Putin has a Pen and a Gun


In 1983 I attended a National Defense University Joint Course where we looked at several global scenarios and war gamed them. The U.S. had come through a period of military decline where Naval Ships could not operate because of a lack of fuel, Army Tanks had to cannibalize other Tanks so that half of them could be operational and Air Force planes could not fly because pilots were not trained. I can’t speak for the military as a whole but my morale was recovering from the Jimmy Carter Presidency and the Thermostat Police who made sure I was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. A government that spent $6 million dollars on me in pilot training even before I started training to fly jet fighters, had no interest in my physical comfort.

During the Presidential Campaign of 1980, an important Campaign Plank for Ronald Reagan was to build a 600 Ship Navy. In 1983 the total Naval Active Ship Fleet totaled 533 including 13 Aircraft Carriers. Today that number has dropped to 288 Ships including 11 Aircraft Carriers. The total Active Military Force numbered over two million personnel in 1983, today that number has dropped to below one and a half million and continues to decline. In simple terms, our total Active Duty Military Personnel number about the same as the population of San Antonio, Texas.

In my day I had the privilege of commanding a Provisional Wing including U.S. Navy, Air Force, Marine, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard and Canadian Air Force Fighter, Tanker, AWACS, Reconnaissance and Tactical Airlift Forces. I am a strong advocate for the Navy and their ability to project power globally. Often a Naval presence can be a stabilizing force without the actual use of force. All our services work synergistically to defend America and I am proud of every man and woman who wears or ever wore the uniform of the United States Armed Forces. We have come too far and too much American blood has been shed providing peace and stability on Earth to throw in the towel now.

While America has been unilaterally disarming and twiddled our thumbs while millions of illegal aliens poured across our borders and penetrated our 92,000 miles of coastline, a huge vacuum has been created. While Americans have been lulled into a false sense of security at home following the end of the Cold War, Americans are not safe. Just as nobody knows what our Ambassador was doing in Benghazi on 9/11, nobody knows just how many illegal aliens there are in our country. It could be 20 million, 30 million or 50 million? Nobody knows who they are. Certainly there are Iranians because Iranian books have been found discarded on the well worn trail leading from our southern border. There are illegal’s from Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Syria. It is reported that some Chinese have paid $50,000 for safe passage through the hole in the fence. There must be Russians here as well. Right now they all seem content to watch America self destruct.

With the recent use of Chemical Weapons in Syria it should be apparent to even the National Security Agency that those weapons came from Iraq and that Syria is the repository for Saddam’s WMD’s that could not be found. Syria is the headquarters for numerous terrorist organizations. Terrorists who arrive in Syria are whisked away to their headquarters. Their passports are never stamped. Who knows what lurks in that country? There are Soviet Suitcase Nukes that are unaccounted for and 20,000 shoulder launched surface to air missiles missing from Libya. Where are those weapons? There is no reason to believe they can’t be right here in the Unites States. The Coast Guard is too small to secure 92,000 miles of coastline and Democrat and Republican Administrations have refused to secure our borders.

The USSR was embarrassed by Reagan. They tore down that wall and withdrew into their shell. They disappeared from the world scene but they did not forget. Today Russia is reinvigorated with a strong leader in Vladimir Putin and they are on the move. The period between late 2011 and early 2012 brought news of the highest-ever level of orders for naval equipment placed by the Kremlin since the collapse of the Soviet Union. In addition, this period was marked by the Kremlin leaders expressing their dissatisfaction with the deployment of US antimissile systems in Europe and promising an “asymmetric reply”.

This “reply” calls for keeping Russian nuclear deterrent forces intact and able to meet new challenges from threatening forces. In late 2011 Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin made it clear who these forces are: the US and NATO. In the Kremlin’s eyes, the missile interceptor shield being created in Western Europe destroys the existing strategic balance between US and Russia. So, the nuclear deterrent forces shall be upgraded according to these new realities. Construction of strategic submarines, along with refit and modernization of in-service nuclear assets is a move in this direction.

Make no mistake, neither the Russian nor the American economies are anything to brag about. As Russia embraces Capitalism, America is sliding into Marxism leading to a classless society. However, Russian expansion should give pause to even the lowest low information voters in America. As in the days of Noah, Americans are oblivious to influences outside of their world of Wal-Mart, sports arenas, dumbed down TV shows and the love life of their favorite celebrities. While America fiddles, Vladimir Putin is inking deals to create Russian Military Bases in Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Singapore, the Seychelles (a French speaking country in the Indian ocean) and several other countries. To facilitate this expansion, Secretary of State Kerry has said the U.S. no longer cares about that pesky Monroe Doctrine.

I’m not sure oblivious Americans inside and outside the Obama Administration ever heard of the Monroe Doctrine? Established in 1823, it stated that further efforts by European nations to colonize land or interfere with states in North or South America would be viewed as acts of aggression requiring U.S. intervention. It worked pretty well for 190 years. Recently Russian Spy Ships have been visiting Cuba and Russian Nuclear Submarines armed with Nuclear Missiles have been cruising in the Gulf of Mexico undetected. Then there was that Cuban Missile Crisis that brought the Super Powers to the brink of Nuclear War. Today, Vladimir Putin senses extreme weakness on the part of the Obama Administration and sees no impediment to doing whatever the hell he wants to do wherever he wants to do it. Putin no more fears Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood Administration than he fears a Mexican Chihuahua. The void created by U.S. Base Closures and diminished influence is being filled at a rapid pace.

