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October 27, 2015

But, are the Iowa Caucuses much ado about nothing?


In 1976, Gerald Ford defeated Ronald Reagan before being defeated by Jimmy Carter in the General Election. Ford Was not elected Vice President, he had been appointed by President Nixon after Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned in light of a scandal that implicated him in receiving illegal bribes as Governor of Maryland, imagine that!

In 1980, Ronald Reagan lost Iowa a second time, this time to George “Read My Lips” H.W. Bush. Reagan lost Iowa but went on to defeat Jimmy Carter with 489 electoral votes to 49. Turns out, Iowa was not much of a predictor of things to come.

Last time the 99 counties in Iowa Caucused, Rick “Who” Santorum was pronounced winner and before that, “Big Government” Huckabee floated to the top.

In 2004, George W. Bush was unopposed after winning in 2000 with 41% over Steve Forbes (31%), Alan Keyes (14%), Gary Bauer (9%), John McCain (5%), and Orrin Hatch (1%). The Iowa residents did figure out John McCain, the Hanoi Songbird who made at least 32 anti American propaganda broadcasts for the Viet Cong and reportedly designed the air defense system for Hanoi.

Most Americans still think McCain was tortured when all of his injuries were caused by his low altitude ejection. In fact, McCain was treated like royalty and received treatment at the best hospital in Hanoi where NO OTHER POW EVER received treatment. The top POW, Colonel Ted Guy was preparing charges against McCain when Nixon pardoned him. Other POWs, who did not collaborate with the enemy, sought to bring these things to light until they died with little or no success. John McCain received preferential treatment as the son of the Four Star Admiral who commanded the Pacific Fleet. Kudos to the good people of Iowa for figuring this out.

Here is a quote from VETERANS TODAY: “If our news media can go thru a presidential election hiding all of this from the American people, nearly putting someone like this in office, what else are they capable of? What else have they done? What else are they hiding?

Vietnam veterans are requesting that the records of the debriefing of all POWS be made public. Those who were heroes need real recognition and shouldn’t have to hide behind a presidential pardon they never needed or wanted.

Those who betrayed their country, some to sit in public office, on corporate boards or to travel around the country basking in glory and pointing fingers at others need to get the homecoming they earned. We spent the last 35 years honoring ALL the POWs while 58,000 dead and another 200,000 plus dying were neglected and abused, denied jobs, denied medical care and hated by their fellow Americans.”
In 1988 Bob Dole won Iowa with Pat Robertson second and George H.W. Bush, the eventual winner, coming in third 18 points behind Dole.

In 1992, George “Read My Lips” H. W. Bush was unopposed before handing the keys to the White House to Billy “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” Clinton. Billy Clinton more than doubled the electoral votes received by Bush 370 to 168. The popular vote looked like this: Clinton 44,909,806, Bush 39,104,550 and Ross Perot 19,743,821. In a two way race, it is not hard to figure out who would have won with either Bush or Perot versus Clinton. Clinton didn’t exactly WOW the Iowa Democrats who picked Tom Harkin by 76% in ‘92. Clinton finished fourth like this: “Uncommitted” (12%), Paul Tsongas (4%), Bill Clinton (3%).

There is a lot of criticism against the Iowa Caucuses, especially the Democratic version. Democratic caucus participants must publicly state their opinion and vote, leading to natural problems such as peer pressure from neighbors and embarrassment over who his or her preferred candidate might be. This is a tactic Democrats want to use to taint Union elections. On the other hand, Republicans use the Secret Ballot in Iowa. Another criticism involves the amount of participants’ time these events consume. Participants are often required to listen to long ranting speeches from local political leaders.

An Iowa caucus can last around two hours, preventing people who must work, who are sick, or who must take care of their children from casting their vote. ABSENTEE VOTING IS ALSO BARRED, SO ACTIVE-DUTY IOWAN SOLDIERS LOSE THE OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE, AS DO LOCALLY-REGISTERED COLLEGE STUDENTS WHO LEAVE THE STATE DURING WINTER HOLIDAYS. The final criticism is the complexity of the rules in terms of how one’s vote counts, as it is not a simple popular vote.

Iowa is a great state with great people but do the Iowa Caucus results actually reflect the will of those people?

Another factor in Iowa is The Des Moines Register, the largest daily Iowa newspaper with a circulation of 85,000. The Register called for Donald Trump to drop out of the race and, like most liberal media, has hit Trump with one barrage after another. So much so that Trump barred the Register from a campaign event; they showed up anyway.


By now people are wondering what just happend in Iowa?  The Democrats claim the final tally was 50% to 50% with the guy who dropped out getting 1%.  Gee, that’s 101%.  Then there is the coin flipping to decide who gets the undecided vote.  Seems like, defying all the odds, Hillary won six of six coin tosses.  I defy YOU to flip a coin six times and get it right 100% of the time.

Without a secret ballot, the Iowa results mean nothing to me.  With a secret ballot where nobody knows who you voted for, a fair election is possible.  That’s why unions hate private ballots because they cannot intimidate and threaten members.  Bosses can’t tell employees to caucus with them or else.

So Iowa is history but some candidates have a bad taste in their mouths.





