Where are Blacks Most Successful?

October 14, 2017

Some of my most beloved friends are African-Americans. I never knew of a racist in my family as a fifth generation Arkansan. My great-great-grandfather lived in Oxford, Arkansas before the University of Arkansas existed. He was a prisoner of war in Andersonville almost all of the 14 months it was open. Thousands of other Arkansans fought to free the slaves as well.

I do not believe there is any other country where blacks are respected as much as in the United States.

How many blacks have served as King or Queen of England?
Prime Minister?

How many black Prime Ministers have you seen in Europe? Japan? China? Russia? Turkey? Iran? Iraq?

Is there any country where blacks have more opportunities and respect than the United States of America?

What do you think about wealthy black millionaires disrespecting America?

Early African-American intellectuals and cultural elites saw that the future of their race could not be advanced by endless protests or marches of “equality” or “justice.” It could only be done through the restoration of the trampled dignity of the black man.

Great men like Marcus Garvey, W. E. B. Du Bois, and Malcolm X all knew that a people is only respected when it has a nation worthy of respect. A man who lives in a shack cannot expect to be treated with respect at a palace. They knew that for us to reclaim power we must first reclaim dignity and that this comes through the construction of a solid black state with a demonstrable level of development and prosperity — and which can stand as a powerful advocate for the global black.

Today, no such state exists.

The United States is a melting pot where the color of a person’s skin should not matter at all.

The greatest Republican Civil Rights leader, Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. declared, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

The Democrats, who fought integration and filibustered the Civil Rights Bill, depend on a dividend country to raise funds and get elected.

You know the high profile people who got wealthy by stirring up racial strife. They flock to places like Ferguson and pour gasoline on volatile situations. Barack Obama and Eric Holder were at the forefront.

When MLK was protesting, Democrat Senators J. William Fulbright and Robert Byrd were filibustering the Civil Rights Bill.

Maybe when these two racists are no longer worshiped as gods by Democrats, MLK’s dream will come true?

Do you belive Democrats and their policies are helping or hurting African-Americans?

Black male teen unemployment is about 94% in Democrat ruled Chicago. The murder capital’s solution was to increase the minimum wage.


There are great African-American role models who salute our flag. Can we give them the attention they deserve? How about more Allen West, Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Alveda King, Clarence Thomas, Katrina Pierson, Darrell Scott, James “Bo Snerdley” Golden, Wayne Dupree, Alan Keyes, Thomas Sowell and less NFL ingrates?


Understanding Media Bias

October 12, 2017

As a highly trained former Intelligence Analyst at the National Security Agency, I understand the subtleties of media bias that go unnoticed by most people. Let’s say Russia challenged the United States to a one mile foot race. The fastest person from each country ran the race and the American crossed the finish line first.

The media reported that the Russian finished second while the American finished next to last. All the truth detectors like Snopes, would gleefully report that the news was truthful. The facts cannot be disputed but the report was highly misleading. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, this was the type of propaganda routinely seen in Pravda, the Soviet News agency.

Media bias is the bias or perceived bias of journalists and news producers within the mass media in the selection of events and stories that are reported and how they are covered. The term “media bias” implies a pervasive or widespread bias contravening the standards of journalism, rather than the perspective of an individual journalist or article. The direction and degree of media bias is widely disputed.

Practical limitations to media neutrality include the inability of journalists to report all available stories and facts, and the requirement that selected facts be linked into a coherent narrative. Market forces that result in a biased presentation include the ownership of the news source, concentration of media ownership, the selection of staff, the preferences of an intended audience, and pressure from advertisers.

There are a number of national and international watchdog groups that report on bias in the media but most are more biased than the media they watch.

Clearly, some media in the United States systematically emphasize one particular point of view in a way that contravenes the standards of professional journalism. Claims of media bias in the United States include claims of liberal bias, conservative bias, mainstream bias, and corporate bias.

CNN is especially highlighted by President Trump for what he calls, “Fake News.” CNN was created by Ted Turner in 1980. Turner was expelled from Brown University for having a girl in his Dorm Room. In 1989 he was awarded an Honorary B.A. Degree from the University that had kicked him out. That was two years before he married his third wife, Jane Fonda. Oh, the lives of the rich and famous liberals!

Ted Turner’s media empire began with his father’s billboard business, Turner Outdoor Advertising, which he took over in 1963 after his father’s suicide. It was worth $1 million. His purchase of an Atlanta UHF station in 1970 began the Turner Broadcasting System. CNN revolutionized news media, covering the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster in 1986 and the Persian Gulf War in 1991. Turner turned the Atlanta Braves baseball team into a nationally popular franchise and launched the charitable Goodwill Games. He helped revive interest in professional wrestling by buying World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Turner’s penchant for controversial statements earned him the nicknames “The Mouth of the South” and “Captain Outrageous”. Turner also devoted his assets to environmental causes. He was the largest private landowner in the United States until John C. Malone surpassed him in 2011. He uses much of his land for ranches to re-popularize bison meat (for his Ted’s Montana Grill chain), amassing the largest herd in the world. He also created the environmental-themed animated series Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

To understand CNN, I thought you should understand the father of CNN. In my opinion, traditional journalism was on life support for a long time before it expired last year. I looked at a lot of charts that placed media based on their bias. This chart by Sharyl Attkisson is depicted because I believe it’s the best. I am a deplorable member of the vast right wing conspiracy who loves America and flew combat missions to defend America. I think Ted Turner did build his media empire, not the government even though they may have built the roads that lead to his property.

When the top story at CNN turns out to be the First Lady boarding Air Force One wearing high heels on her way to visit Hurricane ravaged Texas, some people might scratch their heads. Since the First Lady participates in numerous activities during every single day, I knew that she changes attire multiple times. I had no expectation that she would wear heels in Texas and she didn’t.

Just how negative is the coverage of President Donald Trump? Let’s look at a Harvard Study.

The Harvard scholars analyzed the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and the main newscasts (not talk shows) of CBS, CNN, Fox and NBC during Trump’s initial time in office. They found, to no one’s surprise, that Trump absolutely dominated news coverage in the first 100 days. And then they found that news coverage was solidly negative — 80 percent negative among those outlets studied, versus 20 percent positive. The numbers for previous presidents: Barack Obama, 41 percent negative, 59 percent positive; George W. Bush, 57 percent negative, 43 percent positive; and Bill Clinton, 60 percent negative, 40 percent positive.

