Many Americans have been devastated by Obamacare with $6,000 deductibles and $150 copay. Millions of people with insurance still have to rely on Free Clinics or home remedies. Guess what, you have barely seen the tip of the iceberg! After the election you should be prepared to witness the total destruction of Healthcare as we once knew it. Already we are seeing escalated hospital closures across America. Obamacare economics, politics and demographics have triggered an epidemic of hospital closures around the country and the trend is likely to continue. Hospitals were one of the big support groups for Obamacare and they are still going out of business. How much more do you have to give?

Many problems with healthcare can be fixed BUT NOT BY TURNING HEALTHCARE OVER TO THE GOVERNMENT AND THE IRS. Many of the hospitals listed below were closed because of lawsuits. Ambulance chasing lawyers don’t just chase ambulances, they get elected to Legislatures and enact laws that help ambulance chasers get rich at the expense of the citizens. Just the cost of practicing defensive medicine to avoid malpractice lawsuits is enough to destroy our healthcare system. Insurance companies are a gigantic problem. They will tell you their profit margins are very low but the fact is they pay bean counters more than doctors, operate out of palatial buildings and throw money around like it grows on trees. State CEO’s of Blue Cross are paid millions of dollars. The only reason we have state CEO’s is because health insurance cannot be sold across state lines. Do you think that benefits you? Individuals should also be able to have healthcare savings plans. Oh yes, government over-regulation hits hospitals like it does all businesses. After high school graduation it takes a specialist surgeon 15 years before he or she is qualified to earn a paycheck. By that time many are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Doctors don’t intentionally harm patients as a rule and those who do deserve prison. Instead, our system drags good Doctors through the courts after they use their best judgment to heal patients and even after they perform unnecessary tests to satisfy the courts. Already, millions of Americans travel overseas for healthcare and some companies even pay for it. State of the art healthcare is offered abroad at a fraction of U.S. costs because of reasons I have mentioned.


Here are some acute-care hospitals that closed their doors within the last two years: Florala Memorial Hospital, Lee Regional Medical Center, Corcoran District Hospital, Christus Health Shreveport-Bossier, Cozby-Germany Hospital, Charlton Memorial Hospital, Shelby Regional Medical Center in Center, Sacred Heart Hospital, W.O. Moss Regional Medical Center, Lakeside Health System, Earl K. Long Medical Center, Los Angeles-based Pacific Health Corp. closed all four of its hospitals in California — Anaheim General Hospital, Bellflower Medical Center, Los Angeles Metropolitan Medical Center and Newport Specialty Hospital, Stewart-Webster Hospital, Renaissance Hospital, Calhoun Memorial Hospital, North Adams Regional Hospital, Lower Oconee Community Hospital, Natchez Regional Medical Center, Long Beach Medical Center, Good Shepherd Medical Center Linden, Gilbert Hospital and Casa Grande Regional. This list just goes through March.


Obamacare was passed with 100% of the Democrats in Congress and without a single vote from any Republican. Republicans were not even allowed to read the Affordable Care Act but, as it turns out, even Democrats had to pass the bill before they could read it. Is this any way to run a Healthcare System? If you like your Doctor and still have your Doctor, that might not be the case after the election. Obamacare rules have been illegally waved by the President until after the election. Things will only get worse as time goes by. The minority of hard working citizens are bearing burdens that are breaking their backs while lazy people do only one thing besides collect food stamps and welfare, they vote for Democrats. If anybody saves healthcare, it will not be a Democrat.


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