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Insurance Companies are as Efficient as Federal Agencies

July 14, 2017

Insurance Companies own Politicians in DC and your state Legislature!

In addition to TV commercials and political contributions, they can’t count beans unless they have Palatial Offices in Marble Skyscrapers.  The first building to be called the tallest building in the world was an Insurance Company Building shown above.  Then, the third building to earn that title was another Insurance Company Building.

The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Building in New York City became the fifth building to become the world’s tallest.  It is shown above and had 50 floors.  I visited that building in 1961 during my high school senior trip.  It was amazing watching banks of computers with spools of magnetic tape spinning around.

The MetLife Computer was probably a Univac with the capabilities of my smartphone but with a starting price of $7 million.

When I had Blue Cross I received piles of totally unnecessary mail from them. My cost for Blue Cross Healthcare Insurance was almost nothing when I first worked for the Federal Government in 1978. By the time I retired in 1996, Blue Cross was bloated and inefficient like ANY Agency in Federal or State Government.

This is a Blue Cross Building that was the Pennsylvania State Headquarters.  It only had 45 floors but every state has something similar.  I don’t know if this is still in use or if they needed a taller skyscraper?

The way Insurance Companies have a low Profit Margin is by lavish spending, exorbitant salaries and wasting money. Why have a meeting in the office when you can have a meeting on the French Riviera?

Insurance company bean counters make more than surgeons and state CEOs make millions.

If Walmart efficiency and management was present in the Insurance Industry, the Healthcare Crisis would be solved almost overnight!

In my 2007 book, TOP GUN MANAGEMENT, I wrote about waste and inefficiency. I remember when the Massachusetts Blue Cross CEO got a huge multi million dollar raise after losing a large percentage of customers.

Government Agencies and Insurance Companies have no incentive to be cost efficient. The Government simply raises taxes and Insurance Companies simply raises rates when funds are needed.  Are you able to do that in your household?

My last year with the Government I had a six figure surplus in civilian pay. I could have hired temporary or permanent employees or converted the surplus to another budget category.

I had a surplus because I didn’t hire employees I didn’t need or buy wall paintings and a Louis XIV desk for my office.

I turned the excess funds back to the Government. Do you think they went to pay down the National Debt or to fix broken combat aircraft?

They went to a typical Government Director who easily blew the funds.

Who do you think the Government had more respect for, the Director who blew the money or me?  You guessed it!

The famous government leaders you see on TV all the time, for the most part, never met a payroll or worried about paying bills.  They are either bureaucrats or politicians.  Most could not run a lemonade stand.  Couple the inefficiencies in both the insurance industry and the government with fraud, waste and abuse and you have the recipe for disaster.  Not a disaster for the government or the insurance company but a disaster for the taxpayers and subscribers.

Who polices the government and the insurance industry?  Usually the fox guards the hen house.  The government has a completely fraudulent watchdog system called the Inspector General System.  The IG’s almost never substantiate wrong doing but they come down hard on whistleblowers.  The IG works for the agency or military commander, they are not independent.  They are very careful not to embarrass their boss.

States have Insurance Commissioners who are no match for clever insurance executives.  Especially since too many sorry politicians get elected on the backs of insurance lobbyists who scratch their backs.

I think most of the people reading this fully understand why President Trump calls it the Swamp.  President Reagan said government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem.  The same could be said for the insurance industry as it now functions.

If your Politician will get behind President Donald Trump, America has a chance.  It is unlikely that your politician will kill the insurance company that lays the golden egg.

If your Politician sticks with the Insurance and Hospital Lobbies, we are toast.


Abolish Government Unions

April 20, 2017

Government Unions are at War with U.S. Veterans by fighting VA reforms!


The answer to out-of-control government bureaucracy is simple: ABOLISH PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS.

After Jimmy Carter allowed bureaucrats to unionize, the cost and effectiveness of government brough our country to its knees.

While our Armed Forces are prohibited from collective bargaining, most civilian employees of the Department of Defense, Veterans Administration, Homeland Security, Justice, State, Education, etc. are unionized.

Federal Law says Unions are good for America. Do you believe that?

All these unions work hard to grow government and increase taxes.

Bureaucrats negotiate with bureaucrats for benefits that cost billions and allow bureaucrats to work less. For example: Government Employees might get a fully equipped exercise room and time off to exercise. Those who don’t like workouts can simply leave work and go for a leisurely stroll.