The talk shows, like Morning Joe and Rachel Maddow, might really skew the numbers but they were ignored. MSNBC didn’t even make the study but I’m sure they never said one positive thing about our President. The coverage of some news organizations was so negative, according to the Harvard study, that it seems hard to argue that the coverage was anywhere near a neutral presentation of facts. Assessing the tone of news coverage, the Harvard researchers found that CNN’s Trump coverage was 93 percent negative, and seven percent positive. The researchers found the same numbers for NBC.

Others were slightly less negative. The Harvard team found that CBS coverage was 91 percent negative and 9 percent positive. New York Times coverage was 87 percent negative and 13 percent positive. Washington Post coverage was 83 percent negative and 17 percent positive. Wall Street Journal coverage was 70 percent negative and 30 percent positive. And Fox News coverage also leaned to the negative, but only slightly: 52 percent negative to 48 percent positive.

Ninety-three percent negative — that’s a lot by anybody’s standards. “CNN and NBC’s coverage was the most unrelenting — negative stories about Trump outpaced positive ones by 13-to-1 on the two networks,” the study noted. “Trump’s coverage during his first 100 days set a new standard for negativity.”

Factor in the fact that these media outlets ignore a lot of negative information about Hillary Clinton and other Democrats. I would also like to note that Fox News never fails to report biased Democrat talking points and showed video clips of Hillary Clinton making arguments against President Trump over and over again. You would never see the other networks giving the same coverage to President Trump, Trey Gowdy, Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh. The totality of the united effort in opposition to our President is staggering. President Trump poured gasoline on the media and made them madder by the minute until their coverage was seething with vitriolic hatred.

Fox was a top 10 donor to the Clinton’s and had to support their agenda while pretending to be fair and balanced. Did Fox fool you? I’m down to Sean Hannity and very few others. Fox hung the late Alan Colmes around Sean’s neck in the beginning and forces the likes of Geraldo, Juan and Perino on him from time to time. I change channels when they come on along with Never Trumpers like Chris Wallace and Shep Smith. I can’t get OAN yet but I’m working on dumping Cox Communications at the first opportunity. I started resolutepost.com to counter the corrupt media and the increasingly troublesome social media. I carried the Marsha Blackburn campaign ad that was blocked by Twitter and anticipate doing the same thing in the future as Twitter, Facebook and Google place their boots on the necks of citizens exercising their Freedom of Speech Rights.

Special interest groups and corporations pay big bucks to journalists and politicians to speak knowing full well they are buying good will and special treatment. All that money that went to Hillary could have bought all the tea in China.

The media, after putting lipstick on politicians for months, end up giving them the big prize: their Endorsement. How surprising that the New York Times and Washington Post, after long and painstaking research, would endorse the likes of Hillary Clinton.

The corrupt media is not above using scare tactics to get their way. CNN predicted the Stock Market would crash if Trump was elected. Unless you live under a rock or you’re a Harvard Professor, you know the opposite is what actually happened beginning on the day President Trump was elected. The media gave him less than a 10% chance and joked about it. “Do you ever actually laugh when you watch Donald Trump?,” Jimmy Kimmel asked Obama, who responded that he does, most of the time.

Obama joked about a tweet from Trump: “President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States!”

“At least I’ll go down as a president,” Obama quipped and the Kimmel audience roared with laughter. Obama also said and CNN reported that, “The Republican nominee is unfit to serve as president.” On the campaign trail, “Obama has taken a considerably more foreboding tone toward Trump, joining other Democratic all-stars like Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, and others calling Trump unfit for the White House.”

They threw the book and the kitchen sink at Donald Trump and he’s still standing and America is growing stronger and more prosperous by the minute. All those who laughed at the suggestion Donald Trump could get elected, like George Stephanopoulos and a legion of know-it-all’s, have learned that the joke was on them.

Why not Wiretap Paddock instead of Trump?

October 8, 2017

What if the Obama Administration and the Deep State Intelligence Community had wiretapped Stephen Paddock instead of Donald Trump?

Instead of going after a political enemy and other law abiding citizens, what’s so hard about stopping Boston bombers, 911 attackers and mass shooters?

Maybe the US should shutter our behemoth intelligence cartel and contract MI6, Israeli Mossad and the General Intelligence Directorate of Saudi Arabia?

After lying to Congress the Hero of MSNBC, James Clapper, admitted that our 17 intelligence agencies had stopped ZERO terrorist attacks!

I think one single Mossad Agent could do better! If Trump was President for 100 years he could not fix the broken Intelligence Cartel, the VA scam or the government union debacle.

If NSA had immersed itself in protecting U.S. Citizens instead of spying on U.S. Citizens, things would have been much different. If NSA had aggressively ferreted out our enemies, 911 would not have happened. If the bureaucrats had not been asleep at the switch, the Khobar Towers Bombing would have been foiled, the USS Cole would not have been attacked, the Boston Bombing would have been stopped and North Korea would not be a Nuclear Power today. If NSA had not been obsessed with tapping your phone along with the phones of every member of Congress, every Federal Judge, every CEO, every Governor and every News Reporter, thousands of Americans would be alive today. Osama bin Laden would have been found and the whole Afghanistan War could have been avoided. Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Ambassador Chris Stevens would not have been hung out to die and be drug through the streets of Benghazi.

No, NSA is a dismal failure from every perspective. If NSA Analysts had read my blogs they would have known that Iranian books were been found discarded along the well worn pathway leading from the hole in the fence in 2014. They know that there are at least 20,000 illegal aliens in the U.S. from Terrorist Countries like Yemen, Somalia, Iran, Cuba, Sudan, Libya, Syria and North Korea.

Did you know the brilliant Obama Administration removed North Korea and Libya from their list of State Sponsors of Terrorism and Somalia and Yemen are not on their list. Are you beginning to detect a problem? Anyway, NSA has no idea where these terrorist are. NSA is also in the dark about the whereabouts of the 20,000 shoulder launched surface to air missiles missing from Libya or the Suitcase Nukes missing from the old USSR. Houston, we have a problem!

If NSA can spy on anybody anytime, anyplace, anywhere, meaning they can spy on all branches of United States Government, state and national, they can also spy on corporate executives and learn about mergers and acquisitions long before anybody else. They can know where shopping centers are planned or when dividends will be announced and how much. With that information, the 17 intelligence agencies become the fourth branch of government more powerful than the other three branches combined. Is that the America you want? Is that what our Founding Fathers wanted?

When Ambassador Bolton and many others including Fox News talking heads declared that illegal spying on them made them feel safe, what were they thinking? Our intelligence community can undermine our entire Judicial System. By Judge shopping, rouge Intelligence Agents can get permission to wiretap anybody including the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or the Senate Majority Leader. Does this not scare the daylights out of you?

