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The Democratic Party & News Media are Sleeping Together

July 25, 2016


★★I think you already know how the TV News Media is rigged and crooked. Watch how they cover the Democratic Convention after the way they trashed the Republican Convention calling it chaotic and dark.


Even before the Democratic Convention starts, the Chairman was booed off the stage and announced her resignation. Hillary immediately hired her proving how rigged the Democrat Presidential Primary system has been all along. The Democrats knew that the Hillary hiring of Debbie Wasserman Schultz would drive Bernie Sanders supports crazy but THEY DON’T CARE, PERIOD. Jim Webb and Bernie Sanders had no chance from day one!


This should open your eyes to how corrupt TV News has become and why they give the Democrats a pass on every crooked deal they pull:

ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.


ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney

ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary

ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood

CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

I trust the National Enquirer and Pravda more than these scumbags!


Jim Webb was the only Democratic candidate with real Presidential credentials.

A former Marine Officer and wounded combat veteran, Webb had less than zero chance. He served as a United States Senator from Virginia, Secretary of the Navy, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, Counsel for the United States House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs and Marine Corps Officer who was decorated with the Navy Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

In the private sector he has been an Emmy Award winning journalist, a filmmaker, and the author of ten books. In addition, he taught literature at the United States Naval Academy and was a Fellow at the Harvard Institute of Politics.

Webb stating that he was “not comfortable” and “unhappy” with many of his party’s political positions and dropped out of the race after receiving almost no support. He stated he will not vote for Hillary and declined to rule out support for Donald Trump.

Jim Webb is an American hero who represents nothing the Democratic Party stands for. Can you imagine a party that has no use for Webb but goes all in for the Scumbag Hillary Clinton?


Save America from Speaker Ryan & Congress

June 7, 2016


Today, Speaker Paul Ryan will start detailing policy prescriptions that are part of HIS vision that he says will show Americans what the party is for, rather than focusing on what it’s against.

Why am I skeptical about Paul Ryan doing anything except criticizing Donald Trump for not being like Paul Ryan and using his Power of the Purse to give Obama, Reid & Pelosi everything they could possible want?

Ryan and his Lawyer Lobbyist wife who attended Wellesley College like Hillary Clinton, Madeline Albright, Diane Sawyer and Cokie Roberts have amassed a fortune in the area of ten million dollars. That’s quite a feat but what has Ryan done for America?

Ryan has been sucking on the sweet flowing breast of the government for 17 years as a Congressman and has held the most powerful positions in that body including Speaker, Chairman of Ways and Means and Chairman of the House Budget Committee.


When Ryan swore to uphold and defend the Constitution in 1999, the National Debt stood at $5.6 trillion. A year after Ryan became Budget Chairman; the National Debt soared above $15 trillion for the first time in History. It seems Ryan and his Cartel could not find ANYTHING to cut except the United States Armed Forces and Veteran’s Benefits?

The way Congress allowed our Armed Forces to become provocatively weak represents treason in my mind!


I have NEVER heard one word of criticism flow from Ryan’s lips about President Obama or Obama’s enablers, the United States Congress.

I did hear Speaker Ryan criticize the presumptive Republican Nominee for President many times including most recently for standing up to the activist La Raza anti-Trump U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel. It is ironic that a move is underway to oust another California Judge, the one who sparked outrage after he sentenced a former Stanford University swimmer to just six months in jail for raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster outside a campus frat party.

The sentence Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky imposed on Brock Turner, 20, has been blasted by the victim and called a “slap on the wrist” by the San Jose Mercury News.

Of course, that is a criminal matter and Curiel is making hay with the civil suit Trump refuses to settle out of Court. The wealthy and huge companies are often sued because they have deep pockets and are inclined to settle rather than be drug through the mud in a public trial. I remember when everybody was suing aircraft manufacturers because they readily settled for $100,000 when a pilot simply ran out of gas and crashed. The result of not fighting such suits resulted in more and more litigation with the end result of almost destroying general aviation. An aircraft I bought for $11,000 in 1970 would cost over $350,000 today.

Donald Trump knows that if he settles frivolous lawsuits, it will simply result in more and more frivolous lawsuits. The usual suspects: Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, the Washington Post and New York Times never pass up an opportunity to pummel The Donald for standing up for his rights. Most Americans lack the chutzpah to take on a crooked judge. The very idea that a judge could be crooked seems farfetched to most Americans.

