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March 26, 2015


When I was state leader of a large veteran’s organization, I made some attempts to get the Chamber of Commerce to be more inclusive and allow veterans organizations to become Chamber members for a nominal fee. I was somewhat puzzled that the idea hit a stonewall.

Now that I reflect on the Chamber I am very disturbed! Why would the U.S. Chamber of Commerce rate and support liberal Democrats more than most conservative Republicans? Very simply, it is because the Chamber has bought whole-heartedly into the idea that business needs to be a partner with — and encourage — big government. The tax and spend big government that plunged the United States so deeply into the abyss that unfunded liabilities and national debt exceed $205 trillion. That’s about $700,000 for EVERY legal and illegal man, woman and child in the United States. For those who studied Common Core Math, that’s just under $3 million for a family of four.

Despite more than $33 million spent supporting candidates in the 2012 Congressional races, Chamber-backed candidates lost 36 out of the 50 elections in which the Chamber participated. In late 2013 the Chamber announced it would distribute campaign contributions in “10s” of Republican primary elections to oppose the Tea Party movement and create a “more governable Republican party.” In early 2014 Tom Donohue clarified that the push would be to elect “pro-business” members of Congress “who favor trade, energy development and immigration reform.” Yes, the Chamber is a major supporter of Mass Amnesty. I will show who some of their bedfellows are at the end of the blog.


Just last year U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Donohue had barely finished calling for the further impoverishment of American workers (i.e. “immigration reform”) when he showed up as a guest of Cuba’s Stalinist regime and gave a speech at the University of Havana calling for a further fleecing of American taxpayers (i.e. ending the so-called Cuba embargo).

“For years, the US Chamber of Commerce has demanded that our government eliminate the commercial embargo on Cuba. It’s time for a new approach,” proclaimed Donohue to an ovation from Communist Party insiders, some of who in 1960 stormed into almost 6,000 U.S.-owned businesses (worth almost $2 billion at the time) and looted them all at Soviet gunpoint. By the way, you do know that the Communist Party endorsed Barack Obama’s candidacy for President in 2008 and 2012 don’t you?

Former Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul had top ratings from the American Conservative Union, the National Taxpayer’s Union and The New American’s own Freedom Index (FI). He earned a perfect 100 percent in 2007-08 for the Freedom Index (FI), but rated only a 47 percent on the Chamber of Commerce’s ratings. Meanwhile, Massachusetts liberal Democrat Barney Frank earned a 61 percent rating from the chamber while earning only a 15 percent FI rating. For the record, I did not vote for Ron Paul but I’m pretty sure he is better for business than Barney Frank.

Ron Paul wasn’t the only conservative given the short-shrift from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Conservative Republican Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina (FI 79) scored a 57 from the Chamber, lower than uber-liberal Democrats John Kerry of Massachusetts (FI 13, Chamber 63) and Barack Obama (FI 11, Chamber 67). Remember, these rankings are from six years ago. Jim DeMint resigned from the Senate to become President of the Heritage Foundation. Just exactly what does it take to become a CofC Darling?

Congressman Paul and Senator DeMint lost points twice for voting against the wasteful $700 billion federal bailout that created the wasteful TARP and once for voting against expanded federal educational spending. The Chamber seems to believe that learning should flow from Washington. Paul was also penalized for opposing NASA reauthorization and the FISA reauthorization bill. Do you remember that Obama gave NASA a new mission to reach out to Muslims?

According to the Chamber of Commerce, telecommunications companies under FISA that secretly cooperate with the federal government in unconstitutional searches should not be able to be sued by their victims in federal courts: “The Chamber believes it is critical that telecommunications providers are not subject to litigation for assistance they provided to the government in good faith and at the government’s request.” The Nuremberg “I was just following orders” defense?

The Chamber argued that the federal government needs the power to spy on every Americans’ telephone conversations and internet usage without the constitutionally required warrant and this would “help preserve the self-sustaining public-private partnership that the government has sought to protect our country in the post-September 11 world.”


