Maybe Syria can become the 51st State?

President Barack Obama formally called for President Assad to step down “for the sake of the Syrian people” and issued new sanctions on his regime in August 2011.

President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom joined Obama calling on Assad to resign.

Most of those so-called leaders are gone and cowering under the bed in fear of global warming but Assad is still standing and about 560,000 people have died in that civil war.

About as many people have been killed in Syria as were killed during the American Civil War.

Syrian, Germany, France and the United Kingdom didn’t get involved in our Civil War but somehow the United States gets involved in just about every war except the Peloponnesian War!

We saved Europe and now Europeans hate America and our President!

According to Isaiah 17, Damascus will cease to exist as a city and become a ruinous heap. I have warned Christians to get out of Damascus and I am thrilled that President Trump will get our military out of Syria.

Isn’t it time to worry about America and Americans? Probably more than 20 million uninvited foreigners have invaded America! Many hate America and some are terrorists.

Our deep state government has no idea who is in OUR country, where they are or what diabolical plans they have in store for us


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