We’d like to think our justices and judges are defined by respect, duty and impartiality. But behind that iconic black robe isn’t always a tireless drive to uphold the Constitution and laws of the United States. Some of the most revered judges are worse than the criminals they should be sentencing. I will mention a couple corrupt judges who will make you question your faith in the legal system but there are so many more!

May I remind you about Judge Mark Ciavarella’s Kids For Cash Scheme? Nicknamed “Mr. Zero Tolerance”, Ciavarella was a big supporter of harsh sentences…for kids. Ciavarella sent thousand of children to a local detention center during his tenure in Luzerne County, PA. Think the kids deserved it? Listen to this: Ciavarella sent an 11-year-old to juvenile detention for almost two years after the kid took his mom’s car for a ride down the block. He also sent a 15-year-old to the same detention facility for mocking her assistant principal on social media and gave a 17-year-old first offender five months for helping steal a DVD. The judge got kickbacks from the facility where he sent those kids. No wonder the hearings often lasted only two minutes, Ciavarella got up to a million dollars for putting hundreds of innocent children behind bars. The courts wised up to his plans, and eventually sentenced Mr. Zero Tolerance to 27 years in prison. Following his sentencing, nearly 4,000 of Ciavarella’s previous convictions were overturned. Too little, too late if you ask Gene McVay!

Then there is Judge Thomas J. Maloney from the infamous Cook County. Maloney and numerous fellow Cook County judges were the focus of an investigation named Operation Greylord. The operation was a joint investigation by the FBI, IRS, USPS and the Illinois State Police to track down corrupt judges. Don’t worry, NOBODY is about to do anything these days about corrupt judges!

Judge Maloney was working his magic in high-profile murder cases. In exchange for rigging murder cases Maloney got over $100,000 in bribes. Maloney let mafia members, murderers and gangsters walk free, as long as he got his “fee.” To this day Maloney is listed as “one of the worst judges in history.” He was convicted of racketeering extortion and obstructing justice.

I could go on and on but YOU have Google. Do I have to spoon feed everybody?


What Ryan is doing today is paving the way to combat President Trump and maintain the status quo in Congress that brought America to the brink of total collapse. Yes, Republican Leaders love to blame President Obama for America’s sorry state of affairs and too many Americans fall for Ryan’s pompous blather. Do you remember that the Democrats did not need any Republicans to pass the Anything But Affordable Care Act? However, the Republicans could have stopped Obamacare in its tracks, especially when Obamacare resulted in the Democrats losing both the Senate and House. If Ryan and Boehner were half as manly as Nancy Pelosi, they would have used the power of the purse like a brick wall to stop Obama.


So here we stand, We the People and Donald Trump against the world and against Ryan, Romney, the Bushes and 100% of the crooked media. It shouldn’t be much of a challenge!


April 21, 2016


★★Andrew Jackson was eight years old when the British marched to Lexington and Concord. “On the 18th of April in 75, hardly a man is now alive” as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow put it. Young Jackson acted as a courier for Washington’s Continental Army and was captured and mistreated by his British captors; he was just 13.

He later became a lawyer and was elected, first, to the U.S. House of Representatives and then to the U.S. Senate. In 1801 Jackson was appointed Colonel in the Tennessee militia, which became his political as well as military base. He owned hundreds of slaves who worked on the Hermitage plantation, which he acquired in 1804. In 1806 he killed a man in a duel over a matter of honor regarding his wife Rachel. He gained national fame through his role in the War of 1812, most famously where he won a decisive victory over the main British invasion army at the Battle of New Orleans.


Jackson’s service in the War of 1812 against the United Kingdom was conspicuous for bravery and success. When British forces threatened New Orleans, Jackson took command of the defenses, including militia from several western states and territories. He was a strict officer but was popular with his troops. They said he was “tough as old hickory” wood on the battlefield, and he acquired the nickname of “Old Hickory”. In the Battle of New Orleans on January 8, 1815, Jackson’s 5,000 soldiers won a decisive victory over 7,500 British. At the end of the battle, the British had 2,037 casualties: 291 dead (including three senior generals), 1,262 wounded, and 484 captured or missing. The Americans had 71 casualties: 13 dead, 39 wounded, and 19 missing.

