? Do you have a clue? In 1929 the stock market crashed and people jumped out of windows. Is that your plan? Are you lulled into a false sense of security by the mainstream media? When we have the next catastrophe do you think the government will ride in on a white horse and spoon feed Beluga Caviar to you?

Liberals would starve to death on a potato farm because they couldn’t figure out how to get potatoes out of the ground and convert them to potato chips. The day will come when the weak will not survive. Tribulation, famine and pestilence will come to America. The purpose of this epistle is to get you to THINK. That is all.



One Response to “Gene’s Epistle to the Americans”

  1. Mary Eileen Says:

    Shut down hasn’t bothered me at all. If you’re a tax payer instead of benefit receiver or govt. employee, you’d notice if the govt. stopped taking money out of your pay. Whatever is happening in Washington can’t be too bad. They stil money grub my pay.

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