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The Three Wise Monkeys: Asa Hutchinson, Comey & Mueller

December 16, 2017


Maybe you are familiar with the three wise monkeys. Together they embody the proverbial principle “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. I plan to make the case that Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson along with former FBI Directors James B. Comey and Robert S. Mueller, III, may be modern day wise monkeys?

Asa Hutchinson’s record of seeing, hearing and speaking no evil can be found as easily as tracking an elephant through the snow but most voters simply lack the time and inclination to actually know who they vote for. Maybe my research will help?

Asa Hutchinson, as a crime fighter, does not remind me of Eliot Ness, Wyatt Earp or Wild Bill Hickok, he brings to mind Steven Quincy Urkel. Urkel is a fictional character on the ABC/CBS sitcom Family Matters who was originally slated to have been a one-time only character on the show; he soon became its most popular character and gradually became the main character.

I begin with a newspaper article by Mara Leveritt.  She won a White Award for investigative journalism in 1991, was named Arkansas Journalist of the Year in 1992, and was awarded Arkansas’s Booker Worthen Prize in 2000 for her book The Boys on the Tracks”.  She is also a contributing editor to the Arkansas Times”:

“Some strange things happened in Asa Hutchinson’s district while he was federal prosecutor that he doesn’t mention in his speeches. Specifically, a man identified by federal agents as “a documented, major narcotics trafficker” was using facilities at an airport in Hutchinson’s district for “storage, maintenance, and modification” of his drug-running aircraft, throughout most of Hutchinson’s tenure. The man was Adler Berriman “Barry” Seal. For the last four years of his life – and throughout Hutchinson’s term as U.S. attorney – his base of operations was Mena, Arkansas. In 1982, the year that Hutchinson took office as U.S. attorney and Seal moved to Mena, federal officials were already aware that he controlled “an international smuggling organization” that was “extremely well organized and extensive.” Agents for the DEA, FBI, U.S. Customs, and IRS were watching him. They brought Hutchinson evidence that Seal was “involved in narcotics trafficking and the laundering of funds derived from such trafficking.” . . . My interest in the relationship between Seal and Hutchinson was piqued as I became aware of how heavily drug prosecutions fell on street- and mid-level dealers, while smugglers like Seal, who imported drugs by the ton, rarely ended up in prison. So when rumors surfaced about Seal and his organization, and how they had managed for years to avoid prison, even though the extent of their activities was well known to drug authorities, I wanted to know more. But getting the story has not been easy. In the early 1990s, I asked Hutchinson about Barry Seal and his associates at Mena. Hutchinson provided no information, and politely dismissed the complaints that had arisen by then about his failure to prosecute Seal. He said he had already resigned as U.S. attorney by the time the matter arose . . . I believe that if this country is going to fight a long and costly war, the war’s leaders have an obligation to report faithfully on its battles. The incidents that surrounded Seal constituted a major battle. But the faithful report has been missing. For more than 15 years, U.S. government officials, including Hutchinson, who were close to the events have maintained a stony silence . .”

ACCORDING TO POLICE SOURCES in Arkansas, Bush’s reported nominee to head the DEA, Asa Hutchinson, knew about the extensive drug importation at Mena during the 1980s but looked the other way. Hutchinson was replaced by Mike Fitzhugh who was reluctant to let investigators Russell Welch of the state police and William Duncan of the IRS present evidence of money-laundry to a grand jury.

Russell Welch was poisoned with Military Grade Anthrax

According to a memo obtained later by Arkansas Times reporter Mara Leveritt, an FBI agent in Hot Springs notifies the agent in charge of the Little Rock office that Fitzhugh would be “withholding presentation” about the investigation at Mena from the grand jury. The memo is dated days before notorious drug trafficker Barry Seal’s murder, and a month before he was to come to Arkansas to appear before that same grand jury. The agent in Hot Springs further reports that Fitzhugh “advised that he will not utilize Seal as a government prosecution witness in view of his lack of credibility in other mitigating circumstances.” Wrote Leverrit, “For almost three years, a federal grand jury in the Western District of Arkansas considered questions about drug-running, money-laundering, and illegal airplane modification – all of which investigators believed were being conducted at the Mena airport. But Fitzhugh reportedly focused only on the drug-running allegations, the aspect of the case the jurors felt would be the most difficult one to prove about anyone except Seal, and he, by then, was dead. According to statements from one of the jurors, Fitzhugh refused to consider the money laundering or conspiracy charges, for both of which the jurors believed evidence was substantial. ‘We asked him about it,’ the juror said, “and it was like just blown off. We were never given a straight answer.’ Fitzhugh has denied having stymied the grand jury, but he has never explained why, in the three years it met, Welch and Duncan, the central investigators in the case, were never called to testify.”