After winning election to the Senate, Jackson decided to run for president in 1824. He narrowly lost to John Quincy Adams, supposedly by a “corrupt bargain” between Adams and Speaker of the House Henry Clay, who was also a candidate. Jackson’s supporters then founded what became the Democratic Party. He ran again in 1828 against Adams. Building on his base in the West and with new support from Virginia and New York, he won by a landslide. He blamed the death of his wife, Rachel, which occurred just after the election, on the Adams campaigners who called her a “bigamist”. That was back when candidates acted presidential.


As president, Jackson faced a threat of secession from South Carolina over the “Tariff of Abominations” which Congress had enacted under Adams. In contrast to several of his immediate successors, he denied the right of a state to secede from the union or to nullify federal law. In anticipation of the 1832 election, Congress, led by Clay, attempted to reauthorize the Second Bank of the United States four years before the expiration of its charter. In keeping with his platform of economic decentralization, Jackson vetoed the renewal of its charter, thereby seemingly putting his chances for reelection in jeopardy. However, by portraying himself as the defender of the common person against wealthy bankers, he was able to defeat Clay in the election that year. He thoroughly dismantled the bank by the time its charter expired in 1836. These days not many candidates have the guts to take on big banks like Goldman Sacs when they receive funding from them. Jackson is also known for having signed the Indian Removal Act, which relocated a number of native tribes in the South to Indian Territory.


Oddly enough, the Democrats seem to dislike the founder of the Democratic Party enough to kick him off the $20 bill. The touchy-feely bleeding heart Democratic Party of today would not be recognizable to Old Hickory Jackson or Give em Hell Harry Truman. In the interest of equal time, the back biting Republican Party of today would not be recognizable to Old Abe Lincoln or Ronnie Reagan. Lincoln and Reagan couldn’t win 1,237 Delegates today; they would have dropped out before Lindsey Graham and Jeb Bush.


If we can stall the decision on President Jackson until Ted Cruz is inaugurated, maybe Carly Fiorina will grace the $20 bill?


April 5, 2016


★★Why would Donald Trump say America is heading for a massive recession? The politicians certainly won’t tell you such a thing and neither will the smiley talking heads at CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS & Fox News!

We are in big trouble even if we ignore our massive National Debt and Unfunded Obligations that come to over $225 trillion or about a million dollars for every adult in America.

A record 94,610,000 workers are not in the American labor force and the labor force participation rate is at its lowest point in 38 years! Just 62 percent of the U.S. population has a job or is actively seeking one. Of the 245 million documented adults in the US, 123 million don’t have full time jobs. Of the Americans who have jobs, many are underemployed as our good jobs seem to prefer the climate in Mexico, Vietnam, China and Sweden. The Democrats have a solution for our climate ~ MORE TAXES!

Our total government spending exceeds $6 trillion which is more than our gross domestic product. In other words, our politicians continue to spend more than we earn. Just government spending on welfare exceeds a trillion bucks as bleeding hearts insist on paying able bodied freeloaders not to work. LBJ and the Democrats declared war on poverty almost 50 years ago and pounded trillions down the rat hole. How’d that work out?

We are blowing over a trillion bucks on education while our children pile up student loans and learn very little. When I attended school a long time ago, America was number one in the world, now we are 30th and dropping. Education should not be about money, it should be about learning! Just like most of our Defense spending has NOTHING to do with defense, most education spending is pure fluff! I submit, students don’t learn better in marble buildings than they do in metal buildings.

During this period of government bailouts and wild money printing, the Trickle Down Economy should be in its glory days but 63% of Americans say that if they had a $500 unexpected expense, they would have to sell something or borrow money to pay it. The median family income has dropped about $5,000 in recent years. Our government punishes our legitimate businesses with the world’s highest taxes, the world’s most burdensome regulations and forced expenses like the world’s highest minimum wage, forced training and forced unionization. The result is as predictable as the sunrise. companies either go bankrupt or move overseas. On top of all this, our government has opened the flood gates to the world’s poor, uneducated, unhealthy huddled masses yearning to jump on the welfare gravy train. It’s called Immigration Reform.

Don’t worry; all the politicians have been promising to help the middle class for several years!

Maybe the Stock Market will never crash AGAIN and the House of Cards will stand forever? Maybe ISIS and Iran won’t knock out our power grid or our crumbling infrastructure?


