I have carefully considered all of the Presidential Candidates. Many years ago I was an Intelligence analyst at the National Security Agency so analyzing complex and potentially deadly situations was my primary duty. Later I was privileged to run a six billion dollar organization.


When I look at the totality of the threats against the survival of America, it is my firm belief that only the strongest and most determined leader can give us a fighting chance.


By any measure, America is beyond bankrupt, our military is not even allowed to defend itself, we are overrun by up to 30 million illegal aliens, 63% of Americans would not be able to pay an unexpected $500 repair bill and true unemployment and underemployment is unprecedented.


Our companies are going bankrupt because they cannot compete with the mounds of regulations, taxes and minimum wages they contend with. To survive, many have moved overseas where there is no EPA, OSHA, BLM, IRS and high minimum wage. China now has a $5 minimum wage and companies are moving from China to Vietnam to survive. It is simple, if a company can’t compete it goes under and all the employees become unemployed. After we bailed out GM and put the union in charge, 70% of GM vehicles sold in America are made overseas.


To get an idea of how we are becoming isolated, look up BRICS and AIIC.  In my opinion, the dominance of the US Dollar is in great jeopardy.  Almost all countries are tired of having to convert their currency into dollars to buy from other countries.  By reading directly from the International Monetary Fund Website, you can get a feel for what they think about America and our position of leadership.


The mainstream media is not going to tell the American People exactly how bad things are about to get; they don’t want to be the ones to break the bad news.  Most people have no idea that their part of the National Debt & Unfunded Obligations is approaching a million dollars or four million dollars for a family of four.  Citizens have their hands full raising their families and keeping the wolves away from the door.  Most of the Presidential candidates do not grasp how bad things really are but the very wealthy certainly do.  Most have an escape plan and own multiple homes abroad.  Billionaires will be welcome in many countries but ordinary Americans like me will be looked upon as a scourge.


Donald Trump has more money than he can possibly spend so he will be fine.  If you knew the stories of things he has done for people, you might look differently at him.  While I get an email from almost every candidate almost every day asking for money, Trump just gave a million dollars of his own money to Veterans.  He truly takes responsibility for his tens of thousands of employees and he truly loves America.  He could continue to watch America collapse while living a dream personal lifestyle with the ability and freedom to go anywhere and be welcomed by anybody he chooses or he can save America.


Trump can create a Veterans Event and raise over six million in less than 24 hours that was carried on national TV or he could have dinner with Queen Elizabeth.

Politicians have had all the time in the world to address our problems and bring our government under control.  They have every excuse in the world for not doing so.  America is like the star professional boxer, football or basketball player who earned millions and squandered it all.

The biggest thing Trump will get out of this is the satisfaction of saving America for our children and HIS children and the American People.


So, I trust Trump partly because I don’t see anybody else who can make America Great Again or who can even slow the skid into oblivion.  I think I have earned the right to speak my mind and give my opinion.  I respect your opinion and your right to support and vote for the candidate of your choice.


My advice to everybody who can find the time is to do your own research, do not trust the media and prepare for the worst like you would prepare for a hurricane.  ISIS is active in all 50 states!  Ask yourself this question if you were a multi-billionaire:  Is there anything that could convince you to run for President other than your love for America?


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  1. genemcvay Says:

    ★★★★Donald Trump reads poetry, THE SNAKE – please share!

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