The Intrinsic Distinction Between Democrats & Republicans

If you are perplexed by the negotiations in Washington perchance I can bring things into sharper focus. The Democrats do not love America the way Republicans, Independents, Tea Party Members and immigrants do. Democrats loathe the Constitution, the Flag, the Pledge, the National Anthem and our Founding Fathers. They deride God, morality, hard work, capitalism and free markets. Most Democrats have a gullible feel good attitude about foreign countries trusting them not to harm us, therefore they seek to level the playing field as opposed to having military supremacy. Obama employed that tactic in the Middle East believing they would see him as a true friend of the Muslims, even giving Egypt F-16 Fighting Falcons. How’d that work?

As a general rule, Democratic States and Cities using Liberal management techniques are mostly bankrupt. Reckless spending and overgenerous benefits to unionized government workers is the essence of Democratic rule. They never care about future generations, they eat, drink and be merry. They have faith that hard working Republicans will bail them out in the end.

In a way, Democrats have a childlike innocence and a skewed vision of reality. They love electricity and air conditioning but hate the coal and fuel that gives us those things. They are not truly happy unless they suffer a little misery to save the planet. They prefer that you are a little too hot in summer and too cold in the winter thinking that will somehow make the less fortunate in Zimbabwe happier. Many drive cars that get good gas mileage by supplementing fuel with battery power. They don’t realize that it takes 6.6 years to breakeven because of the higher initial cost of the vehicle based on $3.50 gas and driving 15,000 miles a year. When the battery pack needs replacing you will need some aspirins. The object is not common sense, it is the paramount importance of feeling good about saving the planet.

I don’t see how Democrats and Republicans can even have the same brain connections. A friend of mine once made a trip to the University to talk to his son. Basically he told his son he didn’t care what he majored in as long as he selected a discipline he could earn a living with. To Liberals going to college is one thing and finding a job is something else. They are shocked when industry is not impressed with their degree in African Studies. I watched one of my colleague’s children grow up in an ultra liberal household and graduate with honors from an Ivy League University. The kid looked like a brush ape with hair down below his shoulders. His parents were very proud of their little boy. The boy didn’t have a lot of success and never became a lawyer like his father but he did become a highly educated truck driver. When Liberals start businesses, they only think about what they would like to do, not what the market looks like. If they could think and reason they would realize that Alaskans living in Point Barrow do not buy air conditioners even if they’re real good and real cheap.

When you debate Liberals they have a trait that is unmistakable. Liberals always filibuster and try to drown out Conservatives. If you offered them a million dollars to repeat what YOU just said, they would have NO CLUE. They only articulate, they do not listen. Nothing you could possible say could influence them in any way. They believe they are right because they cannot see the destructiveness of their ways. Smokers and drug addicts are more likely to be Democrats. How often do you see a person dragging an oxygen tank while dragging on a cigarette? Have you ever wanted to show pictures of lung cancer victims to young smokers? Don’t waste your time. One of my lifelong friends died of lung cancer after I spent a lifetime trying to talk him into stopping. He voted for Obama and admitted he made a mistake. Even on his deathbed he denied that smoking caused his lung cancer. I loved him like a brother and I miss him.

Then there is that contradiction of being overprotective of children and supporting infanticide at the same time. More often than not, Liberals raise their boys to be sissies protected from being bullied or called names and leaving them vulnerable as adults. Often these kids are confused about their own sexuality. In some schools transgendered boys have rights to use girl’s restrooms while girls who complain are accused of hate speech. Liberals do not care about preserving the innocence of children and allowing them to enjoy their childhood. No, they insist on indoctrinating children about the appropriateness of homosexuality as soon as they’re weaned. If the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor today, do you believe America would have any chance at all against the Nazi’s? Could a wussified dumbed down America become the Greatest Generation? That is a rhetorical question!

I was thinking about the tragic shooting in the gun free zone of Sandy Hook School. Had the shooter lived and received the death penalty and the day had finally come for the execution, there would have been hundreds or perhaps thousands holding a candlelight vigil and pleading for his life. I doubt that Conservatives will ever understand that, I know I won’t!

So you see, the gulf between Republicans and Democrats today is much greater than the gulf that separated the North and South 150 years ago. Republicans have compromised and compromised and reached across the aisle until they might as well just move across the aisle. Democrats have a strong-willed determination to get their way at all costs and I do mean all costs. They use the Republican’s love of country as a weapon against them. The woman who was willing to allow Solomon to cut the baby in half was a Democrat. The big problem is this, by giving in to Democrats in order to save America, the Republicans have been complicit in the destruction of our country and the American way of life. Ronald Reagan saved America once, will we find Republicans with the resolve and persistence to do it again? I pray we will.



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3 Responses to “The Intrinsic Distinction Between Democrats & Republicans”

  1. Mark Parnell Says:

    I have to believe that democrats were all picked on as kids,and the world has to pay!democrats (no caps),are ,by and large,lawyers.All lawyers push the envelope,that is what they were trained to do.That being said,we need no alteration to a God inspired constitution

  2. jim Says:

    Great article, so true.

  3. thehartofjoann Says:

    Perfect description and analysis of Democrats! There can be no more compromise to their failed experiments.

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