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Perspective on Terrorism from an Old Man

June 4, 2017

Do you think Merkel, May and Macron strike fear in the Jihadists?

They are a dream come true for the Islamic State.

al Baracki welcomed Jihadists to America while Federal Judges, Democrats, GOP leaders, Corrupt Media & Snowflakes cheered.

I am a highly trained former Intelligence Analyst so I feel compelled to connect the dots for Americans who think real Journalists still exist in the World.

For a generation, American kiddies have been dumbed down and taught to shut up and never think for themselves. Most think “Terrorist Attack” is a trendy new Rock Band.

Political Correctness is more important than National Security. That means little girls and grandmothers should be fondled while Jihadists men wearing burka disguises face no scrutiny.

Diversity is more important than National Heritage or National Security.

Have you heard about all the terrorist attacks in Moscow during the riots and gay pride parades? Have you seen the “no go” areas in the Muslim neighborhood of Moscow?

You have not because Vladimir will not put up with any foolishness. You will never hear about a Federal Judge countermanding a Vladimir Putin Order. Let the absurdity of an Activist Pajama Boy Federal Judge usurping National Security responsibilities of an elected President and Commander in Chief sink in!

What if a Democratic Federal Judge in San Francisco decided to block the Normandy Invasion on a whim while sipping a caramel latte and watching a Comedian tossing around a bloody severed head of the Commander in Chief?

The whole Democratic Party, Corrupt Media, Hollywood and 30% of the Republican Party have been radicalized or they are stark raving bona-fide nut jobs.

The Gitmo murderers had better healthcare than our combat veterans and most hard working American Citizens. They had sports facilities and all the amenities but they were denied their right to kill Infidels for a period of time. Don’t cry for them, they have been released back to the battlefield. I don’t know if the special Muslim, who deserted with honor and distinction, went with them or not. We don’t hear anything about Bowe Bergdahl but I am acutely aware that Lieutenant Clint Lorance is still in prison for protecting his troops.

If our government and the European leaders have not been giving aid and comfort to the enemy, exactly what have they been doing?

Millions of Americans would vote for Alec Baldwin, Kathy Griffin, Chuck Todd or Joe Scarborough for Commander in Chief.

In spite of a National Tantrum, Commander in Chief Trump is prosecuting the Global War on Terrorism while Congress and Federal Judges try to stuff him in a Straight Jacket.

It looks like his only real help will come from Russia, Saudi Arabia and Israel. While President Obama was drawing red lines in the drifting sand, Saudi and Russian Fighter Pilots were bombing the Islamic State. Saudi Princes trained in the United States and the King attended their graduations from Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training. One member of the Royal Saudi family was a pioneer of the F-15 Eagle and retired three years ago as a Major General.

Certainly there are supporters of terrorism in Saudi Arabia just as we have ours. Soros, the corrupt media and most Democrats are clamoring to snuggle terrorists in their bosoms.


Are You Motivated to Succeed, a Personal Story?

November 27, 2012

In 1961 my high school classmate entered West Point and I enlisted in the Air Force. There was no fanfare about my enlistment, I served my four years as an Intelligence Analyst. After 9 months training at Goodfellow AFB I was assigned to the Northern Tip of Japan at Wakkanai for a 15 month tour. After that I worked at the National Security Agency until I received an early release to attend college. I had three nominations to the Air Force Academy but an old injury put me in an Air Force hospital instead of the Academy. After 18 days and a surgery I was fixed but too late to enter the Academy. The next year I was too old.

While in the Air Force I attended night school at the University of Maryland and tested out of all Freshman Courses. I also volunteered as an announcer on the Far East Network and played basketball on an undefeated team. I traveled and enjoyed myself but I was serious about improving myself. While others were just hanging out, I managed to obtain 90 semester hours of college credit. After a semester on the outside I was awarded an AA Degree. That was enough to be considered for pilot training in the Air National Guard. With a 95 on the pilot aptitude test and a private pilot’s license I managed to be accepted.

While attending undergraduate pilot training at Vance AFB I finished Squadron Officer School by correspondence. Just before graduation I was offered my choice of assignments if I would volunteer for 24 months active duty. Because I knew I would be flying fighters at my Guard Unit I never worried about class standing. I finished 6th out of 74 anyway. I volunteered and flew the C-141 Starlifter. As far as I can tell, I upgraded to Global Qualified Aircraft Commander in record time with only 1,200 hours of flying time. Normally 2,000 hours would be required. In order to upgrade I had to have recommendations from two Flight Examiners and my Squadron Commander. After a check ride which included a five day mission to Vietnam, I was required to fly with an Aircraft Commander Copilot for 100 hours. Because of my performance on the check ride that requirement was waived. My first trip as an Aircraft Commander was with a Second Lieutenant Copilot who was rated as a Second Pilot, I didn’t even have a First Pilot. I was the only First Lieutenant Aircraft Commander in my Wing and the only known First Lieutenant qualified to fly Air Evacuation Missions which I flew many times.

After my 24 months I returned to the Air National Guard and learned I was selected to be the first pilot checked out in the F-101 Voodoo which was scheduled to be assigned in a year. I attended a nine month checkout at Little Rock AFB and became the first Combat Ready F-101 pilot in my unit. While still a First Lieutenant I upgraded to Flight Instructor in the 101, the only person of that rank to ever become a F-101 instructor.

Then I was promoted to Captain in minimum time. As a Captain I finished both Air Command and Staff College and the Air War College. I was working for the government as a GS-13, otherwise I would not have been allowed to take the War College. I was also selected to be a Flight Commander, the only Captain to serve as Flight Commander in the unit or probably anyplace else. I attended training at the University of Southern California, Arizona State University and night school at Southeastern Oklahoma State University where I received a BS in Professional Aviation in 1980.

I was promoted to Major and Lieutenant Colonel before my West Point graduate high school classmate. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. After I was promoted to Full Colonel I was the first and only Air National Guard Colonel selected to command the premier joint force Provisional Wing, “Cope Thunder” now “Red Flag Alaska”. With six billion dollars worth of Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Canadian Air Force, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard assets in today’s dollars. After I retired, a group of Legislators urged me to run for Governor. I refused but eventually agreed knowing nobody was going to beat the incumbent. Some of my ideas resonated with the people and eventually became law.

I am posting this to make the point that should you play the hand you are dealt. I grew up in a one room house. Nobody pushed me to excel. I wanted a better life for myself and my family. The harder you work, the luckier you get. If you don’t have a rich uncle it does not mean you can’t make something out of yourself. My daughter is a Chemical Engineer, a General Surgeon and a Pediatric Surgeon. I didn’t have to push her, it was her idea. She told me she would study Engineering so she would be an Engineer if she didn’t get into Medical School. My motto is not lean forward, it is Reach for the Stars.

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