While White House Tours were shut down, Obama was Spending like a Drunken President


★★Obama spent $800 million on advertising firms in 2015 to promote his policies but he closed War Memorials!


The only government watchdog I trust is the Government Accountability Office or GAO. They are bipartisan and work for Congress. The GAO can dig up the truth but will Congress act?

Do you remember that White House Tours had to be cancelled and our military had to be cut to the bone while Obama hired thousands of Public Relations personnel to bolster HIS IMAGE?


Hillary could not afford security for Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi but there was unlimited money for smoke and mirrors!!!!!


What kind of Public Relations professional can make Veterans dying while waiting for VA appointments look good?

The whole Obama/Hillary Administration has been a wasteful fraud while our workforce participation has dwindled and our welfare rolls have been burgeoning!

Our Foreign Policy is in the Toilet with Iran flourishing while our best allies like Israel & the Philippines are aghast! The President of the Philippines just told Obama to, “Go to Hell!”


The GAO said that the administration added 667 PR staffers between 2008 and 2011 to bring the staffing total to 5,238; the number decreased since then, but 5,100 staffers remained in the administration in 2014, The Washington Times reported.

The GAO says these figures do not include the $100 million spent on private PR consultants to bolster the government’s PR efforts.

The government spent $800 million on contracts with outside advertising firms in 2015 to promote the administration’s policies, The Washington Times reported.

“With increasing pressures on limited federal resources, it is crucial to know how much is spent across the federal government on public relations activities and which federal agencies are spending the most,” said Sen. Mike Enzi, chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, who requested the report.

According to The Washington Times, the Pentagon gained the most PR staffers out of all the federal agencies, with 2,100 employees assigned to the agency.

The Interior Department, Veterans Affairs, Health and Human Services, and Homeland Security also saw big gains in PR staff.


Hillary wonders why she’s not 50 points ahead. I wonder why Hillary, Obama, Lynch, Comey and their accomplices are not in prison?


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