Cotton Candy Leaders in Europe and America Imported Terrorism

When does terrorism cease to be news?

When political correctness trumps national security we harvest the whirlwind of ever increasing terrorism.

The number of terrorist attacks resulting in fatalities in Western Europe increased in 2016 according to data released by the Global Terrorism Database (GTD).  The data shows that there were 30 such attacks resulting in fatalities in western Europe in 2016 and 23 in 2015. This compares with two attacks across the region resulting in fatalities in 2014 and five in 2013.

In addition, terrorist attacks have become more deadly, with 26.5 people on average being killed in 2015 and 2016, up from an average of four a year in the preceding three years.

The deadliest incident recorded in Western Europe was the series of coordinated attacks on Paris in November 2015 that resulted in the deaths of 130 people and was claimed by the Islamic State.

Experts say ISIS, responsible for seven of the 10 deadliest attacks since 2012, was increasingly encouraging the use of knives and vehicles over firearms and explosives by their followers.

The GTD Contains information on over 170,000 terrorist attacks including more than 83,000 bombings, 18,000 assassinations, and 11,000 kidnappings.  Over 4,000,000 news articles and 25,000 news sources were reviewed to collect incident data from 1998 to 2016.

I have not worked as an Intelligence Analyst at the National Security Agency for more than 50 years but I am not so rusty that I cannot spot a trend and make predictions.  Therefore, I predict that countries will not abandon political correctness and focus on the real terrorist threat as attacks become much more sophisticated and deadly. I expect terrorists will quickly equip themselves with nuclear, biological, chemical and electromagnetic pulse weapons.  Terrorists certainly already acquired drones and will soon have more powerful bombs that are easily concealed.

The Secretary of State, pursuant to U.S. Code, has designated Iran, Sudan, and Syria State Sponsors of Terrorism.  Iran has been infused with at least $140 billion in unmarked bills.  Syrian military aged men have flooded Europe.  Iranian books were found discarded along the pathway leading from the hole in the Mexican border fence in 2014.  Because I am a highly trained analyst, I conclude that the books were not discarded by Mexican farm workers seeking jobs picking cabbage.  North Korea is not exactly a top vacation destination and North Korean luxury cars are not flooding the international market.  I have to ask myself, where are they getting the hard currency to ramp up their nuclear and ICBM programs?  Is it possible Iran does not already have nuclear weapons?  With $140 billion, Iran can buy nukes from Russia or North Korea.  How would our massive intelligence community know since they are busy spying on law abiding U.S. Citizens and our allies while unmasking officials of the Trump Administration?

These terrorists have no love for western democracies but, make no mistake, their deepest hatred is reserved for Big Satan and Little Satan.  The low hanging fruit right now is Europe.  The London train bombing is just a reminder that they are there and in your face; nothing to see here, move along.

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