Collective bargaining would only be legitimate if it took place between bureaucrats and taxpayers or elected representatives of taxpayers.

One of my additional duties as a Federal Director of Operations was Chief Management Negotiator. I could not do my job affecting National Security while I negotiated with members of the AFL/CIO and AFFE.

If I failed to negotiate in good faith it would have been a Federal Crime even though I knew full well the taxpayers were getting taken to the cleaners.

This is just one reason 600,000 combat disabled Veterans have wated years and years for the VA to resolve their claims. I am one of those Veterans whose claim is more than seven years old.

All of the VA employees you read about, who are responsible for countless deaths, are still on the VA payroll because THEY CAN’T BE FIRED!

Unions were formed because of child labor, poor working conditions, black lung and over working laborers. NONE OF THESE HAVE EVER BEEN PROBLEMS IN GOVERNMENT!

Have you ever seen an overworked bureaucrat?

There is an old joke about how many union workers it takes to change a light bulb.

While union membership has declined in the private sector, it has soared in government including Federal, State and local while taxpayers are soaked at each level.

I do not have a union, Lobbyist or Congressmen looking out for my interests. All I have is a President who is under siege from all of the above.

President Trump is standing alone between greatness and collapse.

Don’t expect your spineless Representatives to stand up to the NEA, AFFE, AFL/CIO or any other union, much less abolish them.

God help us.

The Gene McVay Illegal Immigration Solution

February 28, 2017

The trillion dollar problem must be solved if America is to survive longer than a few short years.


It is impossible to get a figure on the totality of the impact of illegal immigration in America. My best guess is more than one trillion dollars a year.

Since Democrats and sanctuary cities are the major enablers of the flood of humanity living off of hard working taxpayers, the trillion dollars should come from them.

Here are my recommendations:
25% Sanctuary City tax
25% Sanctuary State tax
60% Motion Picture tax
60% Actor & Entainer tax
60% Hedge Fund tax
60% News Anchor tax


Expand the property confiscation program to include:
■Mayors and City Directors of Sanctuary Cities.
■County Executives of Sanctuary Counties
■Governors and Legislators of Sanctuary States.
■Judges who have perpetuated and enabled illegal immigration.
■All persons who have harbored or transported illegal immigrants.
■Businesses and Companies that employ illegal immigrants.
■Illegal immigrants who have registered to vote or who are in possession of fraudulent Social Security or Immigration Documents
■Federal employees who have issued Social Security or Immigration Documents to illegal immigrants
■Federal, State and local officials who release illegal immigrants without due process
■Illegal Immigrants who fraudulently receive any government assistance
■Any government official or employee who enables or aids illegal immigration

Confiscated property to be sold at auction with proceeds going toward national defense, Veterans benefits, infrastructure and social security.


To facilitate this seamlessly and to get government working again, the law that permitted the failed government program of collective bargaining for government employees must end. Our government has never had child labor, poor working conditions, poor pay, black lung or poor benefits. Unions bankrupted the Post Office before the government wide takeover. Bureaucrats negotiate with bureaucrats to waste tax dollars.


The hungry kid who steals from a convenience store will surely be met with justice. Presidential Candidates, government employees and billionaire anarchists seem to operate above the law. Laws must allow government employees to be fired as easily as a grocery store manager. Fire them on the spot and take their keys. Use the VA system for appeals. My VA claim and appeal is 7 years old.


If we are going to have a legitimate country, our laws must apply to every single person.


Lawless Mayors, Judges and politicians will quickly stop thumbing their noses at our Constitution and laws and America will become solvent in the process.

Gene McVay Crying in the Wilderness

October 9, 2013

I have been the voice crying in the wilderness about the biggest swindle in government, the mushrooming National Security Agency that gorges on so much tax money the exact amount is classified. They operate out of a complex larger than the Pentagon and spread their tentacles around the globe. It recently came to light that much of their capability is directed not at foreign intelligence as dictated by their mission, but toward law abiding United States Citizens.

America has been under terror attacks for decades while NSA wiles away the time doing who knows what. Seventeen years ago Khobar Towers was bombed with 498 injured and 19 Americans killed, to this day NSA has no clue who did it! The USS Cole was attacked and al Qaeda claimed responsibility but NSA don’t know if that’s true and wasn’t able to warn about the attack in advance, 30 sailors were killed. Then there is 9/11 and a long tragic list of terror attacks that goes on and on and on.