I wrote some of the above before we learned the Obama Administration actually wiretapped Donald Trump himself during the campaign and after he became President Elect!

Can anybody tell me that clever Intelligence Agents are not getting rich with all this information? If they’re clever enough, they will get rich by leaking to relatives or friends. Once given such power, do you believe the 17 Intelligence Agencies will EVER kill the goose that lays the golden eggs?

If you know everything about everybody, you can blackmail everybody! If you believe the Holy Bible, as I do, you know that all have sinned and fallen short. All means every member of Congress, every Judge, every member of the President’s Cabinet and even Presidents. Or should I say, especially Presidents?

Oh, and about those 20 million illegal aliens, not strictly legal immigrants, undocumented U.S. Citizens or whatever you call them, what are they up to?

There are thousands of Hispanics in the United States legally on Work Visas or Student Visas or some other legal documents, God bless them. I am a 100% supporter of legal immigration and legal participants in the American Dream. NSA has no idea where the Illegal’s are or what they are up to: human trafficking, illegal drug distribution, criminal activity or what? Maybe that’s not their job but neither is spying on law abiding citizens! We all know that at least half of the illegal’s are receiving some form of welfare.

NSA when I worked there

I am not aware of any of these activities taking place when I was an Intelligence Analyst at NSA during the 1960’s. Before that I was an Analyst on the northern tip of Japan where I could see Russia from my dormitory window. Wakkanai was probably the closest U.S. facility to Russia so we were on high alert following the assassination of President Kennedy. I was sent outside the instillation to guard a transformer in four feet of snow. I am proud of my service and thankful that I was not ordered to do anything illegal because I would have declined. The government can take my money and my life but they can never take my integrity.

So what can I say to Ambassador John Bolton to convince him that trampling on the U.S. Constitution will NEVER make Americans safer? On the contrary, while the world is more dangerous than ever, Americans are more vulnerable than ever. Giving up freedom for security is a losing formula, always has been and always will be.

Is anybody willing to support our President and protect American Citizens?

Why can’t the government do anything? Why does it take the VA a decade to decide Veterans’ claims and appeals?

Would it help Vets if they were undocumented dreamers?

Will America even be a challenge for the Islamic State, North Korea, Iran, Russia and the Deep State?

It looks like armed citizens and our Armed Forces will be our last hope just like at Lexington and Concord? Not even the Little Red Hen is willing to support our President these days!


October 6, 2017

While our brilliant Legislators are knee jerking and dreaming up NEW LAWS, here are some ideas:

Make it illegal to murder people.
Make it illegal to enter the United States without being a citizen or having permission.

Make it illegal to shoot people.
Make it illegal to prohibit the free practice of Religion.
Make it illegal to prohibit free speech, even speech snowflakes don’t like.
Make it illegal to prohibit the RIGHT to keep and bear arms.
Make it illegal to rape, rob and terrorize citizens.
Make it illegal to search people in their persons, houses, papers, and effects or seize their property without warrants issued upon probable cause and supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Make it illegal for TSA Agents to fondle little girls and disabled grandmothers in wheelchairs.
Make it illegal for judges to make up laws as they go along.
Make it illegal for cities and states to harbor criminals be they citizens or illegal aliens.
Make it illegal for the Supreme Court to render any decision that is not unanimous. Either it is Constitutional or it’s not!
Make it illegal for the Federal Government to assume any duty, responsibility, power or authority not enumerated in the Constitution that rightfully belongs to the States.
Make it illegal to sell illegal drugs or to belong to a Drug Cartel.

Make it illegal to belong to a gang, mob or organization that is involved in criminal activity or advocates the overthrow of a President or the United States.
Make it illegal for a state, county or city to earn revenue by using speed traps, fees to use government property, parks, hunting land or beaches that rightfully belong to the people.
Make it illegal for Federal Judges to overturn Presidential orders including Executive Orders during times of peace or during times of war. Checks and Balances on Presidential Power reside in the House and Senate, not the Judicial Branch.

Make it illegal, as stated above, to wiretap, read emails, read text messages, listen to phone calls, spy on Citizens be they political opponents or otherwise.
Make it illegal to lie to the American People punishable by expulsion from government office, fines and imprisonment including civil service, appointed and elected personnel.

Make it illegal for any government employee to belong to any union or collective bargaining organization just like our Military is prohibited.
Make it illegal for any person to posses any document or device that contains classified information outside of proper secured places.

Make it illegal for any member of the military to be prosecuted or imprisoned for protecting their personnel during armed conflict.
Make it illegal for any political office holder to profit from inside information that is not available to all taxpayers.

Make it illegal for any member of the Intelligence Community to profit from illegally or legally obtained information about mergers or business ventures not known by all taxpayers.
Make it illegal for Congress to pass any laws that violate the Constitution punishable by immediate dismissal of those voting for the unconstitutional laws and forfeiture of all pay, allowances and pensions previously earned.

Make it illegal for political office holders to profit from their positions of trust beyond their own earnings and investments.
Make it illegal for any employee, company, business, organization or cause with paid employees to lobby any elected official, government official or person with authority to act on behalf of the government.
Make it illegal for any government official to vote for legislation that benefits any entity that contributed to the official.
Make it illegal for any former government official to ever work for any company, organization or entity that the official favored with legislation or benefits.

Make it illegal for U.S. Senators and Representatives to violate campaign promises made to the American People. Immediate loss of elected office would be the penalty.

Make it illegal for any member of Congress or their staffs to enjoy any privilege, free parking space, travel, healthcare, security, membership, junket, free vacation, armed bodyguards or other benefit not available to taxpayers for the same price.
Make it illegal to close any military monument to the public for any reason except public safety.

Make it illegal for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to injure Veterans or fail to rule on claims and appeals within 90 days.
Make it legal to fire any government employ on the spot for any fraud, waste or abuse subject to appeal after 90 days.

My Congressman is bought and paid for, how about yours?

A Little History of the Republican Majority in Arkansas

October 5, 2017

When is was apparent the Republicans were going to become the majority in the Arkansas House of Representatives, Terry Rice, a solid conservative supported by the overwhelming majority of the Republicans, was the presumed Speaker Elect.

Somehow, Representative Davy Carter cut a deal with the Democrats to harvest 100% of their support. Apparently, Democrat Governor Mike Beebe was in on the scheme and fully supported it. With the support of the Democrats Carter, supposedly a Republican, only needed two or three Republican votes to be elected Speaker.

So there you have it, a donkey in elephant’s clothing was able to hijack the Arkansas House and circumvent the will of the people.