The Chamber of Commerce wasn’t always a stooge for big government, nor was there always a “national” Chamber of Commerce based in Washington. Chambers of commerce sprung up organically across the United States with the idea of promoting free enterprise early in the American republic. The first chamber of commerce was the New York Chamber of Commerce, which was chartered in 1768.

Businessmen formed chambers of commerce early in the American republic as the public need presented itself, especially after the Civil War. The New York Chamber of Commerce in particular led petition drives to repeal the Civil War income tax. Senator Roscoe Conkling presented the New York Chamber’s anti-income tax petitions to the Senate on April 11, 1871, and Representative James Brooks did the same in the House on the same day. By 1870, more than 40 chambers of commerce had been formed across the nation.

The national, or U.S. Chamber of Commerce, wasn’t created until after President William Howard Taft suggested combining the chambers into a single voice in an address to Congress at the end of 1911. The next year, the national organization was created, and the chambers’ leaderless resistance to big government began to end.

The local chambers of the 1800s didn’t follow pure laissez-faire doctrine all of the time. But the “sins” of those local, independent chambers of commerce consisted chiefly of petitioning the Congress to construct a local dock, bridge or other “public works” facility in the area. While these projects were generally not constitutionally authorized, they could at least be opposed by chambers from areas outside of the area of the local chamber petitioning Congress.

Once the chambers of commerce were united under a single U.S. chamber, molding the organization to the passing fads in Washington was a far easier task. This happened shortly after Franklin Delano Roosevelt took office and pushed through Congress his “New Deal” of big government, big deficits and high regulation of business. The centerpiece of the early new deal was the National Industrial Recovery Act, which created the NATIONAL RECOVERY ADMINISTRATION (NRA) and quickly racked up 10 million pages of rules and regulations that Congress didn’t approve.

But the U.S. Chamber of Commerce approved of the NRA program, which had been modeled on Mussolini’s “corporatist” economic plan of state control. Chamber of Commerce Chairman Henry I. Harriman complimented the National Industrial Recovery Act for the legislation’s “sincere and probably effective efforts to coordinate and rationalize American industry along democratic lines and to assure economic security.”

Even as the nation’s popular support for the massive NRA regulatory scheme waned and the NRA appeared headed for a constitutional conflict with the U.S. Supreme Court, leftist historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. wrote that the Chamber of Commerce continued to back the NRA: “The United States Chamber of Commerce voted for continuance [of the NRA] by nearly four to one.”

The fate of the NRA was sealed with the 1935 Supreme Court decision Schechter Poultry Corp. v. US, where the Supreme Court ruled that the NRA didn’t have the authority to make laws on its own without consulting Congress. The NRA was abolished after being declared unconstitutional.


You probably thought it couldn’t get any worse but the Chamber is all in pushing Climate Change legislation including a Carbon Tax. I have written profusely about the Climate Change nonsense and will probably publish a blog soon. You either believe that the United States will become a desert wasteland; be covered by glaciers soon or you believe God’s promise that, “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.” We have real problems to contend with but they fly below the Chamber’s radar screen.

Today, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has once again sold out its old free market principles for Washington, D.C. beltway politics. And local chambers of commerce may want to separate from the beltway-based national organization if they want to avoid promoting more self-destructive Obama and Nancy Pelosi liberalism that increases regulations and taxes on business.

The Chamber is among the groups that support mass amnesty. Maybe when I list some of the groups you can see who the Chamber is in bed with:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Anti-Defamation League
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
People for the American Way
Change to Win
National Council of Churches
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
Presbyterian Church (USA)
United Methodist Council of Bishops
World Relief

The list goes on……..

Are you beginning to see why Jeb Bush and some other RINOs who put self above country have jumped on the Amnesty Band Wagon? Is there any hope for America?


Citizens Should Understand Foreign Policy

March 15, 2015


I write this FOREIGN POLICY LECTURE assuming that Face the Nation, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, The New York Times and all Democrats do not know this nor can they grasp the shared responsibilities of the President and the Senate:

The Constitution vests the power to make foreign policy in the federal government. It precludes the states from entering into “any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation.

