The LA Times Loves the Arkansas GOP

The Los Angeles Times Loves Arkansas Politicians, Especially So-Called Republicans! This is from the far left rag:
[In Arkansas, for example, a state with historically high rates of uninsured, GOP leaders in the state Legislature backed a push by the Democratic governor to expand Medicaid coverage.
But they did it using commercial health plans in a nod to market-based principles traditionally championed by Republicans.
“It was obvious to nearly all of us that it was important to expand coverage,” said former state Senate President Michael Lamoureux, a Republican who worked with then-Gov. Mike Beebe, a Democrat, to craft the state’s Medicaid expansion. “But it couldn’t be done by simply expanding the government program.”]
Sure enough, Michael Lamoureux arm twisted and cajoled the Arkansas Senate until they finally passed Obamacare even after Senator Hendren said it would gobble up the entire state budget.
It barely squeaked by after several votes and lots of promises from House and Senate handlers. Guess who forked over the dough to fulfill those promises?
Senator Hendren was not disappointing when Arkansas Voters put Asa Hutchinson in office since Asa is more in favor of Socialized Medicine than Democrats. In fact, the Legislators who were voted out of office because of their support for Obamacare were hired by Asa Hutchison. They were not the only ones to get cushy state jobs, Senator Lamoureux got the big plum. He was named Chief of Staff by Governor Hutchinson.
Senator Hendren suddenly reversed his position on Obamacare the instant his uncle was elected Governor. We were like minded before and I even testified for on of Senator Hendren’s Bills at his request. Afterward, Senator Hendren stopped following me on Social Media. Blood is thicker than the bond politicians have with their constituents. More about Senator Hendren in a later post.
I wonder when politicians will figure out that being insured does not mean people can actually afford healthcare? If it were not for community clinics in Arkansas, a lot of insured patients could not afford the $6,000 deductibles and $200 copays per person.
Insurance companies in Marble Buildings and hospital administrators in Marble Offices are happy and that is all that matters to politicians!

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