June 29, 2015

The billboard promoting a “New World Currency” is near an International Airport in Asia. Most people have no idea what this billboard really means and won’t know until October or November of this year.


Don’t expect Scott Pelley, Anderson Cooper, Brian Williams, Dian Sawyer, Ann Curry, Bill O’Reilly, Piers Morgan, Shepard Smith, Andrea Mitchell or Chris Wallace to tell you what it means. That’s why you pay me the big bucks. Despite the fact that the Currency Markets receive almost no attention from the mainstream press, developments in the currency markets will definitely affect you, your money, and your retirement. The Currency Market is 200 times the size of the Stock Market.

The IMF meets every five years. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an organization of 188 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world. The IMF will probably announce the results of this year’s meeting during the October-November time frame.

The following excerpt was published on the IMF Website just over a year ago under the headline: “The Dollar Reigns Supreme, by Default”

“The dollar has been the preeminent global reserve currency for most of the past century. Its status as the dominant world currency was cemented by the perception of international investors, including foreign central banks, that U.S. financial markets are a safe haven. That perception has ostensibly driven a significant portion of U.S. capital inflows, which have surged in the past two decades. Many believe that this dollar dominance has allowed the United States to live beyond its means, running sizable current account deficits financed by borrowing from the rest of the world at cheap interest rates. Some other countries have chafed at this “exorbitant privilege” enjoyed by the United States.

Moreover, the fact that a rich country like the United States has been a net importer of capital from middle-income countries like China has come to be seen as a prime example of global current account imbalances. Such uphill flows of capital—contrary to the prediction of standard economic models that capital should flow from richer to poorer countries—have led to calls for a restructuring of global finance and a reconsideration of the roles and relative importance of various reserve currencies.

The 2008–09 global financial crisis, whose aftershocks continue to reverberate through the world economy, led to heightened speculation about the dollar’s looming, if not imminent, displacement as the world’s leading currency.

Indeed there are indications that the dollar’s status should be in peril. The United States is beset by a high and rising level of public debt. Gross public (federal government) debt has risen to $16.8 trillion, roughly equal to the nation’s annual output of goods and services. The aggressive use of unconventional monetary policies by the Federal Reserve, the U.S. central bank, has increased the supply of dollars and created risks in the financial system. Moreover, political gridlock has made U.S. policymaking ineffectual and, in some cases, counterproductive in driving the economic recovery. There are also serious concerns that recent fiscal tightening has constrained the government’s ability to undertake expenditures on items such as education and infrastructure that matter for long-term productivity growth.”

I believe the currency story behind the billboard will be one of the defining events of American History and trigger one of the most profound transfers of wealth in my lifetime.


The US dollar is not the only Reserve Currency but right now it dominates all other currencies. All other countries must convert their currency into dollars to pay for imports. What an advantage for the US! While the US is probably not involved in the trade, the dollar is. Can you imagine that many countries like China, India and Russia are getting a little sick of this dollar dominance?

The IMF considered adding Chinese currency as a Reserve Currency five years ago and decided not to add it. Things have changed as the US borrows billions a day from China and owes China 1.3 trillion dollars. Two years ago, in 2013, China became the largest exporter in the world. Today, 10,000 financial institutions deal in the Chinese Yuan including 40 central banks.

The signs I see tell me the US Dollar is on the way out even if the IMF does not make the Yuan a Reserve Currency. Google “AIIB” and “BRICS” to see the direction the rest of the world is headed including our closest allies. China has been busy taking advantage of our blunders such as giving away the Panama Canal. China took over the canal and is now working on two other passages between the Atlantic and Pacific including one rail and another larger canal. If you travel around the world you will see Chinese influences everywhere and you will also be shocked that NOBODY wants to accept your US dollars.

The United States cannot simply keep printing tons of Dollars to prop up the Stock Market and the US economy while selling gold and silver derivatives. The fourth major printing spree could happen again this year with QE4. The brilliant news media called the Reagan economy, “Trickle-down Economics” and “Voodoo” economics. The current policy of Trickle-up Economics seems to have run its course. The use of taxpayer funds to bailout big banks, auto companies and hedge funds didn’t seem to work. Even with the Union setting on the General Motors Board of Directors, 70% of the GM cars sold in America are manufactured overseas.

If the Yuan becomes a Reserve Currency it will likely quickly become the dominant Reserve Currency and the Dollar will come home to roost. Most countries HATE the United States and would gladly ship our Dollars back and start using the Yuan.


Maybe you should listen to the talking heads stirring you up about the Confederate States of America Flag or Donald Trump calling a “spade” a “spade” or global warming or what should happen to Brian Williams. On the other hand, maybe you should pay a little attention to what your smiley faced politicians and the Supreme Court have in mind for your future? Perhaps you should look at the worst case scenario and start making preparations? If you think riots were bad over police killing one man, what would riots look like if grocery store shelves were empty or if a thousand dollars worth of food stamps wouldn’t buy a carton of cigarettes? What if the dollar was devalued by 30% or 70%? What if ISIS and Global Warming both attacked the US simultaneously along with Iran, Russia and China? I can’t advise you, I’m just an old retired fighter pilot.  Maybe it’s time to do your own research and be prepared?