Under Speaker Carter, the Arkansas School Superintendents, Vice Superintendents, Principals, Deputy Principals, Teachers, Assistant Teachers, Teachers Aides, School Bus Mechanics, Maintenance Supervisors and so on, learned their health insurance premiums were going up. That was such a catastrophe that a special session was called to see what could be done to help the Public School employees. At the same time, the health insurance premiums for everybody else were going up like a Saturn 3 Rocket. Insurance was going up for those who still had insurance while many others were notified their insurance had been cancelled. Nevertheless, the government employees had to be helped. Speaker Carter and Governor Beebe worked together with such harmony you would have thought they were the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

They plucked out about $42 million dollars of taxpayer money and solved the problem. In effect, the private school teachers and administrators along with the other hard working Arkansans, who themselves had to deal with skyrocketing health insurance increases, pitched in to help government employees. Some Arkansas Government School Superintendents were paid about $300,000 a year even back then. Maybe you know why there is something special about government teachers versus private school teachers?

Governor Beebe was eager to put Arkansas in the forefront of implementing Obamacare from the beginning. With much aplomb, the Governor sped off to Washington and agreed to show the way. After some wrangling in the Legislature the Obamacare Private Option was crafted. I know, if it had been named the Affordable Obamacare Arkansas Private Option it might have made the Bill more palatable. After that session the Legislators returned home and faced hostile citizens.

The sleepy taxpayers woke up after learning about the largest expansion of Arkansas government in history. Just who qualifies for this largess courtesy of the taxpayers? Turns out a family of 5 earning $38,047.00 or less gets a ticket to ride that train. With over 150 years of Liberal Democratic rule, Arkansas was in the bottom of the barrel when it came to income. The Median Household income in Arkansas was $39,267.00. So was a household in Arkansas really in dire straits with an income of $38,047.00?

There are at least a dozen rural Arkansas Counties that have median Household incomes below $30,000.00. The median Household income in Connecticut is $70,647.00. Are you digesting this? How many workers in Arkansas earn right around the 138% of Federal Poverty Level or less that qualifies for assistance?

Clearly most Arkansas Voters do not want Obamacare. Speaker Carter was campaigning with Governor Beebe for Democrats and decided not to seek reelection to the House himself, much less reelection as Speaker.

When trying to push through the Arkansas Obamacare, Speaker Carter called for four votes on the same bill and it failed four times. The Legislators who voted for the Unaffordable Private Option thought the voters would forget but it didn’t happen. We want our Representatives to represent us, not the Governor, the Speaker or the Hospital Lobby! How much of our tax money was spent to buy votes for the unaffordable pig in a poke?

And then along came Asa, a DC Lobbyist who was trounced by Beebe a few years before. Governor Asa Hutchinson picked up the Obamacare torch and surrounded himself with Obamacare supporters, many of whom had been defeated because they were Obamacare supporters. The Obamacare Arm Twister in Chief, Senator Michael lamoureux, resigned as President Pro Tempore of the Senate to become Chief of Staff for Governor Barack, I mean Asa Hutchinson.

The Tweets I include will show that Asa’s nephew opposed Obamacare before his uncle rode into town. In fact, Senator Hendren asked me to testify for one of his Bills and I obliged. After the ascension of uncle Asa, Senator Hendren stopped following me on Twitter as did the Chairman of the Arkansas Republican Committee. I’m sorta like the man without a country but I’m a big boy and I sorta like being on the outs with these liberal Repubs, some of whom are under FBI indictment or investigation.

While President Trump’s top priority was to repeal Obamacare, Governor Hutchinson’s top priority was to push the Arkansas version of Obamacare down the throats of Arkansans.

As predicted by Governor Hutchinson’s nephew, Senator Jim Hendren, the Governor’s Obamacare, General Improvement Funds and other reckless spending gobbled up the Arkansas Budget. Arkansas government per capita spending exceeds California, New York and Illinois along with all of the surrounding states of Arkansas.

Arkansas has Obamacare but Arkansas potholes still have potholes, our hard working folks still pay every tax known to mankind and the so-called Arkansas jobs magnet is just attracting freeloader from coast to coast.

Governor Hutchinson is a frequent guest on MSNBC opposing President Trump. The Governor was a supporter of Little Marco along with most of the state GOP leadership.

While the Never Trumpers run the GOP, the Arkansas Voters handed President Trump a 60% landslide over the former Arkansas First Lady.

Those Legislators who did not vote for taxing and spending are under siege.

Are you with the Legislators who are fighting for you or for the liberal Republicans pushing the Democratic agenda?

Can you Handle the Truth About the Future of Terrorism?

October 4, 2017

The Politicians who failed to protect Americans for a hundred years will squabble over gun control again. I am sure the terrorists and states that support terrorism will watch and giggle. After all, it was the American leaders who gifted Iran with pallets loaded with unmarked cash. These same Politicians, who failed us over and over again, will now seek to disarm law abiding citizens thinking we are stupid enough to think terrorists and criminals will obey new gun grabbing laws. Just because some Americans were stupid enough to get a tingle up their legs over Obamacare, may not mean they will stay that stupid, or does it?

I am writing this epistle to Americans who can think and are not given to bouts of hysteria. Thus far the multi-trillion dollar intelligence community has failed to stop one solitary terrorist attack and I don’t expect the Deep State to suddenly start earning their pay checks. If I was President of the United States I would lean on Mossad, Australian Secret Intelligence Service, Research and Analysis Wing of India, Federal Security Bureau of Russian Federation, MI6 and others to help stop terrorists in the United States. I was an Intelligence Analyst at the National Security Agency half a century ago and do not believe President Trump will live long enough to reform our Intelligence Community if he lives to be 150 years old. They are too corrupt and too far gone.

The Las Vegas mass shooter sent money to the Philippines.  The Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte called the “War on Terror” the “new battle government should prepare for.”  We will see if there is a connection if there is not a Deep State cover up.

I will share information today to prepare you for the next generation of terrorism that our government won’t think about until after the fact. During my long career in Intelligence, flying jet fighters, working with the State Department and commanding a six billion dollar Provisional Wing, National Security was my job. I was able to close the barn door before the horses escaped. I acted instead of reacted. Sometimes my government appreciated me but usually not so much. I had a few good bosses but mostly I had bosses who couldn’t pour Kool-Aid out of a boot. The good news is that a person can learn from both kinds of leaders.