Maybe Donald Trump is wrong but you know in your heart he’s right.

Who I Support and Why

February 11, 2016


I am sorry I don’t have a Super PAC to blast my message incessantly over your TV set and don’t own a newspaper to trash candidates with on the front page. I am an old fifth generation resident of Arkansas who grew up in a one room house and worked from the time I was ten years old. We never had running water or a TV set at home but I never felt poor and we never received a dime’s worth of welfare. Thank God for that!


After flying combat missions in Vietnam I returned to Arkansas ten years after I left for the military. In a five county district where “Republican” was a dirty word and in a state where only one Republican State Senator sit in the Arkansas Senate with 34 Democrats, I decided to run for State Senator 44 years ago. When I received 40% of the vote it sent shock waves across the state. With a huge voter turnout, in losing I received more votes than many of those who were elected and more than any Republican candidate for Arkansas State Senator in history. After the election I served as the youngest Republican County Chairman before accepting a federal job and getting out of politics for a couple of decades.


I did come up through the ranks to become a Colonel and commander of a six billion dollar provisional wing in the Air Force before I retired.


Please allow me to share why I support Donald Trump for President. He is the only candidate who can turn things around in America and do it quickly. Quickly is important because I do not believe we have the luxury of kicking the can down the road one more time. If every man, woman and child in America, legal and illegal, chipped in a million dollars to prop up our country, we would still be in trouble. Being optimistic and saying America’s best days are ahead would be like a rat in a trap in the engine room of the Titanic singing “Happy Days are here Again!”


The one thing I know after being an Intelligence Analyst at the National Security Agency is that countries do fail and they do it frequently. Great leadership has kept the wolf away from our door in the past but there is a drought of leadership in America at EVERY level today. The days when we could toss the mattress on top of the Model A Ford and flee the Dust Bowl for California are long gone. Californians are fleeing to Texas.


These are just some of the reasons I believe Trump is THE man:

★He is immune to special interest lobbying because he has accepted no donations or special interest money. No other candidate can make this claim.
★He is an executive. The President of the United States is the Chief Executive Officer of our nation. We don’t need a policy expert or a legislator – we need someone who knows how to run an organization. Mr. Trump is the only candidate who has a proven record as a successful executive on a global scale.
★He is honest. Mr. Trump is a man who tells the truth. He may not always say it in the most polished way, but our country has had enough suave liars. It is time for some straight forward honesty.
★He is decisive. As President every decision he makes would be in the best interest of the country. We hear about his having business interests that filed for bankruptcy. In each case, he looked at the situation as it was, and then he cut his losses. We need someone who will look at government programs realistically and stop funding them if they are failures. Government waste is legendary!

★He is courageous. Mr. Trump has been viciously attacked by the Washington establishment and the media – and he has not budged one inch. In other words, he is willing to take charge and lead.
★He listens. At Trump Presidential events, the audience gets to actually speak to him without being screened, and he responds without a teleprompter.

★His success is unmatched in the business world by all the others. There is a difference between being elected Governor or Senator and fitting into an organization that has been operating for centuries versus risking YOUR own money and building YOUR OWN business from the ground up through thick and thin. Simply put: Governors and Senators HAVE NO SKIN IN THE GAME, PERIOD!
★Having intelligence and an IQ of 157, we don’t see bewildered stares from Trump like we see in other candidates.
★Before running for president, Trump was ranked the 45th most recognizable person in the world above President Obama, Pope Francis, Henry Ford and even Cleopatra.
★He wrote 10 best-selling books including “The Art of the Deal” that was a number 1 best seller and remained on the New York Times Best Seller list for 51 weeks.
★He does business worldwide and knows the leaderS and understands the cultures.
★His businesses include construction, media, manufacturing, travel, entertainment and publishing.
★He’s a job producer and, just for the record, most of his CEO’s are women who are paid as much or more than men.
★He gives millions to charities. When he raised $6 million in Iowa for Vets, $1 million was his own money.
★He understands currency manipulation, money exchanges, inflation, deflation worldwide wages and HOW TO COMPETE.
★His tax program 0-10-15-25 is simple. One reason government is so complicated is to justify more unionized bureaucrats.
★His universal interstate medical insurance program is very realistic and allows for actual competition. Bean counters make more than Surgeons in our upside down Obamacare.

