The VA was warned repeatedly about cost overruns of $1.7 billion on just one project VA Leaders could care less about cost unless it involves Veteran’s healthcare or benefits.

The original cost estimate for the Denver VA Hospital was $328 million. If it is ever finished it will have cost more than $1.7 billion and before it can open, maybe in 2018, it will require $300 million more for fixtures and equipment.

The simple truth is that the VA cannot manage anything! If any government agency can get $300 million from Congress to start a project, do you think Congress won’t let them finish it even if it costs seven times the original $300 million estimate?

I can guarantee that if every combat disabled Veteran was allowed to go to the hospital of his or her choice, like Senator McCain, the cost to United States Taxpayers would be much less and the care would be infinitely better.

Much of the cost overrun was aesthetics. I heard some people have compared the Denver VA Hospital to a Shopping Mall.

This would be funny if it was not so tragic!

In 2014, the latest year available, more than 7,400 veterans took their own lives, accounting for 18 percent of all suicides in America. Veterans make up about 8 percent of the U.S. population.

A study commissioned by the VA last year concluded that 20 Veterans commit suicide a day. That would be 7,300 if you can believe any VA study.

As a combat disabled Veteran who has waited 8 years and counting for the VA to decide my disability claim, I can assure you that costly studies are not helping any of us. At last count, there were somewhere between 300,000 and 600,000 Veterans in my same boat.

When suicide prevention hotlines are not answered or a Veteran gets a recording, the Veteran is not helped either.

Last year there was a count of homeless Veterans that came to 39,471. Counting homeless Veterans must have made them feel much better? Do you think they counted every homeless Veteran? Do you know that a single mother is more likely to be homeless than other Veterans?

What more atrocities would the VA have to commit before our Politicians conclude that the VA Nightmare Experiment was a total and dismal failure.

The last time the VA was effective was when General Omar Bradley was the VA Administrator. President Truman appointed General Bradley to run the VA for two years starting in 1945. Bradley told the VA employees: “We’re dealing with veterans, not procedures, with their problems, not ours.”

President Trump, Omar Bradley and all the Kings Men cannot fix the VA today. It would be easier to re-float the Titanic.

President Trump can force the VA to settle all claims within the next 90 days and then close the VA Claims Division for good. VA Healthcare should be phased out over a two year period.

Claims can be contracted to the private sector and Veterans can be given a Gold Card good at any healthcare facility.

Private companies can build a $300 million hospital for $290 million, not two billion dollars. Taxpayers will be happy, Veterans will be happy but Politicians could never agree to do anything.

Politicians don’t see disabled Veterans in their circles of receptions and dinners. The only time most politicians see Veterans is on Veteran’s Day when Politicians make flowery speeches from lofty stages.

They prefer that Veterans not be seen and not be heard. We can make politicians happy if we will just fade away quietly under the bridges or along side the roadways.


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