Colonel Gene McVay

Gene McVay is a veteran of the US Air Force and Air National Guard who rose through the ranks to command a six billion dollar provisional wing.  He flew 50 combat missions in Vietnam.  He retired as a command pilot and colonel.  In 1998 Gene sought the Republican nomination for governor of Arkansas against Mike Huckabee.  He is author of “Top Gun Management,” and a nationally recognized Blogger and Social Media Commentator with over 115,000 followers on Twitter @GeneMcVay and the maximum friends on Facebook.  He is active in local, state and national organizations.

4 Responses to “Colonel Gene McVay”

  1. brickhouseblues Says:

    Thank you sir for your service. I eagerly look forward to reading your blogs as they are informative and to the point. No whitewashing here!

  2. Dave Coffman Says:

    Col McVay-
    Thank you for your service and for your blog. I also served as a fighter pilot, flying the F-16.

    Appreciate your article on so many subjects in the news today but the one that has my interest is the replacement of the dollar as the reserve currency. You mention to “be prepared”.

    What are the steps you have taken to be prepared? Appreciate your thoughts as well as any references.

    Dave Coffman
    Lt Col, Ret., USAFR

    • genemcvay Says:

      There are natural and man made events that threaten America. I store things I can’t do without including food, water and medical supplies. Although I once traded millions worth of stocks every year, I now own almost no stocks. I am prepared to defend my neighborhood, fortunately, the Chief of Police and a Division Chief of the PD are neighbors. If you need an example of anarchy, review New Orleans after Katrina. For insight into what will happen if our currency is devalued, Google “dollar devaluation” and be prepared.

  3. Priscilla Wenzel Says:

    Thank for the information

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