IN 1995, THE AMERICAN SPECTATOR magazine published an article by L.D. Brown, a former member of Clinton’s Arkansas State Police security detail, in which he described participating in two secret flights from Mena in 1984, during which M-16 rifles were traded to Nicaraguan Contra rebels in exchange for cocaine. Brown also claims that Clinton knew of the activity. Writes Mara Leveritt in the Arkansas Times: “That announcement spurred Fort Smith lawyer Asa Hutchinson, chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party, to request yet another Congressional Inquiry into long-standing allegations of money-laundering at Mena. Hutchinson was the the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Arkansas when investigators first presented evidence supporting those allegations. In an argument disputed by police investigators, Hutchinson claims he left office before the evidence was well established. Since he harbors political ambitions, he has an interest in clearing his name.” (Note: Are you beginning to see that Congressional Inquiries, like the Congressional Ethics Committee, have as much consequence as passing gas in a Category Five Hurricane?)

FROM A CONGRESSIONAL DEPOSITION from IRS investigator William Duncan:

Q. Would you describe the nature of your instructions and the manner in which you carried out those instructions as they relate to activities surrounding the Mena Airport matter?
A. I was assigned to investigate allegations of money laundering in connection with the Barry Seal organization, which was based at the Mena, Arkansas airport.
Q. And can you — how long a duration were you involved in this investigation?
A. I received the first information about Mena and illegal activities at the Mena Airport in April of 1983, in a meeting in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Fort Smith, Arkansas. Asa Hutchinson was the U.S. Attorney then. Also present at that meeting was Drug Enforcement Administration Agent Jim Stepp, S-T-E-P-P.
Q. Did you discover what you believed to be money laundering?
A. Yes, I did.
Q. Who was the object of your investigation, and what institution?
A. Rich Mountain Aviation, Incorporated based at the Mena Airport. Barry Seal was not actually a target. We had targeted the employees and cohorts of his which operated out of the Mena Airport.
Q. What did you do with the evidence of money laundering that you gathered from your investigation?
A. Presented it to the United States Attorney’s Office, Western Judicial District, Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Q. And what were your recommendations to the U.S. Attorney?
A. That those individuals and corporation — the corporation be prosecuted for violations of the money laundering statutes, also there were some perjury recommendations and some conspiracy recommendations.
Q. Did you present to the U. S. Attorney a list of prospective witnesses to be called?
A. Yes, I did.
Q. For a grand jury?
A. Yes.
Q. And do you have the names of those witnesses?
A. There were a variety of witnesses. There were some 20 witnesses. He called three witnesses. The witnesses including — included the law enforcement personnel who had participated in the investigations, Barry Seal, members of his organization, people who were involved in the money laundering, and various financial institution officers who had knowledge.
Q. Mr. Duncan, the money laundering to which you refer, did that arise out of an alleged drug trafficking operation managed from the Mena, Arkansas airport?
A. It did.
Q. And it has been alleged that the Central Intelligence Agency had some role in that operation. Is that the same operation that you investigated?
A. Yes.
Q. And when you submitted the witnesses, the names of the prospective witnesses to the U. S. Attorney in Arkansas, are you referring to Mr. — what was the name of the U. S. Attorney?
A. Asa Hutchinson.
Q. Asa Hutchinson. And what was his reaction to your recommendations?
A. It had been my experience, from my history of working with Mr. Hutchinson, that all I had to do is ask for subpoenas for any witness and he would provide the subpoenas and subpoena them to a grand jury. His reaction in this case was to subpoena only three of the 20 to the grand jury.
Q. Now, of the three witnesses, who were — what was the nature of the evidence that would have been elicited from those witnesses?
A. Direct evidence in the money laundering.
Q. And did those witnesses testify for the grand jury?
A. yes, they did.
Q. Were you present at the time of the grand jury?
A. No, I was not.
Q. You were not?
A. I was in the witness room, but I was not in the grand jury.
Q. I see. What was the result of the testimony given by the three witnesses to the grand jury?
A. As two of the witnesses exited, one was a secretary who had received instructions ~~~ and I think on some occasions had discussed with Barry Seal, the methodology. She was furious when she exited the grand jury, was very upset, indicated to me that she had not been allowed to furnish her evidence to the grand jury. ~~~ She was the secretary for Rich Mountain Aviation, who participated in the money laundering operation upon the instructions of Hampton, Evans.

* * * * *

Asa Hutchinson was close to George Bush and a big player during his campaign for President by giving speeches on his behalf. Few people knew as much about the drug smuggling and money laundering business as Asa. While I met George H.W. Bush when he was Vice President, I never met “W”. When I met “H.W.” he shook my hand and I said, “I didn’t catch your name.” He clasped my hand with both of his hands and broke out in laughter. We talked for a few minutes and that was that.

