Who is to Blame for America’s Mess?

Do you know that 75% of America’s youth, ages 17-24, do not even qualify to take the exam to enter the military? Of the recent high school graduates who do take the test, 25% fail to get the minimum score needed to join any branch of the Armed Forces. This in spite of the fact the questions are often very basic, such as, 2 plus x equals 4, what is the value of x? More than half of first-time students entering Arkansas’ public colleges and universities in the fall 2010 semester weren’t prepared for college-level work, a report compiled by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education said. Of 22,342 students tested, 52.5 percent required remedial courses in at least one subject – math, English or reading. At the state’s 22 two-year colleges, 77.2 percent of 8,355 tested students required at least one remedial course. Remember, for decades almost every politician has promised to IMPROVE EDUCATION and they certainly have thrown trillions of dollars at schools! However, education is not about MONEY, it is about LEARNING!

I try to describe America’s National Debt and unfunded requirements in simple terms realizing that most Americans cannot even understand these rudimentary explanations. In China and India students stand in line waiting for libraries to open and quickly fill the libraries when they open. They have a thirst for knowledge and each country has more honor students than the U.S. has total students. They produce 8 to 10 times as many engineers as the U.S. Isn’t it a pity that most Americans cannot even grasp the implications of the explosion of education beyond our borders? Most Americans have little comprehension about the serious trouble looming on the horizon for our country and our children.

Even America’s poor record in education is not poor enough for the Liberals. They have now invented Common Core to indoctrinate our children to become automatons. Reading material includes EPA manuals. One exercise asks students to pick an Amendment from the “outdated” Bill of Rights to repeal and explain why. As long as young people have the skill to drop French fries into a sack they are too smart to swallow the socialist Marxist candy.

Ironically, I do not blame President Obama, Congress or the millions of lazy unionized government employees for America’s downfall. I don’t blame the less than useless mainstream media and press either. In this case I blame YOU! You who have done NOTHING to stop the evil from permeating my country. You allowed God to be banned from government schools without a whimper. You failed to separate the sheep from the goats when you voted to elect and reelect the goats. You refused to get informed, instead you voted based on name recognition and slick campaign sound bites. You took no part in the education of your children or their moral upbringing. In many cases you turned your children over to the television and Hollywood. And now, WE ARE COLLECTIVLY REAPING WHAT WE HAVE SOWN.

When somebody stands up for what is right, America turns on that person like your body rejects a transplanted heart. Getting the body to accept that new heart takes skill and the proper treatment. Unfortunately, when the Liberals fear a Conservative they quickly cross the nuclear firebreak and use every weapon at their disposal from the news media to late night TV and Saturday Night Live. The Liberal Lynching worked on Sarah Palin. It has already begun against Senator Ted Cruz.

There is hope now that the media and the press have become completely unreliable. Just as Johannes Gutenberg
was responsible for the information explosion in 1440 with his invention of the first practical Printing Press, Social Media has put the power of the media in the hands of everyone willing to use it. Homeland Security says, “See something, say something.” If Conservatives are going to fill the void left by activist media, we must fully employ Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the Blogosphere. If you are not using Facebook and Twitter, please sign up today. If you need help, ask. You will learn what CNN, PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Fox News and the newspapers won’t tell you. You can see what Benjamin Netanyahu, Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck, the Pope, Pastor John Hagee and Rand Paul have to say unfiltered by the media, go directly to their Twitter pages. Even Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is on Twitter. For a year I have been warning Syrians in English and Arabic about the complete destruction of Damascus prophesized by Isaiah.

We have an impotent Congress that we elected. If America is to have a chance, we the people must get busy. Even if you only share things you read on Facebook or Retweet what you read on Twitter, you are helping spread the word. My Tweets have been Retweeted by Donald Trump and displayed on Fox News. I banter with the likes of Keith Olbermann and John Brummett. I also interact with Legislators both state and national. Darrell Issa, Ted Cruz, Rick Perry and dozens of Legislators follow me on Twitter. President Obama was elected using Twitter and Facebook but Conservatives have barely scratched the surface. Obama raised half a billion dollars on the Internet, he would announce an event thinking 50 people might show up and find 4,000 waiting for him in 2008. He held a Twitter Town Hall Meeting soon after being elected and had over 100,000 participants.

We are behind and time is running out. Will you get involved? Are you too busy to come to the aid of your country? Do you think somebody else will do it? If not you, who? If not now, when? See something, say something to the world.



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2 Responses to “Who is to Blame for America’s Mess?”

  1. Barbara Says:

    This article is based on a completely false premise. There are no requirements to take the ASVAB. Any student can sign up and take it. Also very few of our brightest go into the military straight out of high school. Where did u get this info?

  2. genemcvay Says:

    Thank you for paying attention and keeping me honest Barbara. This comes from a Pentagon study: Military finds 75 percent of today’s youth can’t serve | National | McClatchy DC http://bit.ly/1kSfAFA

    Learning to use Google is usually helpful, watching Today or Good Morning America is not helpful if you want to learn why America is disintegrating.

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