Okay, here’s the meat. The Islamic State and associated terrorist groups have a wide variety of potential agents and delivery means to choose from for chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) attacks. All these bad guys have an end goal to cause mass casualties. The Presidential Advisors, including those with stars on their shoulders and medals dragging the ground, do not expect these Junior Varsity players to cross the CBRN threshold. They still think these folks will continue attacks incorporating relatively crude delivery systems using easily produced or obtained chemicals, toxins, or radiological substances. They think the Islamic State, al-Qaeda and the Taliban lack the technical expertise necessary to cause much concern. At least Nero fiddled when Rome burned. The FBI, NSA and CIA are too lazy to even fiddle! Yep, they’re grasping for a motive for the Las Vegas mass shooting. Their tired old Workplace Violence hasn’t been floated yet but it’s still early.

Before I continue, you are probably shocked that I mention al-Qaeda. Everybody is focused on the Islamic State and radical Right Wing extremists! Well, Hamza bin Laden is being hunted by the British Special Forces intelligence officers listed him as one of their most wanted targets. He now heads the infamous terror group al-Qaeda, following in his father Osama bin Laden’s footsteps. Christians will remember Saul’s refusal to totally annihilate the Amalekites cost him his kingdom. Saul was the first King of Israel 3,000 years ago. I believe that all of the problems in the Middle-East today result from the disobedience of ancient times.

Where do our leaders think Kim Jong-un got Nukes and ICBMs? North Korean Nuclear Scientists have been working side by side with Iranian Nuclear Scientists for years. What has changed is the hard cash that is running out of their ears now. The State Sponsors of Terrorism are officially Iran, Syria and Sudan according to the U.S. Department of State. In my opinion, this is the Politically Correct list. Remember, Hillary won DC with 93% of the vote. Almost everybody working in the State Department, NSA, CIA, IRS, FBI and the rest are Democrats and never Trumpers. Nine out of ten people who walk in off the streets and apply for jobs are Democrats. The people who get your orders wrong in fast food restaurants in DC are Democrats. The Taxi Drivers from Iran are Democrats. You could search DC all day long and never see a Republican or Independent.


Several groups of have attempted to carry out “poison plot” attacks in Europe with easily produced chemicals and toxins best suited to assassination and small-scale scenarios. These agents could cause hundreds of casualties and widespread panic if used in multiple simultaneous attacks.

Terrorists have been interested in radiological dispersal devices (RDDs) or “dirty bombs.” Construction of an RDD is well within the capabilities of even primitive terrorist groups as radiological materials are relatively easy to acquire from industrial or medical sources. Operatives may try to launch conventional attacks against the nuclear industrial infrastructure of the United States in a bid to cause contamination, disruption, and terror.

A document recovered from an al-Qaeda facility in Afghanistan contained a sketch of a crude nuclear device.

Spray devices disseminating biological warfare (BW) agents have the highest potential impact. Both September 11 attack leader Mohammad Atta and Zacharias Moussaoui expressed interest in crop dusters, raising concern that terrorists have considered using aircraft to disseminate BW agents.

Even as far back as 2002, documents found in Afghanistan indicated the group had crude procedures for making mustard agent, sarin, and VX.

Terrorists have considered a wide range of toxic chemicals for attacks. Typical plots focus on poisoning foods or spreading the agent on surfaces to poison via skin contact, but some also include much broader dissemination techniques.

Terrorists have considered using a number of toxic cyanide compounds including sodium or potassium cyanides. Cyanide salts can be disseminated as a contact poison when mixed with chemicals that enhance skin penetration, but may be detected since most people will notice if they touch wet or greasy surfaces contaminated with the mixture.

Hydrogen cyanide (HCN) and cyanogen chloride (ClCN) are colorless-to-pale yellow liquids that will turn into a gas near room temperature. HCN has a characteristic odor of bitter almonds, and ClCN has an acrid choking odor and causes burning pain in the victim’s eyes. These signs may provide enough warning to enable evacuation or ventilation of the attack site before the agent reaches a lethal concentration.

Both HCN and ClCN need to be released at a high concentration—only practical in an enclosed area—to be effective, therefore, leaving the area or ventilating will significantly reduce the agent’s lethality.

Exposure to cyanide may produce nausea, vomiting, palpitations, confusion, hyperventilation, anxiety, and vertigo that may progress to agitation, stupor, coma, and death. At high doses, cyanides cause immediate collapse. Medical treatments are available, but they need to be used immediately for severely exposed victims.

Mustard is a blister agent that poses a contact and vapor hazard. Its color ranges from clear to dark brown depending on purity, and it has a characteristic garliclike odor. Mustard is a viscous liquid at room temperature.

Mustard is not commercially available, but its synthesis does not require significant expertise if a step-by-step procedure with diagrams is available. Initial skin contact with mustard causes mild skin irritation, which develops into more severe yellow fluid-filled blisters. Inhalation of mustard damages the lungs, causes difficulty breathing, and death by suffocation in severe cases due to water in the lungs. For both skin contact and inhalation, symptoms appear within six to 24 hours. There are only limited medical treatments available for victims of mustard-agent poisoning.

Sarin, tabun, and VX are highly toxic military nerve agents that disrupt a victim’s nervous system by blocking the transmission of nerve signals.

These agents are not commercially available, and their synthesis requires significant chemical expertise.
Exposure to nerve agents causes pinpoint pupils, salivation, and convulsions that can lead to death. Medical treatments are available, but they need to be used immediately for severely exposed victims.

There are a wide range of toxic industrial chemicals that—while not as toxic as cyanide, mustard, or nerve agents—can be used in much larger quantities to compensate for their lower toxicity.

Chlorine and phosgene are industrial chemicals that are transported in large shipments by road and rail. Rupturing the container can easily disseminate these gases. The effects of chlorine and phosgene are similar to those of mustard agent.

Organophosphate pesticides such as parathion are in the same chemical class as nerve agents. Although these pesticides are much less toxic, their effects and medical treatments are the same as for military-grade nerve agents.

Bacillus anthracis, the bacterium that causes anthrax, is capable of causing mass casualties. Symptoms usually appear within one to six days after exposure and include fever, malaise, fatigue, and shortness of breath. The disease is usually fatal unless antibiotic treatment is started within hours of inhaling anthrax spores; however, it is not contagious. Few people are vaccinated against anthrax.

Anthrax can be disseminated in an aerosol or used to contaminate food and water. Cutaneous anthrax can be caused by skin contact with B. anthracis.

Botulinum toxin is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which occurs naturally in the soil. Crude but viable methods to produce small quantities of this lethal toxin have been found in terrorist training manuals.