I lost respect for “W” after we both attended USAF Pilot Training. I flew fighters most of my career and “W” checked out in the F-102 with the Texas Air National Guard. In those days it cost the taxpayers about six million dollars to train a Fighter Pilot. I ended up flying 50 Combat Missions in Vietnam while “W” simply blew off his obligation. After the taxpayers spend the money to train an Air Force Pilot, the Pilot incurs a five year obligation to defend America. If I had quit flying and started politicking, I would have gone straight to jail. My daddy was a mechanic, not the Director of the CIA, so the double standard that existed then and exists today favors only the high and mighty. George W. Bush even refused to take his annual Flight Physical and moved out of state to help somebody during a political campaign. Finally, “W” returned to Texas to take the physical but never returned to the cockpit. He couldn’t take the chance of being sent to Vietnam and becoming a decorated combat pilot like his dad but he found time to become Commander in Chief.


Russell Mokhiber is the editor of the Corporate Crime Reporter, a weekly newsletter based in Washington, D.C. Russell interviewed Ari Fleischer, White House press secretary for President George W. Bush, from January 2001 to July 2003.

RUSSELL MOKHIBER – Ari, you said the other day that the United States is “set in stone against military coups of any kind.” And yet, there is a long history of the United States organizing coups against democratically elected leaders, including, Arbenz in Guatemala, Mossadegh in Iran, Allende in Chile and Lumumba in the Congo. So, when you said we are “set in stone against military coups of any kind,” were you announcing a new policy?

ARI FLEISCHER: Russell, I think the examples you use are interesting. I think when you talked about Iran, you just went back to 1954. President Bush came into office here in 2001. And one of the great prides and success stories of American politics has been that in the last 20 years, there has been a wonderful sea change in Central and South America, brought in large part, as a result of Otto Reich and Elliot Abrams and others — Ronald Reagan, George Bush — who worked very hard to bring democracy to the region. And as a result, there is a difference in the military in those regions.

Reich was a Cuban-American obsessed with overthrowing Fidel Castro’s regime and was also a big political supporter of President Bush’s brother and Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who needed strong support from Cubans in Florida in his re-election bid. Reich, along with fellow Reagan administration cohorts, Elliott Abrams and John Negroponte, were discredited for their covert activities and false assertions when the United States intervened in Central America in the 1980’s and ’90s, but were re-instated in prominent positions in the second Bush administration. They abhor Latin-American governments that are elected by the poor and working class people.

Abrams was convicted of lying to Congress about the Iran-Contra scandal, but was remarkably rehabilitated and recycled back into the second Bush administration as head of the “Office of Democracy and Human Rights.” Negroponte was appointed as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations in spite of being implicated as a friend of Honduran death squad leaders who committed atrocities against the people of Honduras while he was the U.S. Ambassador there. The most recent resurrection of this trio of renegades is the appointment of Otto Reich as Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs . . . On September 30, 1987 a Republican appointed comptroller general of the U.S. found that Reich had done things as director of the OPD that were “prohibited, covert propaganda activities, “beyond the range of acceptable agency public information activities….”

WASHINGTON POST: Sheriff Ari Fleischer was on duty Thursday and upset with Houston Chronicle reporter Bennett Roth. Bush that morning urged parents to talk more to their kids about the dangers of drugs. Roth, at Fleischer’s daily briefing, asked: “Ari, the president talked about parental involvement today. How much has he talked to his own daughters about both drugs and drinking? And given the fact that his own daughter was cited for underage drinking, isn’t that a sign that there’s only so much effect that a parent can have on their children’s behavior?” Fleischer responded brusquely: “No, I think, frankly, there are some issues where I think it’s very important for you all in the press corps to recognize that he is the president of the United States; he’s also a father. And the press corps has been very respectful in the past of treating family matters with privacy, and I’m certain that you’re going to do so again. I hope so.” Fleischer later called Roth to chastise him, telling him his question had been “noted in the building.”

JOEL SKOUSEN’S WORLD AFFAIRS BRIEF: Robert Mueller was responsible for the prosecution of Gen. Manuel Noriega of Panama, who was the CIA’s main money launderer for CIA operations in Panama. Even Congress knew of Noriega’s CIA connections. Senator Kerry said that Noriega “had been on the payroll and an employee of the CIA for many, many, many years” Noriega was taken down by the CIA and prosecuted because he was found to be taking a much larger cut out of CIA drug profits than was agreed upon. During the trial, the presiding judge ruled that Noriega could not enter into evidence any documents proving his relationship to the CIA over the years. Mueller helped cover up this major issue by silencing Noriega . . . Mueller presided over the prosecution of John Gotti, the alleged Mafia head of the Gambino family group. CIA agent Richard Beneke, in response to a question of whether or not the Gotti family had ties to the CIA, testified, “Yes. As far back as 1968 and early 1969, we had begun to launder money from organized crime families in New York. At that time, Mr. Gotti was an up and coming member of one of the families. We used to wash their money out overseas and put it in Switzerland in nice, safe places for them.”We do not know why the government turned on Gotti as a partner in crime. Perhaps he was also found guilty of skimming too much off the top.

