Is America Living on Borrowed Time?

Here was the headline six months ago: Why is Donald Trump attacking the US intelligence community?

Here is Gene McVay’s answer: Because the community is as worthless as a VA hospital and has failed to stop a single terrorist attack!

The incompetence of these intelligence bureaucracies is mind boggling! They are not even fiddling while Iran is busy fulfilling their role as the Chief State Sponsor of Terrorism!

Years under leaders like lying Clapper and Brennan have rendered the agencies impotent!

It has been reported that nuclear scientists from North Korea and Russia have been working in Iran for years. I have read nothing about Chinese nuclear scientists in Iran but China is Iran’s number one trading partner.

It’s only 4,000 miles between North Korea and Iran. Several business jets have a range of 7,000 miles. Who knows what kind of weapons are being flown into Iran?

Iran must have nukes by now even if they have to use the $140 billion Obama cash to buy them!

Terrorist organizations have been trying to buy nuclear weapons for 20 years!

More than 100 suitcase nukes went missing when the Soviet Union fell.

When John McCain was chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee he said that his greatest fear was Iran getting nuclear weapons and giving them to terrorists and that was a very real possibility.

Nuclear, biological and chemical weapons can be brought through the same hole in the border fence that drugs and other contraband are smuggled through!

I wrote a blog in 2014 reporting that Iranian books were found discarded along the pathway leading from the Mexican Border,

Terrorists have had decades to move weapons of mass destruction across our borders and coastlines. It WMDs are not already here it’s because terrorists don’t want them!

Can you look up from your butterscotch latte for a second and listen to Gene McVay? A tiny bomb, with a chunk of highly enriched uranium smaller than a bowling ball, could be placed in the middle of any city in the USA and detonated with a blast equivalent to a mile long freight train loaded with dynamite.

Just this week in Nogales, a load of Fentanyl was intercepted that was enough to kill 57 million people. Earlier a stash of Fentanyl was discovered in Nebraska large enough to kill more than 26 million people.

I’m not going to list every threat to National Security we face but maybe you remember that our diplomats in Cuba and China were recalled after being attacked with some kind of sonic weapon that caused brain concussions?

I have not been an Intelligence Analyst since 1965 and have not had a Top Secret clearance for 23 years but my guess is that those sonic weapons possibly used microwaves and were probably tests at the lowest power settings?

President Donald Trump is trying to save America in spite of the deep state intelligence community, 100% of the Democrats and Establishment Republicans, the Fake News media, Hollywood, many of our so called allies and billions of people who want Big and Little Satan to cease to exist.

Can you understand the threats? Which side are you on?


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