Finally, NSA Director, Four Star Obama handpicked General Keith Alexander, admits the Obama Administration misled us, the public, about the utility of NSA Surveillance. That misleading information about terror plots and their foiling had been issued to bolster support for the government’s vast surveillance kingdom. General Alexander still has his job while General Stanley McChrystal lost his job when Rolling Stone reported that the General and his aides made disrespectful remarks about Joe Biden while they were off duty.

During Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings, Chairman Patrick Leahy pushed Alexander to admit that plot numbers had been fudged in a revealing interchange:

“There is no evidence that [bulk] phone records collection helped to thwart dozens or even several terrorist plots,” said Leahy. The Vermont Democrat then asked the NSA chief to admit that only 13 out of a previously cited 54 cases of foiled plots were genuinely the fruits of the government’s enormous dragnet surveillance systems:

“These weren’t all plots, and they weren’t all foiled,” Leahy said, asking Alexander, “Would you agree with that, yes or no?”

“Yes,” replied Alexander.

Alexander is not alone, the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has a history of lying to Congress as well. Once upon a time before Eric Holder became Attorney General that was a crime! Apparently laws only apply to us peasants, not to government leaders? If you trust the chain of command, Obama, Hagel, Clapper and Alexander maybe you can trust the 100,000 bureaucrats?

The Patriot Act’s Sec. 215 (50 U.S.C. § 1861) authorizes the government to collect “tangible things” that are “relevant” to an authorized national security investigation. I am not Chief Justice of the Supreme Court but I can read the Constitution and am quite sure the Patriot Act itself is unconstitutional, always have believed it and always will. Anyway, We now know that NSA used Sec. 215 to collect metadata on EVERY phone call that EVERY AMERICAN has made, reportedly over the last seven years. That metadata includes numbers dialed, numbers of incoming calls, times of the calls, and routing information. Many Members who voted for the Patriot Act, including the past chairman of the law’s authorizing committee, have stated that NSA’s blanket surveillance program is FAR BEYOND what was intended in the law. Keep in mind, this is what has been admitted, most likely not the whole truth.

Pursuant to Sec. 215 and at the request of the government, the FISA court routinely enters 90-day orders to telecommunications providers like Verizon to turn over to the government ALL CALL DETAIL INFORMATION or “telephony metadata” for calls within the U.S., including PURELY LOCAL CALLS. The FISA court approves the procedures that the administration says it will impose on itself to limit its own access to the data. I call that a rubber stamp or “trust me” to do the right thing approach. After the IRS, EPA, DHS, etc., who in their right mind would give the government a blank check? In the United States I have no idea what any Judge would have to do to end up in the slammer? Every American who finished he fifth grade and understands the meaning of “is” knows that forcing Americans to buy something is unconstitutional, everybody except the Supreme Court, of course.

The Obama Administration has not provided a public explanation as to how the telephone records of all Americans are “relevant” to a national security investigation. Similarly, Sec. 215 is silent as to how the government may use these records once it has obtained them.

The Amash-Conyers amendment would have ended NSA’s blanket collection of Americans’ telephone records by requiring the FISA court under Sec. 215 to order the production of records that pertain only to A PERSON under investigation. It would have ended the mass surveillance of Americans; Permitted the government to continue to acquire business records and other “tangible things” that are actually related to an authorized counterterrorism investigation; And impose more robust judicial oversight of NSA’s surveillance. The FISA court would be involved every time NSA searches Americans’ records, and the court would have a substantive, statutory standard to apply to make sure the NSA does not violate Americans’ civil liberties.

In short, the government would have to provide facts to the FISA court to show that there are reasonable grounds to believe that the records sought are relevant to an appropriately authorized national security investigation and pertain to the person, group or corporation under investigation. There is no proof that the Judge would be awake or playing cell phone poker while NSA presented its case but it had a chance of working. The Amash-Conyers amendment would not have affected foreign surveillance.

