Are We Fish in a Barrel?

A Congressmen gets shot & now I hear hysterical talk about even more security for them.

I guess asking for sanity is unreasonable?

For years I have asked for security for America!

Iranian Books were found discarded along the pathway leading from the southern border about five years ago.

I reported then that there was absolutely nothing to stop Weapons of Mass Destruction from pouring across our borders and 93,000 miles of coastline.

I talked personally to Admiral Robert Papp, Commandant of the Coast Guard, who told me if his force was tripled it would still be too small to protect that much coastline.

Our entire Armed Forces is a fraction of what it was 50 years ago and back then we didn’t have 20 or 30 million illegal aliens inhabiting America.

My friends know I was once an Analyst at NSA. My confidence that our 17 Intelligence Agencies are even focused on actual threats to America is absolute zero. They got caught spying on law abiding citizens and our most trusted allies! They have no clue how many illegal aliens are here, where they are or what their plans are to attack America!

If just 10% of illegal’s are terrorists they would outnumber all of our police and active duty military! Are my politicians completely nuts?

My confidence in Congress is even below absolute zero! They can not see the Obstruction of Justice during the tenure of Holder and Lynch but they can damn sure rake Attorney General Sessions and President Trump over the coals!

In my county there are armed Deputy Sheriffs guarding the Courthouse where there is a Sheriff’s Office and a Police Station across the street.

The armed Deputies are protected by armed Deputies but WHO is protecting me?

My neighbor was leaving for a hunting trip recently before dawn. He interrupted two armed robbers who had already robbed other neighbors.

My neighbor exchanged fire with the robbers and wounded them.

There were threats to prosecute my neighbor!

Again, WHO is protecting me?

Not only is the Democratic Sheriff not protecting me, he is also not interested in law abiding citizens being able to protect themselves.

I don’t live in DC or Massachusetts, I live in the ultra liberal state of Arkansas!

The citizens of my state are conservative. We voted for President Trump 60 to 39 percent over our former First Lady.

Our so-called Republican leaders would not be out of place in Massachusetts and Baltimore. Most elected Sheriffs are Democrats!

If government is not going to protect us, and they cannot, we should be allowed to protect ourselves.

Every hunter, Veteran, former law enforcement officer and other trained shooters should be part of a well regulated militia.

Every neighborhood should have a neighborhood watch program.

Legislators should pass laws that favor law abiding citizens and our God given rights to protect our families and ourselves. An example is Stand Your Ground Laws.

In Arkansas, if a terrorist is in your yard shooting at you, it is your duty to run or crawl away leaving your children to the mercy of criminals.

It is the same way in Chicago and as a result, Chicago is a no man’s land of slaughter and violence.

If DC is going to remain our Capital, it must be federalized. The city is 94% Democrats! DC laws favor criminals. Congress should have the guts to override laws that prevent citizens from being allowed to protect themselves. Every Federal Department is located in a swamp ruled by Democrats!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast of talking heads calling President Trump every dirty name in the book.


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