Symptoms usually occur 24 to 36 hours after exposure, but onset of illness may take several days if the toxin is present in low doses. They include vomiting, abdominal pain, muscular weakness, and visual disturbance. Botulinum toxin would be effective in small-scale poisonings or aerosol attacks in enclosed spaces, such as movie theaters. The toxin molecule is likely too large to penetrate intact skin.

Ricin is a plant toxin that is 30 times more potent than the nerve agent VX by weight and is readily obtainable by extraction from common castor beans. There is no treatment for ricin poisoning after it has entered the bloodstream. Victims start to show symptoms within hours to days after exposure, depending on the dosage and route of administration.

Terrorists have looked at delivering ricin in foods and as a contact poison, although we have no scientific data to indicate that ricin can penetrate intact skin. Ricin will remain stable in foods as long as they are not heated, and it will have few indicators because it does not have a strong taste and is off-white in color.

Radiological Dispersal Devices (RDD) are conventional bombs not a yield-producing nuclear device. RDDs are designed to disperse radioactive material to cause destruction, contamination, and injury from the radiation produced by the material. An RDD can be almost any size, defined only by the amount of radioactive material and explosives.

A passive RDD is a system in which unshielded radioactive material is dispersed or placed manually at the target.

An explosive RDD—often called a “dirty bomb”—is any system that uses the explosive force of detonation to disperse radioactive material. A simple explosive RDD consisting of a lead-shielded container—commonly called a “pig”—and a kilogram of explosive attached could easily fit into a backpack.

Use of an RDD by terrorists could result in health, environmental, and economic effects as well as political and social effects. It will cause fear, injury, and possibly lead to levels of contamination requiring costly and time-consuming cleanup efforts.

Varieties of radioactive materials are commonly available and could be used in an RDD, including Cesium-137, Strontium-90, and Cobalt-60. Hospitals, universities, factories, construction companies, and laboratories are possible sources for these radioactive materials.

An Improvised Nuclear Device (IND) is intended to cause a yield-producing nuclear explosion. An IND could consist of diverted nuclear weapon components, a modified nuclear weapon, or indigenous-designed device.

INDs can be categorized into two types: implosion and gun assembled. Unlike RDDs that can be made with almost any radioactive material, INDs require fissile material—highly enriched uranium or plutonium—to produce nuclear yield.

Now that Iran has billions of dollars, all bets are off. Most of the weapons the U.S. has were designed for war and defense. Imagine what Iran has probably already developed for use by terrorists.

The sky is the limit. Completely undetectable bombs probably already exist that can be placed in checked luggage and knock airliners out of the sky. These would be used in coordination to cause thousands of deaths.

Suitcase nukes are probably much smaller than those that went missing when the USSR collapsed in 1991. While the U.S. worries about Iran developing nukes, the U.S. gave Iran enough cash to buy nukes from Russia, China, North Korea or Pakistan. If Iran does not have nukes it’s because they don’t want them!

What if Iran contracted to deliver nukes to the U.S. back in 2014. Drug Cartels have plenty of routes across or under the border and Iranian books were found discarded along the pathway in 2014. Drug Cartels could probably deliver an eighteen wheeler load of nukes to any destination in the United States?

America has been so unprotected and unsecured for so long I would not be surprised at any diabolical weapon that might be stored somewhere in a bunker in the backwoods of America or in the middle of a large city.

The FBI decides that terrorist attacks are workplace violence and Hillary Clinton told Congress, What difference does it make whether some guys went for a walk and decided to kill Americans or something similar. The FBI is still digging for dirt on President Trump and some Fairy Tale notion that he was in cahoots with the Ruskies but almost immediately they decided the Las Vegas mass shooter had not terrorism connection. That sounds perfectly logical to Chris Wallace and Dana Perino.

The few people who are reading this may, at least, start thinking outside the DC Beltway? While government officials are busy taking our guns away, I wonder what the terrorists are up to? What will historians write about our late great country; they were worried about guns when they should have been concerned with thermonuclear bombs and electromagnetic pulse attacks?

What Happens in Vegas won’t Stay in Vegas

October 3, 2017

The Las Vegas mass shooting made me think about the times I attended large venues there. I’m sure many others thought about the same thing when they watched the news. In my case I served as Chief Judge of the Air Force Worldwide Gunnery Competition “Gunsmoke” on three occasions representing the Air National Guard. The competition was held on a biennial basis since 1949. The last time I served as Judge, General Ron Fogleman was the Air Force Chief Judge. Fogleman would become the Air Force Chief of Staff a short time later.

At the conclusion of the event we attended a very large banquet in the Las Vegas Convention Center. I would say approximately 2,000 were in attendance seated at large round tables. The Las Vegas City Directors were seated at my table. The top Vegas Stars performed for us and one of the favorites was Rich Little. The banquet was occurring not long after an Air Force General got in hot water in Europe for cracking a joke about the Commander in Chief, William Jefferson Clinton, aka, Slick Willie.

There were about a dozen Air Force three and four star Generals seated together at a table directly behind mine. As I was watching Rich Little crack jokes about Bill Clinton, the Vegas City Directors were watching the Generals and laughing. While the entire audience was roaring with laughter, the Generals were stone-faced and apparently wishing they were anyplace else at that moment. I have to point out that Generals Omar Bradley, George Patton or Jimmy Doolittle were not with them; they would have had the courage to laugh with the rest of us. Jimmy Doolittle was a Medal of Honor recipient who was promoted to Four Star General in the Air Force Reserves after retirement.

I remember that Ron Fogleman was in Suite One of the Distinguished Visitors Quarters at Nellis Air Force Base and I was in Suite Two. One morning Fogleman told me being retired made no difference because a retired Four Star wanted Suite One and Fogleman was forced to move. If I had known Fogleman would be the top man in the Air Force in a couple of years, I might have been nicer to him. We got into a big argument over a mistake made by an Air National Guard F-16 Pilot. Fogleman wanted to send him home and I wanted to deduct points. In the end, I won but Fogleman didn’t like it.

The Nellis bombing and strafing targets were north of Area 51. During my decades as a fighter pilot, I flew many times in the Nevada ranges. The training was realistic and the support from Las Vegas was always great. One time a couple of pilots under my command flew over Area 51. One pilot had an aircraft emergency and took the most direct route back to the air base. The other pilot flew chase to support the pilot with the emergency. Of course, the emergency took precedence over anything else but the pilots had to be debriefed and explained what they didn’t see in the restricted area.