★He has a good five point immigration program.
★He’s pro military & strongly supports our Veterans to the degree he will take ISIS oil fields to take care of our Vets if necessary.
★He will build a wall and seal off the boarder. He built a 96 story building; have any of the other candidates ever built ANYTHING, even a dog house? He understands that a nation without borders and language that refuses to enforce its own laws is not a nation at all.

★He’s anti-Iran deal and pro-Israel. The DEAL states we have to protect Iran if Israel attacks while Iran keeps saying they are going to wipe Israel and us off of the map.

★His pro Christmas stance stands in stark contrast to the Democrats who booed God at the DNC and Obama who placed a Mao ornament on the White House HOLIDAY Tree.
★He also realizes that our nation is being trashed worldwide and speaks up about it.
★He recognizes the China money manipulation policy which is anti-USA.
★ He says that Japan’s tariff on US goods is one way deal making.
★He wants to put a tariff on Mexican goods and cut off aid.
★Remember when Trump said; we protect Saudi Arabia therefore they must pay.
★We fought for Afghanistan while spending billions to help those people; now China is mining their minerals because the Obama administration is incompetent and populated with stupid leaders.

★He wants a high tech world class military instead of a military that is not allowed to even defend itself.
★He realizes we have a Muslin problem in this nation.
★He thinks Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud pointing to his SS#, no draft card, old pass port, E-verification status, SEALED school records and scholarships only available to foreign students.
★He will work for one dollar per year salary, give the rest to charity and not accept the pension after his presidency if elected.

★The greatest thing Donald will do for our economy is slash regulations and taxes so our companies can come home and compete on an even keel.  Simply put, he will take the government boots off the necks of Americans.

Donald J. Trump is not trying to win a popularity contest or fill a Pulpit in a Church. You and I can probe his past and find something with which we disagree. We can do the very same thing with the Apostle Paul who persecuted Christians before he became a Christian.

There is not a day that goes by when I don’t hear the media twisting, spinning or outright lying about something Trump or another candidate said.


The media is accustomed to telling us what we should think and who we should vote for. The media is gnashing teeth and renting clothes as their power is draining out of their tiny skulls. If everybody spent as little as Trump spends on his campaign, more media would go bankrupt.

The Puppet Candidates normally skyrocket to the top while the media French kisses them on national TV. THAT AIN’T HAPPENING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY! Trump may not be conservative enough or Christian enough for some but being conservative won’t mean anything if we don’t have a country to be conservative in. Are you going to waste your vote on a Business As Usual candidate or are you ready to help MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN?

Dirty History of McConnell and the RNC

September 3, 2015


I hope one day the average Republican will be as alert as Donald Trump and yours truly. I know the exigencies of life demand most American’s full attention but it has allowed the Republican leaders to run afoul of their responsibilities to the American People. I would prefer that the RNC, Priebus, McConnell and Boehner sign a pledge that THEY will treat all Republican Candidates equal and then fully support the nominee.

The Republican leaders have declared WAR against conservatives and HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES:

When a conservative was leading in the polls against one of McConnell’s rubber stamp Senators, Thad Cochran of Mississippi, McConnell and a group of Senators including my own Senator, hatched a scheme to persuade black ministers to urge their Democratic congregations to vote in the Republican runoff election. The threat was that if they didn’t vote for Cochran the free stuff they were used to would be cut off. McConnell poured $50,000 into the effort and Cochran was narrowly reelected.

You see, we can’t have extremists nominated because, as Karl Rove says, they can’t be elected! Mitch McConnell was one of only TWO Republican Senators who voted with 100% of the Democrats to keep funding Planned Parenthood and their trafficking in aborted baby body parts. One other senator, Lindsey Graham, failed to vote which essentially was support for the McConnell and Democratic position. I ask you, who are the extremists?


Then there is one of my favorite conservative Republicans, Ken Cuccinelli. Ken was Attorney General of Virginia when he announced his candidacy for Governor in 2013. In a three way race with a Democrat, Republican and Libertarian, Cuccinelli was narrowly defeated by the Democrat. Conservatives rightfully blame the Republican Governors Association and the Republican National Committee for not putting enough money into the race. The Tea Party claims the establishment sold the Tea Party out again, just as it did during the government shutdown when MODERATE GOP SENATORS DIDN’T HAVE THE GUTS TO STAND AND FIGHT OVER OBAMACARE.

