Gene McVay on Wikipedia

Several years ago Gene McVay was listed on Wikipedia in many locations.

Because Gene is a conservative and a prolific writer, his Wikipedia information was edited several times a day and vandalized regularly.  Like most Wikipedia pages, anybody can edit and vandalize but Wikipedia has super editors who really hold the power.

Wikipedia is so full of lies, inaccuracies and half truths that no reputable university will permit its use as a reference.  Supposedly Wikipedia was founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger but after a few years Larry Sanger was deleted from Wikipedia.  Singer claimed Wales was attempting to rewrite history.

If you don’t like what you read in Wikipedia, reload the page and the article will probably be much different.

Some people don’t mind being smeared on Wikipedia but Gene McVay would accept no part of it.  It came to a head when Gene demanded that all information about him be removed.  Nothing was done other than an increase in the vandalism until Gene’s Legal Team got active.  After about three weeks Gene McVay vanished from Mother Goose Fairy Land.

If you think Google, Twitter and Facebook are at war against Conservatives, you ain’t seen nothing until you see how Wikipedia can distort facts in favor of liberalism.

The idea of an online encyclopedia is great until every Tom, Dick and Harry gets a whack at it.  I actually trust Tom, Dick and Harry more than Wikipedia leadership and super editors.

As much as some people appreciate the existence of a free, online encyclopedia, errors – and even outright falsehoods – often creep in or pour in reminding us that good old Wiki is often worth taking with a block of salt.

These scandalous editing examples show just how wary you should be:

~Multiple newspapers had egg on their faces when they relied on Wikipedia for facts to include in the obituary of Oscar-winning French composer Maurice Jarre.

Shortly after Jarre’s death in 2009, an Irish university student, Shane Fitzgerald, edited his Wiki page to include a heart-warming – but totally made-up – quote falsely attributed to the late composer: “When I die there will be a final waltz playing in my head.”

The student didn’t think that the inaccuracy would go far before being outed as unsubstantiated, but multiple prestigious newspapers across the world, including the UK’s Guardian, included the quote in their publications, prompting more than a few embarrassing retractions.

~Wikipedia relies on the expertise and integrity of its editors. So, when it turned out that an editor known as Essjay was not a university professor but was, in fact, a 24-year-old community college dropout with nothing more than a high school diploma, things got awkward – particularly as he had also become a Wikia employee.

Wikipedia users combed his history on the website and found that the man, real name Ryan Jordan, had been using his fake “expertise” to back up his arguments.

He was, eventually, deprived of his editing privileges, but not before the media and academics noted the serious damage to Wikipedia’s credibility.

~Jimmy Wales, boss of Wikipedia, allegedly got a little too “hands-on” with a girlfriend’s Wiki page.

Rachel Marsden is a sometimes controversial radio commentator and when she asked for her page to be deleted back in 2006, Wales took charge of the assignment himself. He then got up close and personal with Marsden herself.

According to Wales, he did not edit the page while they were involved, but IM conversations released by Marsden cast doubt on this.

What’s more, according to Marsden, she only learned of their breakup after reading about it on Wikipedia. Ouch! In retaliation, she sold Wales’s T-shirt and sweater on eBay.  I guess Gene McVay was in good company?

~In 2011 it came out that a well-known British PR firm used Wikipedia editing to give its clients an edge. The company, Bell Pottinger, routinely deleted negative information and added positive facts to clients’ pages, and a full ten editing accounts used by the firm were suspended after the news broke, including that of “Biggleswiki”.

All this despite the fact that Wikipedia editors are supposed to stay away from pages where they may have a conflict of interest. This wasn’t just harmless positive spin, either; in some cases criminal convictions were edited out of the pages.  Beware of Fake News and Fake Wikipedia!

~According to his own account in 2008, Jeffrey Vernon Merkey, a former Novell scientist, contributed $5,000 to Wikipedia. In exchange, he says, Jimmy Wales agreed to edit Merkey’s Wiki page to remove some text that Merkey found libelous.

While Wales has denied these allegations, at the time the page did show a record of Wales personally editing and locking the page. The page has now mysteriously vanished from Wikipedia. Draw your own conclusions.

~After already suffering the indignity of having his Orwell prize withdrawn due to plagiarism, British journalist Johann Hari had his secret life as a Wikipedia editor exposed.

Acting under the pseudonym David Rose, Hari attacked other journalists who criticized him and his work as well as editing his own page in order to magnify his importance.

Despite the IP address being traced to the Independent Newspaper offices where Hari worked in January 2005, it was only in September 2011 that David Rose was unmasked as Johann Hari himself. He apologized and promised to take some (much needed) journalism ethics classes. ………………….

I could go on and on about garbage in Wikipedia but I just searched “Gene McVay” and found they didn’t delete everything.  Today I learned I was an Army Colonel.  That would make me the only Army Colonel who flew U.S. Air Force supersonic Jet Fighters.




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