Are you JUST learning about Apple’s Diversity~We’re Proud To Hire Less White, Heterosexual, Christian White Men? (April 2016)

Are you buying their $1,000 phone?

I’m guessing they’re not hiring Heterosexual, Christian Black Men either?

Would you be surprised if Apple is not hiring Heterosexual, Christians, Period?

Gee, I wonder if all the Apple stuff was created by Homosexual, Athiest Women?

I don’t have an Apple product in my home but it has nothing to do with diversity.

As America was saving the world, nobody demanded to know the religious or sexual preference of the guy in the foxhole passing the ammunition.

When Thomson Edison and Henry Ford were making life changing products, their genitalia or race didn’t stop people from jumping into a Model T Ford or listening to phonograph records.

When George Washington Carver was developing hundreds of products using peanuts, sweet potatoes and soybeans and dramatically improving agriculture, nobody cared about his race, religion or sexual identity!

What’s wrong with you goofballs at Apple? What’s wrong with judging people based on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin? What happened to America the melting pot? Is there something in the water?

The America you crave already exists! It’s called North Korea.

How about leaving my America alone and pick out one of the 194 other countries to push your homosexual, Atheist, racist agenda?

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