Dede Scozzafava is the Poster Child of Republican Establishment leader’s gross malfeasance. The Republicans in the 23rd Congressional District of New York only had one choice for a candidate who supported Republican values and it was not the Republican nominee or the Democratic nominee.


Many notable Republicans, including former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson, endorsed Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman rather than the Republican candidate because they deemed Scozzafava too liberal and ideologically indistinguishable from the Democrat. Scozzafava also drew strong opposition from the Tea Party movement.

Scozzafava voted for same-sex marriage in the New York State Assembly and she had also received an award from a Planned Parenthood affiliate in 2008. Scozzafava’s political positions included support for “card check” legislation, support for federal funding for abortion, support for President Obama’s 2009 stimulus package, and a refusal to rule out support for health care reform that included a “public option.”

Polls had Doug Hoffman in the lead and on a pathway leading to election as Congressman. Hoffman would have voted and caucused with the Republican Party and would have been a valuable conservative voice in the House. This scared the Republican establishment much more than electing the Democrat so they poured a million dollars into Scozzafava’s campaign just hours before she withdrew from the race and endorsed the Democrat. Scozzafave’s name was still on the ballot and the final vote was Democrat-73,137; Conservative-69,553; Republican-8,582.

Influential establishment Republicans have even aligned in groups and PACs like The Main Street Partnership and the Tuesday Group that represent moderate Republicans like Senators McCain, Mark Kirk and Susan Collins along with Dozens of Representatives. There is big money available for tax and spend Republicans and strong support from many deep pockets.

I know many Republicans are shocked that the Democrats get their way even with so-called Republicans controlling the House and Senate. Most Republicans do not watch the liberal news stations but if they did they would be shocked by who the regular guests are. The former National Republican Chairman Michael Steele is employed by MSNBC as a Regular Political Analyst. The Hanoi Songbird, John McCain is also a frequent guest on Lamestreem Media as is Reince Priebus, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.

Donald Trump knows to what lengths the Establishment Liberal Republicans will go to defeat any conservative in favor of the John McCain’s, Mitt Romney’s and Bush family. The media from A to Z are willing confederates because they all want Liberals in the White House. Fox News is a top ten donor to the Clintons way above big unions. To hedge their bets the media feels more comfortable with a Liberal Republican nominee against a Liberal Democratic nominee. May I remind you that our worst spending spree in history started with George Bush and his Democratic House and Senate?


In conclusion, the vast majority of the American People are also known as the Silent Majority. We are also know by another word by Republican Establishment leaders, we are “Extremists” because we expect government to be small and efficient while allowing us to pursue happiness and enjoy freedom to earn a living and support our families as we choose. We may not swear to uphold the Constitution like our politicians do but we will die fighting for our Constitution while our Politicians and Judges thumb their noses at our precious founding document.

I know not what course others may take but as for me, I SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP.


July 7, 2015


I know most Republicans are industrious hard working folks who can’t possibly keep up with the devious conniving antics of the Republican Party. If we are to have any possibility of saving the Party of Lincoln and Reagan, we must first become informed about the Liberal Radicalization of Party leaders. I believe about 80% of the GOP members are conservatives who support less taxes, smaller government, the Constitution, secure borders, legal immigration, strong national defense and less regulation of business and industry. I am speaking to the 80% who are being drowned out by the aggressive determined minority.

I hope the Dede Scozzafava election is burned into your memory forever! The special election for Congress in New York’s 23rd District was between Liberal Republican State Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava, Democrat Bill Owens and Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman. Polls showed Doug Hoffman would likely win with support from the TEA Party. The Republican National Committee gave Scozzafava close to a million dollars but a billion dollars would not have saved her campaign. Just three days before the election, Scozzafava dropped out of the race and endorsed the Democrat although her name remained on the ballot. The final vote tally was 48.3% for the Democrat, 46% for Hoffman and 5.7% for Scozzafava. The million dollars from the RNC and Scozzafava engineered the defeat for the conservative.

Dede Scozzafava announced that she would not run for re-election to the State Assembly in the 2010 election cycle and endorsed the Democratic nominee Brian McGrath. McGrath, however, lost the election and Scozzafava was succeeded by a Republican. Scozzafava was then appointed New York Deputy Secretary of State for Local Government by Democratic Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. Hoffman, on the other hand, is public enemy number one to the RNC.