Are you beginning to get the picture yet? Who could be trusted to run the Drug Enforcement Agency and not spill the beans? Only one of the most trusted Wise Monkeys, Asa Hutchinson, of course. George W. Bush’s dad was Vice President from 1981 until 1989 and President from 89 until 93. Clearly, “W” couldn’t have any skeletons pop out of the closet or have some rouge DEA Administrator get curious about our pretended War on Drugs!

One of my friends ran the Counter Drug efforts for the Air National Guard. I was in his office in the swamp when our government was tracking a Boeing 727 aircraft from the U.S. to an airport in Mexico. The highly coordinated effort between the U.S. and Mexican authorities were ready to pounce on the jet in Mexico. It was known to be carrying a lot of U.S. unmarked currency. With sirens blaring, the highly trained authorities chased the wrong aircraft and surrounded its surprised crew. Meanwhile, the 727 with the cash unloaded and disappeared into the Mexican night. We pretended to go after the Drug Cartels and they pretended to be scared.

Asa “Urkel” Hutchinson vanquished the drug moister so ineptly that he became the Father of the Transportation Security Agency. Pretending to solve problems so people would FEEL safe required a man like Asa. The United States managed to survive for 226 years, including two world wars, without a Department of Homeland Security. It took a BIG GOVERNMENT Republican to expand the bureaucracy and the swamp.

Here is what the new bureaucracy says it does: “The Department of Homeland Security has a vital mission: to secure the nation from the many threats we face. This requires the dedication of more than 240,000 employees in jobs that range from aviation and border security to emergency response, from cybersecurity analyst to chemical facility inspector. Our duties are wide-ranging, and our goal is clear – keeping America safe.”

When the TSA fondles little girls and grandmothers in wheelchairs, Americans FEEL safe; almost as safe as they feel when NSA spies on law abiding Americans and our best allies like Israel.

Unfortunately none of this big government road show has prevented a single terrorist attack or secured our 92,000 miles of coastline. During security tests, more than 90% of fake guns and bombs made it through TSA security undetected. I rarely fly on airlines because I am not content with feeling safe. I feel safe on private jets and have flown a couple of hundred hours on them. The real shame is that the United States could become secure like Israel but Little Satan is not politically correct. Israel profiles! There, I said it. Israeli leaders know that little girls don’t hijack airliners and they don’t hire pedophiles as airport security. They also have a sophisticated wall on their southern border with radar that can detect a vehicle several miles away and a person within a mile. The Israeli government likes to know who enters their country and what their intentions are. The willy-nilly U.S. homeland security would never satisfy the Israeli Citizens, not for a New York second.

Asa “Urkel” Hutchinson has fought President Trump since before he endorsed Little Marco. He often appears on MSNBC with his like-minded buddies and trashes our President. He fought against repealing and replacing Obamacare and refused to give the President’s Voter Fraud Commission the information they asked for from Arkansas. My guess is that the 60% of Arkansas voters who supported President Trump and several thousand who have wised up since, are not happy with Governor Hutchinson who has depended on 100% of the Democrats and his handful of RINOs to steamroll his liberal, socialist agenda through the Arkansas Legislature.

Many people are telling me they just didn’t know. The Republican Primary is in May. Will you make an effort to know who you’re voting for this time?

When President Trump talks about the Swamp, he’s not kidding! The good guys like Generals Petraeus and Flynn get the shaft while the seedy folks, like the Wise Monkeys, get the plum jobs and all the glory.


The IG System is Fraudulent!

December 14, 2017


Al Franken wanted to go before the fraudulent Senate Ethics Committee for good reason!

Surprise, the government Inspector General System is 1,000 times more fraudulent!

IG’s are not independent & almost NEVER substantiate fraud or criminal activity!

Whistleblowing is suicide!

Every federal employee or member of the Armed Forces knows that if they report fraud waste & abuse the IG will crucify them.

Reprisals against whistleblowers are a career ending certainty.

For 40 years I have begged for criminal investigations into the IG system!

FW&A costs taxpayers a trillion dollars!

Congress passed Whistleblower Protection Laws and later strengthened the laws but nothing has any effect on the absolute certainty of reprisals.

If you watched Rosenstein thumb his nose at Congress you got a tiny taste of the arrogance of the deep state.

Members of Congress who are appeased or comforted by IG Investigations are worse than fools!

Do you trust the FBI, DOJ, VA, EPA, IRS, TSA and State Department to investigate themselves?