No Mas Huddled Masses


Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning
to live the good life at the expense
of hard working Americans and
barely surviving Veterans.



Over the years the US Government has lavished Guatemala with billions and billions of US Taxpayer’s dollars. Like Chicago, crime is out of control in Guatemala City, the capital. What has the government done with those billions? Helped their 15 million people? Cracked down on crime? Provided education and healthcare for their children? I don’t think so!!! They are shipping their children with health problems to the good old United States and the open arms of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Jeb Bush, John Boehner and the Chamber of Commerce.

Hospitals, School Districts, and law enforcement agencies are already struggling with our own population and the 20 million are so illegal aliens already here.  The Obama Regime is secretly placing these kids in states without even informing the Governors.  They are not going to Detroit but for the most part, Obama is choosing Red States.  Each illegal, many sporting their gang tattoos, require interpreters that our schools can’t afford.

Meanwhile in Guatemala, developers are building a private city on the outskirts of Guatemala City as a safe haven from the crime-ridden capital.


Paseo Cayala is a 34-acre development of apartments, shops, nightclubs, boutiques and restaurants contained inside white walls at the edge of the city. Developers hope to eventually expand the project into a new private city spread across hundreds of acres. Access is by car through a single gate leading to an underground garage, from which visitors emerge through covered escalators onto streets patrolled by armed guards.

Why should the Guatemala upper class deal with their own pesky problems outside their white walls when Uncle Sugar Barack and good old Dingy Harry are so willing to put the United States deeper and deeper in debt to deal with them?

I, for one, appreciate the Mexican workers who come to the United States legally with Work Visas each year.  I appreciated the millions of hard working Hispanics who have become citizens and contribute to our society.  I love Mexican food!  BUT America is teetering on the fiscal cliff and cannot take in the billions of poor people from all over the World.  Our government will not even take care of our Veterans that our government committed to war in hot, dangerous faraway countries.

Our billions of dollars in Foreign Aid is not trickling down to the poor people.  It goes toward building tunnels into Israel by Hamas, buying jet fighters for the Muslim Brotherhood and building lavish palaces for dictators.  It is time for bleeding heart liberals to reach into their own pockets and stop destroying MY COUNTRY!

Do you have an opinion? After the Democrats and RINOs are through with America, who will take care of our children?


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One Response to “No Mas Huddled Masses”

  1. nanarhonda Says:

    Reblogged this on My Soapbox and commented:
    Even though there are a couple of typos, usually due to passion as you type, he is right about how our country is going and who will take care of our children and our grandchildren? Will there even be an America left for them?

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