I think it is important for Republicans to know how our money is spent by our Liberal Republican leaders including John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Eric Cantor, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, Kit Bond, Peter King, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Chuck Hagel and many more. At least Chuck Hagel had the decency to officially switch parties.

Let me take you back to the Virginia Governor’s race of 2013. Three candidates appeared on the ballot, Republican Ken Cuccinelli, the Attorney General of Virginia; Democrat Terry McAuliffe, former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee; and Libertarian Robert Sarvis, a lawyer and businessman. I worked hard to get Cuccinelli elected; we follow each other on Twitter. Cuccinelli should have been elected but lost by 2.5% of the vote. Are you strong enough to understand the workings deep down in the bowls of the Republican Party?

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling made a deal with Governor McDonnell whereby Bolling would run for re-election as lieutenant governor in 2009, enabling McDonnell to run for governor without a primary, in exchange for McDonnell’s support in 2013. After the 2009 election, Bolling made no secret of his intention to run for governor in 2013, while Attorney General of Virginia Ken Cuccinelli openly stated that he was considering three options: a run for re-election as attorney general, running for the U.S. Senate in 2014, and running for governor in 2013. Cuccinelli announced to colleagues on December 1, 2011, that he was indeed running for governor. Bolling responded on the same day that he was disappointed that Cuccinelli decided to challenge him (the very idea!).

Bolling, who was polling poorly against Cuccinelli, withdrew from the race on November 28, 2012. He ruled out running for another term as Lieutenant Governor and refused to endorse Cuccinelli. Bolling considered running as an independent, but decided against it. Bolling also rejected the possibility of a write-in campaign. Cuccinelli was clearly the choice of the Tea Party but got very little help from the Republican Party. Still, Cuccinelli only lost by a tiny margin even with no GOP support. The Independent received 6.5% of the vote. That is often the consequence Independent candidates have, they ensure victory for Democrats. Thanks to the RNC, the Republican Party lost a Governor’s seat.

Cuccinelli was a great public servant worthy of support from the RNC. He advocated for a wrongfully convicted man who served 27 years in prison and then hired him to work in the AG’s Office. He fought sex trafficking and fought to preserve Virginia’s anti-sodomy law saying repeal “threatens to undo convictions of child predators that were obtained under this law after 2003.” Cuccinelli said the law was important for prosecutors to be able to “obtain felony charges against adults who commit or solicit this sex act with minors,” and noted that the law “is not – and cannot be — used against consenting adults acting in private.” Of course, the U.S. Supreme Court denied Cuccinelli’s appeal.

Then there is Ted Cruz. The Republican Primary for U.S. Senator in Texas was something else! Declared Candidates were Glenn Addison, funeral home owner; Joe Agris, plastic surgeon; Curt Cleaver, owner of a hotel management company; Ted Cruz, former State Solicitor General; David Dewhurst, Texas Lieutenant Governor; Ben Gambini; Charles Holcomb, retired judge; Craig James, sports commentator and former professional football player; Tom Leppert, former mayor of Dallas; and Lela Pittenger, mediator.

Several withdrew, Elizabeth Ames Jones, Florence Shapiro, Michael Williams and Roger Williams.

Some well known names declined to run including Kay Bailey Hutchison, incumbent U.S. senator; Robert Paul, doctor and son of Ron Paul; Ron Paul himself, U.S. Representative and Dan Patrick, Texas state senator.

So here is how the race of the decade shaped up, David Dewhurst was the darling of the Republican establishment. He was endorsed by Governor Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee, most state organizations and several Liberal Newspapers. Ted Cruz was endorsed by Sarah Palin. Of course, I also did what I could for Ted Cruz and still do, we followed each other on Twitter from the beginning when Cruz was polling just 4%. The Primary ended up with David Dewhurst 44.6%, Ted Cruz 34.2% and the rest from 13% on down. The runoff resulted in 56.8% for Cruz and Ted cruised to a 56.5% win in the General Election. Cruz’s election was described by the Washington Post as “the biggest upset of 2012 . . . a true grassroots victory against very long odds.”

Yes fellow Republicans, miracles do happen!