Within the federal government, the Constitution divides foreign-policy making power between the President and the Senate, giving them shared authority over the making of treaties and the extension of diplomatic recognition to other nations.  It is through our President and our Senators that we the people have a voice.  In my case I have full faith in my Senator, Tom Cotton, a veteran of two combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan who graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard and received his Law Degree from Harvard Law School.  Senator Cotton previously served as a Congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives.  I have great misgivings about my President who released the leader of ISIS in 2009 and refuses to secure our borders and coastlines.  I view his purge of senior military officers and non commissioned officers with great skepticism and hear from several sources that our military is not being allowed to prosecute the Global War on Terrorism with sincerity.

Specifically, the Constitution gives the Senate the power of “Advice and Consent” on treaties, which the President is responsible for negotiating. The Senate also has the power of “Advice and Consent” in the appointment of ambassadors nominated by the President. Thus, while the Constitution reserves foreign policy for the federal government, it gives the states—as represented by their Senators—an indirect but potent influence over the making of foreign policy.

The Constitution gives the House of Representatives no separate powers in the realm of foreign policy, though in cooperation with the Senate and the President it shares the power of issuing formal declarations of war. But the House can still affect foreign policy. The Founding Fathers understood that U.S. foreign policy would be influenced by what George Washington referred to as “enlightened” public opinion. The House, using its power of the purse and its ability to command the spotlight, plays a role in expressing public sentiments on foreign policy, and thus holding the President to account.


Good Foreign Policy ended the Cold War while bad Foreign Policy allowed North Korea to develop nuclear weapons. When any radical regime opposed to America gets nuclear weapons, America is weakened.

A Heart to Heart Talk with America

March 4, 2015

Since your impeccably dressed Congressman or Congresswoman refuses to level with you and since the News Media thinks you can’t handle the truth and since the President lacks credibility even if he would share this with you, that leaves it to me, just an old retired fighter pilot, to break it to you gently.


Nations rise and nations fall. On December 25th, 1991, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, the last undisputed leader of the Soviet Union, resigned, declared his office extinct, and handed over its attributes, including control of the Soviet nuclear missile launching codes, to Russian President Boris Yeltsin. That evening at 7:32 p.m., the Soviet flag was lowered from the Kremlin for the last time and replaced with the Russian Flag. During the preceding five months, 13 of the 15 republics had already seceded from the union.


Don’t think it can’t happen here and don’t expect a warning. Even the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office is acting in a bipartisan way to cover up the biggest single threat to the bipartisan political alliance that is stripping America of its wealth: the United States Congress. Democrats and Republicans in Congress are completely agreed that the following information should not get out to the American people, namely, that the present value of the United States government’s off-budget liabilities is over $200 trillion.

If you are a middle class American and your spouse put your family 100 million dollars in debt, he or she might be reluctant to break the news to you. That’s not like forgetting to take out the garbage.

The Congressional Budget Office has a way to avoid telling Americans the damning truth, namely, to cease publishing the statistics that allow economists to expose the real condition of the United States government. The suppression of information and the incomprehensibility of statistics has become a government science.

The CBO has two sets of books. This is what any Ponzi scheme requires. It releases one set of books to the rubes in the financial media, who are perfectly content to quote from it, when they are even aware of it. This is called the Extended Baseline Forecast or EBF.

The second set of books is called the Alternative Fiscal Scenario or AFS. Here’s the difference.

In past years, the CBO simultaneously released what it calls its Alternative Fiscal Scenario. This forecast is what CBO actually projects future taxes and spending to be given not just the laws in place, but also how Congress and the Administration have been bending and changing the laws through time. In short, the Alternative Fiscal Scenario (AFS) is what the CBO thinks we’re facing absent a truly dramatic and sustained shift in fiscal policy.

Because of People like Boston University Economics Professor, Laurence Kotlikoff, the CBO decided this year not to publish it. Professor Kotlikoff said, “The country is in worse fiscal shape by many miles than Detroit. So, the country is essentially bankrupt.”

