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Do You See Communists?

November 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are sad today at Fidel Castro’s passing but Cuban Americans are cheering in the streets of Little Havana.

Snopes will tell you the Communist Party did not endorse Hillary and the corrupt news media made no mention of the Communist Party endorsing Hillary. The Communist Party did not take out a full page ad in the New York Times saying, “The Communist Party Endorses Hillary Rodham Clinton for President.”


However, Communist Party of the USA Chairman John Bachtell on the blog People’s World, told progressive voters to cast their ballots for the Democratic ticket and to strive to influence the prospective Clinton administration with organization and activism.

That, of course, is not clear enough for today’s journalists. They are far more likely to take Bachtell’s words as an endorsement of Donald Trump or Kentucky Fried Possum.

John Bachtell (born March 26, 1956) is an American activist, trade unionist, and community organizer who has served as the Chairman of the National Committee of the Communist Party USA since its 30th National Convention in 2014.

Bachtell emphasized that the Communist Party will seek a peaceful transition to socialism so long as it is possible, saying “Given the development of democratic institutions and traditions in the U.S., involvement in the electoral arena and political action is essential and grows in importance. It entails building broad anti-ultra right, reform and anti-monopoly coalitions that win majorities and thus power in every democratic institution e.g., school boards, planning boards, city council, county boards, state legislature, federal office, in ‘red’ and ‘blue’ states.” He also said that the experiences in countries like Venezuela are useful examples.

Would you know it if these Commies were on your city council, school boards, or any other elected offices?

Gene McVay says this, “I am encouraged that a movement involving more and more citizens has arisen to move America away from the socialism & Communism craved by the vast majority of Democrats and their mainstream media. It is by being informed, awake and active that we will repulse the Communist and Islamic Terrorist hordes and make America Great Again.”