While President Obama and his High Level Choom Gang jet around the country condemning police and granting amnesty to illegal aliens, many of our youth, mostly minority black and Latino, have no prospects for employment. Their leisure activities and life satisfaction cannot be characterized as fulfilling or rewarding. The situation is much worse in inner cities.

In the President’s home state of Illinois the teen employment rate is only 27%, a decrease of 10 percentage points from 2006, according to a report by the Chicago-based Alternative Schools Network. Illinois is among the worst states for teens but the picture is not that much different across the country. I believe it is better for teens to have a jobs than it is for a teens to just hang out and be exposed to seedy activities.

The teen employment rate at the national level is the lowest in post-World War II history, and getting worse. In Chicago 81% of teens are unemployed.

Across all geographic areas, black teens have the lowest employment rates compared to all other racial and ethnic groups. In Illinois, only 16% of black teens are employed while just 11% of black teens in Chicago have jobs.

The exclusion of teens from the job market is likely to continue and brings with it bleak economic prospects, limited earnings potential and significant taxpayer burden for the magnitude of jobless youth. Job creation for teens and young adults is never mentioned by politicians who lavish schools with more money than they can spend and entice more and more illegal aliens to cross our borders through the hole in the fence.

Some low-wage jobs, which are typically associated with young people, are being created, but due to the overall shortage of jobs in recent years, older people with higher levels of education are beating teens out for these low-wage positions.

Black male teens ages 16 to 19 in Chicago face the most depressed state of employment. The employment rate among Chicago’s black male teens dropped from 10% in 2006 to 8% now. For those of you who study Common Core Math, that means 92% of Chicago’s black male teens are jobless. Prospects for poor black teens living in low-income households are even worse with a 94% unemployment rate.


Government at all levels has thrown money at the problem and worked their magic but things just get worse. The government that governs least governs best. Don’t hold your breath.

The BIGGEST JOB KILLER IS THE MINIMUM WAGE! Recently voters in Arkansas voted to increase the state’s minimum wage. The increase was supported by both the Republican and Democratic candidates for governor. What if there had been a ballot initiative to give everybody in Arkansas one million dollars tax free? I can guarantee it would have passed. See how good it feels? We all lived happily ever after.

The job creators in America are the small businesses. Many of these businesses are struggling with owners working up to 100 hours a week for much less than minimum wage. Owners have poured their life savings along with their hearts and souls into their businesses. Government punishes these businesses with high taxes, out of control regulations and higher and higher minimum wages. The dam can just hold so much water.

There are approximately 5.68 million employer firms in the United States. Firms with fewer than 500 workers accounted for 99.7% of those businesses while businesses with less than 20 workers made up 89.8%.

Small businesses continue to be incubators for innovation and employment growth and continue to play a vital role in the economy of the United States. They represent almost half of our private nonfarm GDP.

The picture is also gloomy for 20 to 24 year-olds. They are twice as likely as teens to be both jobless and out of school. The incidence of disconnection from school and work is growing across America as college graduates cannot find work. Of those who find jobs, most are working in jobs that do not require a college degree.

The loss of teen employment opportunities poses serious policy implications nationally and locally including significant adverse affects on future employability, earnings, family incomes, and marriage rates, as well as serious fiscal burdens on the rest of society associated with lower lifetime earnings, lessened tax contributions and higher correctional costs.

Black students are more than three times as likely as their white counterparts to be expelled or suspended from school. And about 70% of students involved in school-related arrests or referrals to law enforcement are black and Latino. Discipline policies such as expulsions, suspensions and school-based arrests can increase the chances of students dropping out of school or failing to graduate on time.

America is being turned upside down by the first black president and attorney general and their surrogates. I know this is puzzling so I will attempt to explain why.

In the black community under our Barack Obama, Eric Holder and the Democrats, life is miserable with the high unemployment I mentioned and sub standard schools. These guys oppose school choice and keeping poor teachers on the job. The retiring general counsel for the Teacher’s Union said the union is not about the children, it is about POWER. With Teacher’s Unions and Government Unions both government and schools have gotten worse and worse, but that’s a different story.

Black on black crime is through the roof. Nine out of ten blacks are murdered by blacks. You have gang violence in inner cities like Chicago. What is Obama and Holder doing about it? Beyond stirring up citizens and inciting riots, NOTHING!

Obama and Holder and their surrogates are undermining our police officers even black police officers. It appears they want to nationalize the police, what would it be, Obamapolice? Why are these liberals doing such a catastrophic job? This has nothing to do with racial profiling, nothing to do with racist cops, nothing to do with the militarization of the police force, and yet this is what they regurgitate.

Liberals and conservatives can look at any problem and pose far different solutions. Amnesty and more illegal alien mouths to feed is NOT a solution for struggling American teens and businesses. Creating MORE make-work government jobs is NOT a solution. I worked as a ten year old boy and it didn’t kill me. I didn’t need a living wage, my family had a one room house and both my parents worked as did my older brother. I thank God that we never received a dime from the government. Government Welfare can be intoxicating and debilitating. I helped a neighbor haul hay and another by digging a ditch as a strapping teen. I caught chickens returning home just in time to clean up and go to school. Work didn’t destroy my education, I was a first string basketball player in both Junior and Senior Varsity and a leader in several organizations. I wrote a column for the school newspaper and also received an education. It must have been a good education because I was never a freshman in college. I tested out of every subject and started my work at the University of Maryland as a sophomore.

I have been fortunate enough to speak to students from pre-school to college. I believe it is important for leaders to share advice with students.


Dear government, LET MY PEOPLE WORK!!! Stop robbing from the poor to pay other poor. Get out of the way of progress. Is it better for a teen to have a job paying $5 an hour or for a teen to be broke and roaming the streets? The government WAR ON POVERTY DOES NOT WORK!!! Any WORK is dignified and gives a sense of self worth and pride along with a history of experience for the future.

Our politicians seem preoccupied with the problems of everybody in the world except United States Citizens. Can we get some attention, HELLO? I want my taxes to help my country, please.


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