Suffice it to say that those of us who love America enough to look beyond what the heroic nightly news anchors spew are very fearful for our country. The national media, which generally “covers” fiscal affairs by repeating what it’s told, missed this omission entirely. Indeed, it spent an entire news cycle discussing the EBF figures as if they had real meaning.

The CBO did not get away with this, at least not to the extent that it had hoped. There were complaints. Kotlikoff says that enough people did complain to persuade the CBO to release a summary of the projections in an obscure spot in the CBO’s spreadsheet. The CBO posted this information, but it did not alert the financial media to the update.

The CBO’s projections on the deficit has the fiscal gap at $47 trillion. That is an enormous chunk of change but even that is a low-ball estimate. The financial media doesn’t care one way or the other, because they never heard of the CBO, let alone the ESB. The American public won’t be alarmed until they go to the cupboard and the cupboard is bare.

Using the AFS figures, the unfunded liability is $205 trillion. This is the figure that the CBO does not want the general public, meaning the financial media, to be aware of.

Understand, this is not the unfunded liabilities added up in all future years. This is the present value of the unfunded liabilities, discounted to today. This means that the government needs $205 trillion, cash on hand, to invest in the private sector, in order to fund its legal liabilities. This is not the deficit long after we are dead. This is the present value of the deficit long after we are dead.

The $205 trillion fiscal gap is too enormous for the average college graduate to begin to understand. It’s 10% of the present value of all future GDP. Equivalently, it corresponds to 10% of GDP year in and year out for as far as the eye can see. To raise 10% of GDP each year, some have said we could raise all federal taxes, immediately and permanently, by 57% while cutting all federal spending, apart from interest on the debt, by 37%, immediately and permanently, or do some combination of the two. Of course, we are seeing the result of having the highest corporate taxes in the world right now as companies flee overseas.

Accordingly, my solution and my solution only is this: Cut the United States Federal Government to the size it was in 1961, the year I graduated from high school. That was also the year before prayer was banned in school. The image below shows the Departments that did not exist when I was born and all except the Department of Defense were established after 1961.


That’s right, the United States managed to fight WWI and WWII without that behemoth called the Department of Defense. The Veterans also were cared for from the beginning. During the six years between the Revolutionary War and the inauguration of George Washington as President, Washington was President of the Society of the Cincinnati, a Veterans Organization that made sure disabled veterans were cared for along with widows and orphans. The members of the Cincinnati became our Founding Fathers. After WWI the Veterans Bureau was formed and then the Veterans Administration. After WWII Omar Bradley ran the Veterans Administration and told the employees, “We are dealing with veterans, not procedures; with their problems, not ours.” Wow, things have dramatically changed with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs!

We managed to get along without the Department of Homeland Security. In fact, in 1961 we didn’t have 20 or 30 million illegal aliens roaming our streets and devouring our children’s future. If you factor in the illegal’s, the $205 trillion figure becomes too small.

I’m not fooling myself, the President, Congress and Supreme Court we have right now would rather be waterboarded than cut one red cent or uphold the Constitution. We’re sunk and only a few hundred thousand even know it. If the grocery store shelves became bare tomorrow and somebody came by with a sack of beans, most Americans would still starve not even knowing what beans are or how to cook them.

We have helped almost every country in the world but I doubt that any country would come to our aid except perhaps for a couple. Some people store food in preparation for exigencies. That is just common sense because a natural disaster could occur anytime. As a nation, we are not prepared and if a visionary person ran for office the voters would not even think about voting for him or her. We are sunk.


This conspiracy to hide the truth to keep ourselves and our kids in the dark about what the politicians are really doing has been going on for a long time. We refuse to handle the crisis so our kids will handle it. They will elect people to Congress who will vote to stop paying the seniors and their physicians, the vast majority of whom will be dependent on Medicare payments. Get used to the term DEFAULT. This will have profound consequences politically, economically, and socially. It will be the end of the Keynesian welfare state. The Keynesians will be left holding the empty bag.

This is how all Ponzi schemes end. But those deluded souls who buy into them refuse to face statistical reality until the scheme blows up, leaving all of us empty-handed.