Unfortunately, when I think of Vegas in the future the images of a single terroristic act will invade my thoughts. Las Vegas has now changed forever. The security that should have been in place before will be put in place in the future. Let’s hope it is serious security versus the TSA where security is for show to make people FEEL safe. As the government TSA agents fondle little girls and grandmothers, other agents were able to slip 94% of the fake bombs through undetected.

While the National Security Agency and Central Intelligence Agency know what I had for breakfast and when the next corporate merger will occur, they have been unable to stop one single terrorist attack! They can wiretap President Elect and President Trump but somehow miss the mass shooters and 911 attackers. The list of missed opportunities is too long to mention but it would include the 1996 Khobar Towers Bombing with 20 killed and 498 injured. All of the dead were Air Force personnel except one. Some may have forgotten but I have not.


Our Intelligence community is vast and costly but if political correctness overrides National Security, America will continue to be low hanging fruit for evil forces, foreign and domestic. Our watch lists should mean something. Israel has real security because they don’t worry about little girls and grandmothers, they profile likely perpetrators. Oh no! There I said it! The prohibited word, “profile.” Forgive me if I’m politically incorrect. I am sick that our brave soldiers are in prison for protecting their men. Lieutenant Clint Lorance comes to mind. Lieutenant Colonel Allen West was essentially kicked out of the Army for protecting his men. Colonel West said he would carry a can of gasoline through Hell if it would save his men.

With a new administration I have hope that wrongs will be righted but some things cannot be fixed. The VA comes to mind but hope springs eternal. Not that Hopey-Changey stuff but real hope. We will need it because, while the liberals fret over our freedom and right to own guns, in the future I expect terrorists to use the entire spectrum of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. As I have written many times in the past, if terrorists don’t already have such weapons stashed within our borders it is because they don’t want them here. For years there was nothing to stop mass importation of weapons and terrorists, nothing! In 2014 Iranian books were found discarded along the pathway leading from the hole in the fence.

Suitcase Nuke Movie Prop

Will Las Vegas wake up the sleeping giant again? We will see.

What Hath Trump Wrought?

September 27, 2017

The mainstream media should be thankful that President Donald Trump is in office. Without a missing Malaysian airliner or a new Al Capone’s vault, they report on the First Lady wearing heels or every word of every Real Donald Trump Tweet.

The poor snowflakes, who hang on every word spewed from the mouths of Scott Pelley, Chuck Todd, Chris Wallace and Rachel Maddow, are led to believe the President has done absolutely nothing since taking the Oath of Office on the Holy Bible.

These pitiful losers probably never saw a real resolute prezzy. If they heard Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt or Harry Truman they would recoil and melt like cotton candy.

I have only known four such presidents in my lifetime: Truman, Eisenhower, Reagan and Trump. Harry, Ronnie and The Donald endured extreme criticism but fortunately it rolled off their backs like water off of a duck.

The other night on Sean Hannity’s show Monica Crowley stated that Trump really enjoys and gets off on all this criticism because it is a major distraction by the media so he can get things done.

Notice the media never mentions all the things he’s accomplished to make it look like he’s doing nothing, but if you do some real digging you can discover the totality of the makeover brought about in a short time by the Trump Administration. The fact checkers, of course, will deny anything our President accomplishes and always will.

Here is a partial list of DJT accomplishments so far:
1) He got conservative judge Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.
2) The stock market is at an all-time high.
3) Consumer confidence is at an all-time high.
4) He created more than a million jobs by undoing Obama’s regulations.
5) Mortgage applications for new homes is at a 7 year high.
6) Unemployment rate is at a 16 year low.
7) Signed the promoting women in entrepreneurship act.
8) Gutted 800 Obama era regulations thus freeing up companies to hire again and get the economy moving once again.
9) Ended the war on coal and caused a new mine for coal mining to open that will mine clean coal. He also put the miners back to work.
10) Weakened Dodd-Frank regulations.
11) Promotes buying and hiring American.
12) Investments from major businesses such as Foxconn, Ford ,Toyota, Intel amd others will build here now.
13) Reduced illegal immigration by over 70%.
14) Bids for the border wall are underway and prototypes are being constructed.
15) He’s fighting back against sanctuary cities.
16) Changed the rules of engagement against ISIS that favored the enemy.
17) Drafted a plan to defeat ISIS.
18) Worked to reduce the cost of the F-35 fighter jets.
19) Imposed a five year lobbying plan.
20) Sanctioned Iran over its missile program.
21) Responded to Syria’s use of chemical weapons.
22) Introduced his tax reform plan.
23) He’s renegotiating NAFTA.
24) He withdrew from the Trans Pacific Partnership thus keeping jobs here.
25) He pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accords thus saving us millions of dollars every year.
26) Created a task force to reduce crime.
27) The DOJ is targeting dangerous gangs like MS-13.
28) Signed independence and economic growth law.
29) Signed an executive order to protect police officers and target drug cartels.
30) Signed an executive order for religious freedom.
31) His administration is working on sending education back to the states.
32) He’s fixing the dept. of Veterans affairs so now vets can choose their own doctors and be covered. This also protects whistle blowers and allows VA to terminate bad employees..
33) Authorized construction of the Keystone and Dakota pipelines. The Dakota pipeline is up and running without harming the environment.
34) Created commissions on election fraud and opioid addiction.
35) Food stamp use is the lowest level in seven years.
36) Reduced the White House payroll saving taxpayers millions of dollars.
37) He’s donating his salary to various causes.
38) Signed 52 pieces of legislation.
39) Cut 600 billion from UN peacekeeping mission.
40) Gas prices lowest in more than 12 years except for a bump caused by the hurricane.

The President signed around 150 executive orders, memoranda and proclamations during his first six months in office including:

* Dismantling Obama’s climate change initiatives.
* Travel bans for individuals from a select number of countries embroiled in terrorist atrocities or threats against the United States.
* Enforcing regulatory reform.
* Protecting Law enforcement.
* Mandating for every new regulation to eliminate two.
* Defeating ISIS.
* Rebuilding the military.
* Building a border wall.
* Cutting funding for sanctuary cities.
* Approving pipelines.
* Reducing regulations on manufacturers.
* Placing a hiring freeze on federal employees.
* Exiting the US from the TPP.

The President donates his salary to charity and has donated his own money to hurricane relief and Veteran’s causes. He did not become President to enrich himself but so America, through him, can become great and prosper again.

All the media cares about is how they can destroy him. They have no solutions of their own. They are all deranged ideologues suffering from what is known as Trump derangement syndrome. No wonder the media and congress has watched their ratings plummet. I hope the civilized and educated Americans realize by now that most polls must be taken with a grain of salt.

