Arkansas Boards

This is a public service for the hard working Arkansas Taxpayers.
Since I was once a highly trained Intelligence Analyst and a County Republican Committee Chairman, perhaps I can analyze this little piece of big government for you, namely the Arkansas PROFESSIONAL REGULATORY BOARDS & COMMISSIONS.
You often hear about special interests but that probably does not strike any chords. We’ll look at special interests but consider that people Governor Asa Hutchinson appoints serve on these boards and commissions. They get taxpayer dollars from you and me but their allegiance is to Asa Hutchinson. They voted for him and will continue to vote for him. He made them FEEL important. Their family members will vote for him along with the other special interests he gave General Improvement Funds to.
Now we turn to the special interests. Do you see the promotion boards: Catfish, Corn, Grain Sorghum and Wheat? Those are special interests including the Beef Council. There are no Peach, Blackberry, Cotton, Watermelon or Strawberry Promotion Boards or Sheep, Goat or Swine Councils.
Please don’t get the wrong impression, I’m not an advocate for more big government special interests, I am pointing out where YOUR hard earned tax dollars are going.
As for boards like Athletic Training Board, Collection Agencies Board, Dietetics, Manufactured Homes, Motor Vehicle, Private Career Education, Towing, etc. seriously, who dreamed these up? More than likely they were dreamed up by some Legislator who was in the Collection or Towing business who wanted to make it tough on any competition to get into the business. Notice there are on Chemical Engineer Certification Boards or Crop Duster Certification Boards. Probably no Legislator is in the Crop Dusting business?
These boards cost taxpayers $61,927,675.00 but the cost to businesses in time and money is incalculable. In many cases they are nothing more than an albatross around our necks or an excuse for Asa Hutchinson’s buddies to go on junkets.
Keep in mind that this list does not include all the boards and commissions appointed by Governor Asa Hutchinson, not by a long-shot. The Arkansas History Commission, for example, comes under the Arkansas State Archive, an Agency of the Department of Arkansas Heritage. I know some of you do not love BIG GOVERNMENT as much as Asa Hutchinson and his gang. Big Government is HIS LIFE.
If I asked you to look at this and recommend ways to cut spending by eliminating or combining functions, could you save taxpayers a few dollars?
Abstracters’ Board $53,511
Accountancy Board $1,199,557
Acupuncture & Related Techniques Board $11,000
Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board $481,125
Architects, Landscape Architects and Interior Designers Board $401,892
Athletic Training Board $20,517
Auctioneer’s Licensing Board $214,644
Barber Examiners Board $269,751
Beef Council $1,100,000
Burial Association Board $175,346
Capitol Zoning District Commission $237,021
Catfish Promotion Board $120,000
Cemetery Board $129,261
Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Board $797,706
Chiropractic Examiners Board $187,456
Collection Agencies Board $1,719,142
Contractor’s Licensing Board $1,919,296
Corn & Grain Sorghum Promotion Board $1,200,000
Dental Examiners Board $511,571
Dietetics Licensing Board $37,211
Dispensing Opticians Board $48,031
Embalmers & Funeral Directors Board $241,211
Examiners in Counseling Board $455,118
Examiners in Speech Pathology & Audiology Board $127,919
Examiners of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Counselors Board $31,966
Fire Protection Licensing Board $213,912
Hearing Instrument Dispensers Board $46,121
Home Inspector Registration Board $120,041
Licensure for Professional Engineers and Professional Surveyors $1,148,321
Manufactured Home Commission $463,555
Medical Board $3,796,313
Motor Vehicle Commission $728,591
Nursing Board $3,182,830
Optometry Board $187,700
Pharmacy Board $1,777,668
Physical Therapy Board $261,936
Podiatric Medicine Board $6,240
Private Career Education Board $968,966
Professional Bail Bondsman Licensing Board $4,401,319
Psychology Board $219,718
Real Estate Commission $1,638,839
Registration for Foresters Board $25,018
Registration for Professional Soil Classifiers Board $1,296
Rice Research & Promotion Board $21,980,696
Social Work Licensing Board $204,326
Soybean Board $8,300,000
Towing and Recovery Board $294,850
Veterinary Medical Examining Board $99,168
Wheat Promotion Board $170,000
Stay tuned, I will look at State Agencies in the future.

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