At the same time, both China and Japan have made great progress in strengthening their Navies. China now has an Aircraft Carrier and plans for the eventual construction of several more. Beijing continues the development and manufacture of nuclear submarines and without Russian permission, China has launched into production of the J-11, a clone of the Sukhoi Su-27 land-based fighter, and the J-15, a clone of the Su-33 deck fighter. Japan, apparently sensing the unreliability of the United States, has been dramatically expanding her self-defense capabilities with a number of very advanced blue-water assets of previously unknown classes. Japan has built a series of large conventional submarines and is working on more advanced ones featuring extended sea autonomy and stealthiness.

Our government is spying on our most trusted allies while Russian Subs mingle with Cruise Ships in the Gulf and Terrorists mingle with citizens in our shopping malls. America’s top Generals and Admirals have been ousted and it looks like the Obama Administration is at war with our military personnel. Curtis LeMay’s Strategic Air Command is gone as our military is being turned into a social experiment. People don’t know who to fear the most, Putin or Obama. I know one thing for sure, Marxism has never worked and never will work. It destroys societies, creates political prisons and produces famine. In North Korea, millions die of starvation while a few insiders are able to frolic with Dennis Rodman and ride around in a 1970 Lincoln Continental. Is that the Liberal idea of utopia? Is that the great Marxist dream? What is your choice, the rice paddies or the salt mines?

Now just set back, order a pizza and tune into Good Morning America or All Things Considered. Don’t bother yourself with the realities of the world, maybe you will learn a new recipe.


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14 Responses to “Putin has a Pen and a Gun”

  1. Brittius Says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.com.

  2. Gunny G Says:

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  3. Brigadier Vines Says:

    Professor McVay…you are always right on target! You have delivered another scholarly epistle which I will forward to my buds, re-read a couple of times and add to my file of the “McVay Doctrines”!

  4. Linda M. Martin (@lindamartin52) Says:

    Absolutely agree with you. You are always on the mark.

  5. Bob Olds Says:

    MORE truth here than in ALL that odumbo has uttered in his whole lifetime !! !- – odumbo is a TRAITOR and should be residing in GITMO rather than OUR white? house !!! WHEN will our military awaken and rid the world of this cockroach ??????

  6. Michael Baker Says:

    I agree that the USA has slowly worked its way down the food chain as a superpower .I lost a lot of men in Vietnam . It sickens me to see a President with no balls

  7. Michael Baker Says:

    why does Obama think he can make “nice ” with Putin . Putin is making Obama look like a clown

  8. sbaker67 Says:

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    I think anyone with a 1/4 of a brain needs to read this :Wake Up America and smell the coffee

  9. Gary Vance Says:

    Reading this editorial, one might forget that the US military budget already exceeds the rest of the world combined. How long must we subscribe to the notion that America is supposed to be the policeman of the world? Why are other nations increasingly arming themselves? Because they fear us! We have proven we will destroy and invade hapless nations who have what we want and who pose no threat to our national security.

    • genemcvay Says:

      There is certainly too much fraud, waste and abuse in the DoD and too much fluff. For years the U.S. has been cutting combat units and keeping the fluff. There is no shortage of great universities in America, do we really need five super expensive service academies? The Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, Military Academy, Coast Guard Academy and Merchant Marine Academy. Not if it means cutting combat units. Do we really need Cosmetic Surgeons, Pediatric Surgeons, etc? The reason other countries are arming and expanding is because they are taking advantage of America’s ever weakening military resolve. The Obama Administration has gotten us into Cold War II. The least qualified people in America to get us out of danger are Obama, Kerry and Hagel.

  10. ogre Says:

    You sir have hit the nail square on the head, I wish you would have pointed out the 60 or so Muslim military training camps right here on American soil though, they range from Texas to New York! One has to wonder why this administration has done everything in its power to destroy or discourage the American citizen militias while fully ignoring these possible Muslim Terrorist training camps? One must remember if it had not been for the citizen militias like the Green Mountain Boys of Vermont and others during the revolution our Country never would have happened!

  11. Braeburn Farm (@BlueMoon7777) Says:

    Phenomenonal piece! In Moscow 2 yrs ago, Havana last November. And grew up in WPB 62-69. These countries and their ppl are so unlike anything a free American could ever know, sadly taken totally for granted. Thank you again. RT over and over.

  12. Patricia Says:

    Well after reading that tripe I think the only answer for America is to put a wall around it with nothing and no body in and nothing or nobody out for 250 years and with the army, the navy and the airforce patrolling that wall day and night. The rest of the world would be a lot safer until the next megalomaniac nation emerges.

  13. hariette Says:

    one of my deepest heartaches is the lack of respect the citizens of this country hold for men of character, knowledge and experience like you, sir. you served us valiantly. you deserve our respect and our thanks. JFK and Reagan would have sent that Russian warship packing. the present person in the WH is oblivious to what is going on in this world as he sits down to tea and chats his way through gunfights serving peanut-butter and crackers and dreaming of his next party appearance with Beyonce and JayZ. it’s pathetically sad. hariette

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