Unfortunately, the amendment failed 205-217, with 94 Republicans and 111 Democrats voting to uphold the 4th Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure. This was a sad day for me when only one Arkansas Congressman, Tim Griffin, voted for the Amendment. Yes, most Republicans voted for lawlessness over our Constitution. They voted for lazy, ineffective lying bureaucrats over law abiding citizens. With $100 trillion in unfunded requirements and a $17 trillion national debt, they voted to keep an incalculably costly unconstitutional extravagant useless program. They were fearful they might be blamed if NSA continued to fail to uncover and thwart terrorist attacks. They failed America.

And so I continue as a tiny voice in the wilderness warning that, as in the days of Noah, so are the days of our lives when NOBODY is looking out for OUR interests and few people have time to look around to see what happened to our once great esteemed nation.


Drastic Action Required to Save OUR Nation!

June 23, 2013

My 34 years of military and government service taught me about the IG system. It don’t work! The IRS IG did nothing about 15 years of illegal refunds to illegal aliens at the same address!

IG’s work for the agencies, departments, brigades, wings and instillations and typically try to keep the agency’s from being embarrassed about mismanagement, fraud, waste and abuse.

Every government worker and military member knows that reporting FW&A is the career ending kiss of death. The whistleblowers get investigated, hounded and discredited. They become the focus just like Snowden.

There is an investigative organization with an outstanding unblemished record, the United States Government Accountability Office or GAO. They call a shovel a “shovel” and know what “is” means. I absolutely trust GAO Audits.

The GAO operates under Congress and can’t be fired by a rogue agency chief or cabinet member.

Clearly OUR government has become a loose cannon. OUR Tax money is being wasted. OUR security has been compromised. Federal workers have become abusive. OUR intelligence agencies have become ineffective. OUR military has become weakened. OUR welfare system is a black hole. OUR country is beyond broke with National Debt and Unfunded Requirements amounting to over $500,000 per family. That’s right, it would take over half a million dollars per family to get the United States out of debt. Even drunken sailors stop spending when they’re broke.

Here is what I am asking for: The most comprehensive audit in the history of the world. It should be led by the GAO and augmented with investigators from each of the 50 states.

Up until now we have been giving aspirins to OUR critically ill patient when radical surgery was indicated. Drastic situations require drastic actions. Are you with me?

Are You Sufficiently Prepared for Grocery Shopping?

August 2, 2012

You may have noticed that food prices are rising rapidly. Much more than the government admits. Here are some tips to help navigate the supermarkets:

The End Caps are attractive and decorative but they are often used to promote high profit items that are not on sale.

The worst buys are usually stacked at the check-out stand for impulse buying such as candy and novelties.

The items you see at eye level are the most expensive name brand items that can cost 50% more than generic. Advertising is very expensive but it does not mean name brands are better. Milk is milk, eggs are eggs, potato chips are potato chips. You may have to search for the cheaper products on the bottom shelves.

Is the price you see the real price? I am seeing stores place prices above items that look like bargains but the prices are not for those items. Creative and deceptive price tags fool a lot of people. If you complain the store will say that customers moved the items. I have seen this and complained and two days later I see the same thing.

Many times, a store will advertise a sale on a product, but if you don’t read the fine print – or look closely at the price tags – you might not realize that the sale is only on certain varieties. Maybe plain Spaghetti-Os are on sale, but the variety with franks or meatballs are full price.

Sometimes they price items in multiples like 5 for $5. In most cases that does not mean you have to buy 5. They could have just priced the items for $1 each. This uses the power of suggestion.

The most deceptive practice of all is the rigged computer. The price on the aisle is not the price in the checkout computer. Before K-Mart went out of business in my city I was seeing 50% of the items I purchased ranging up at higher prices. This happens today at just about every store. I do not believe it is accidental. The big chains are not hiring Ivy League MBA’s for nothing. Wrong pricing can mean millions of dollars to companies.

I remember a small grocery store where my brother worked in the 1950’s. The owner leaned a new broom against the checkout counter and charged everybody for the broom. If they said something the owner would exclaim, “Oh, that’s not your broom?” That pure profit was a substantial percentage of the profit. The owner later became a very prominent politician with things named after her. Sounds about right.

In all cases you have to get the magnifying glass out to ascertain the real price. I have seen some really small fine print that negates the huge bargain prices. The small print might require you to be a member of something, have a coupon or buy a case. Supermarkets have taken carnival tricks and turned them into a science. Think about shopping as a war of wits between you and the Ivy League Tricksters.