If the Republican leadership would help just a tiny bit, America might have a chance. McConnell and Ryan got where they are, multi-millionaires with big mouths, by swimming with the snakes and crocodiles.


September 24, 2017

While the poor depraved starving professional football, baseball and basketball players were taking a knee along with millionaire Hollywood Stars, our Coast Guard was working 24 hours a day saving thousands of hurricane victims in Houston, Louisiana, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Thank you Coast Guard for NOT TAKING A KNEE.

While Dreamers were protesting and waving Mexican Flags, the United States Armed Forces has been fighting terrorism and saving innocent lives at home and on foreign soil.

Thank you Veterans for NOT TAKING A KNEE.

While anarchy groups disrupt lives, destroy property and beat up innocent Americans, our Police Officers endure rocks, bottles and bullets as they protect and serve the American People.

Thank you Police Officers and all First Responders for NOT TAKING A KNEE.

While General George Washington was fighting for Freedom and Independence and trying to hold his Army together during freezing weather and sweltering heat, he TOOK A KNEE only when he prayed to Almighty God. Otherwise, the Father of our Nation risked everything for our Freedom.

Thank you President Washington.

Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Roosevelt and his First Volunteer Cavalry Regiment, a group of western cowboys and eastern volunteers known as the “Rough Riders” along with other U.S. forces, sustained 205 killed and 1,180 wounded during the Battle of San Juan Hill. Roosevelt’s charge resulted in a decisive victory for the U.S. as the Spanish fled and their Fleet was destroyed on July 3, 1898 by waiting U.S. Naval Forces.

Thank you President Roosevelt for NOT TAKING A KNEE.

President Roosevelt’s son, Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., was a Veteran of WWI. After the War, Ted was Governor of Puerto Rico, Governor-General of the Philippines, Vice President of Doubleday Books and CEO of American Express. When WWII broke out Ted did the unexpected, he joined the Army as a Colonel. When he heard about the planned invasion of Normandy, Ted asked to participate. By this time Ted was a Brigadier General and his boss told him he could not participate. After being turned down a second time, General Roosevelt put the request in writing which meant that only General Eisenhower could deny the request. However, Ted’s boss tried to reason with him. He told Roosevelt that his arthritis was so bad Ted could barely walk and had to use a cane. He said Ted’s heart was so bad he would never survive the landing at Normandy. General Roosevelt’s response was that those were good reasons to send him instead of some younger officer.

Roosevelt was the only general officer on the first wave of the Invasion of Normandy. He was the first man off the landing craft. The movie, “The Longest Day” portrays Roosevelt’s actions during that landing. Henry Fonda played General Roosevelt in the movie. Roosevelt spent all day on the beach directing troops to safety, directing the offload of supplies and making order out of chaos. A month later, Roosevelt died in France of a massive heart attack.


Years later, Five Star General Omar Bradley was asked what was the most courageous act he witnessed during his long career. Without hesitation he responded, “Ted Roosevelt on Utah Beach.” General George Patton said Ted Roosevelt was the bravest soldier he ever knew.

Ted Roosevelt and Five Star General Douglas MacArthur are the only two Medal of Honor recipients whose fathers were Medal of Honor recipients.

The Preamble of the Constitution of the United States lists six ends to which the Constitution is addressed: union, justice, domestic tranquility, defense, general welfare, and liberty. The last is presented most fully, “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” Taken together, those six define the end goals of our government. The history of the founding generation of the United States of America is in no small measure a history of finding the way to a “more perfect union,” the first item on the list.

The way is what Daniel Webster and Abraham Lincoln later called. “Government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

When duty calls in America, some people, great and small, answer the call while others TAKE A KNEE or seek a SAFE SPACE. While some people enjoy and cherish the blessings of liberty, millions who live under the umbrella of America’s greatness, like spoiled rich brats living in the lap of luxury, spit on freedom and the graves of those who paid the ultimate price for that freedom. They have the freedom to disrespect America and I have the freedom not to like it and not to watch their tantrums.

God bless America.

Will You Fight Against Prosperity?

September 15, 2017

President Trump is right: the Middle Class is shrinking. This group used to make up the vast majority of the American population, but now stands at roughly 50% of the American population.

There is no single definition of who is included in the Upper Class. Many think of the upper class in terms of the 1%. To be in the richest 1% nationally, a household needs to have an annual income of at least $389,436, according to the Economic Policy Institute. But some might argue that the upper class is larger than that if you look at America as a whole.

According to census data from 2015, 6.1% of households bring in $200,000 and higher every year and 14.1% bring in between $100,000 and $150,000. This group is the Upper Middle Class.

An Urban Institute paper argued that what they referred to as upper middle class, or those with a three-person household income between $100,000 and $350,000, has grown from 12.9% of the population in 1979 to 29.4% in 2014. It found that people with higher incomes saw their earnings grow faster than those with lower incomes.

“The idea that the real divide is between ordinary members of the bottom 99% and the rich 1% is a dangerous one, since it makes it easier for those in the upper middle class to convince themselves they are in the same economic boat as the rest of America; they’re not,” wrote Nathan Joo and Richard V. Reeves of the Brookings Institution.

Given that “Upper Middle Class” turns out to be a synonym for wealthy, the true Middle Class includes the Middle Middle Class and the Lower Middle Class.

The Pew Research Center defines the Middle-Income category as including adults with family-of-three equivalent incomes between two-thirds and double the national median. This brings the range from $37,666 to $113,000 according to current levels.

Those belonging to the Lower Middle Class do not live in poverty, but they are often one misfortune away from being hurtled below the poverty line. Brookings Institution defined this group as including those with income between 100 and 250% of the federal poverty level, or between $18,871 and $47,177 for a family of three.

The Lowest Class includes any American household that falls under the poverty line, meaning families or individuals who don’t earn enough money to meet their basic needs. The Census Bureau estimates that about 14% of the U.S. population, approximately 43 million people, live below the poverty line and fall into this class today.

The current official poverty threshold is an income of $24,257 per year for a family of four and $18,871 for a family of three. This figure has often been hotly debated because many poor Americans live in urban areas that have a high cost of living, making it likely that people earning more would fit the definition of poverty in a high-cost city or region. Conversely, families in many locations can enjoy comfortable living with an income of $24,257 if they have a garden and take advantage of numerous assistance programs.

As the Trump Administration fights to remove the government boot from the necks of the people and elevate more citizens to prosperity, nobody said it was going to be easy. Until politicians become uncomfortable with their abodes in the Swamp and get a taste of the burdens they heaped on us systematically, year after year, the fight to make America great will be fierce and dirty.