We can’t forget Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. Rand’s Primary opponent was the darling of Republican Elites Trey Grayson, Kentucky Secretary of State. Senator Jim Bunning decided not to seek reelection because his poll numbers were so low. Grayson garnered endorsements from Senator Mitch McConnell, former Vice President Dick Cheney, former presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani, Senator Rick Santorum, Representative Hal Rogers, and several members of the Kentucky State Legislature. Sarah Palin endorsed Rand Paul and, of course, I worked hard to get him elected against the wishes of my Kentucky relatives.

Rand Paul defeated Grayson 58.8% to 35.4%. Even with VERY LITTLE GOP support, Rand Paul won the General Election with 55.7% of the vote.

During the 2014 Senate election, Rand Paul was visibly embarrassed to have supported Mitch McConnell for re-election against a conservative challenger Matt Bevin. Bevin was endorsed by the conservative Madison Project, the Senate Conservatives Fund and conservative talk radio hosts Mark Levin and Glenn Beck. In a radio interview posted to YouTube, the conservative freshman was asked by an incredulous Glenn Beck why he’s endorsing the Senate Republican leader. After an awkward pause, Paul tried to change the subject. “Um … I’m here in Texas today to endorse Don Huffines,” he said. Beck burst into laughter. Paul laughed with him, and then took a stab at answering the question. But he couldn’t muster up a single nice thing to say about his fellow Kentuckian and leader of his party. “Uhh, because he asked me,” Paul said. “He asked me when there was nobody else in the race and I said yes.” I think maybe Paul did it to prove he does not hold a grudge against McConnell for endorsing his opponent? After trashing Matt Bevin, McConnell finally endorsed him for Governor of Kentucky this year.

The likes of Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Reince Priebus have literally declared war against conservatives by creating well funded PACs to support liberal Republicans. McConnell chipped in $50,000 to help Thad Cochran defeat a conservative Republican challenger. Several other Senators chipped in including my own Senator John Boozman. That wasn’t enough, the Republican leaders then sought black Democratic ministers to urge their church members to crossover and vote in the Republican Primary for Thad Cochran so they could continue to receive FREE STUFF! Still, in the primary Chris McDaniel defeated Cochran 49.5% to 49% with Thomas Cary receiving 1.5%. In the runoff election with some help from Democrats, Cochran won 51% to 49%. Clearly the Republican leaders dislike TEA Party Conservatives much more than Democrats. Almost $18 million was spent during the Primary Election in tiny Mississippi.

I could go on and on with races like Liberal Republican Lamar Alexander’s race in Tennessee. Even Mike Huckabee’s most loyal army went crazy when Huckabee indorsed Lamar. In December 2012, Alexander announced he would be seeking re-election to a third Senate term in 2014. Alexander’s campaign had a war chest of $3.1 million in cash going into his 2014 re-election bid.
In an August 2013 letter to Alexander signed by over twenty Tennessee tea-party groups, the groups called on Alexander to retire from the Senate in 2014, or face a primary challenge. The letter stated: “During your tenure in the Senate we have no doubt that you voted in a way which you felt was appropriate. Unfortunately, our great nation can no longer afford compromise and bipartisanship, two traits for which you have become famous. America faces serious challenges and needs policymakers who will defend conservative values, not work with those who are actively undermining those values.”

Although Alexander was initially thought to be vulnerable to a primary challenge from the right, he worked to avoid this and ultimately did not face a high-profile challenger. He declared his intention to run early, quickly won the endorsement of Governor Bill Haslam, every living former Tennessee Republican Party Chairman and the state’s Republican congressional delegation. He also raised a large amount of money and worked to avoid the mistakes of ousted Senators Bob Bennett and Richard Lugar by trying to stay in touch with his constituents, especially in East Tennessee. Moreover, out-of-state conservative organizations such as the Senate Conservatives Fund made little effort to defeat Alexander.
Alexander won the Republican primary, defeating Tennessee Representative Joe Carr, though he recorded the lowest winning percentage (49.7%) and lowest margin of victory ever in a primary for a Republican U.S. Senator from Tennessee. Carr won a larger percentage of the vote than the previous 11 challengers to sitting Republican U.S. Senators in Tennessee history combined.

I wonder if you have learned ANYTHING about Mike Huckabee yet? If trying to reign in Democrats wasn’t hard enough, we now have to purge these radicalized Liberal Republicans!

Can you imagine what the Republican Party could do if it embraced the TEA Party instead of rejecting it? I am here to tell you the TEA Party is not the enemy of the GOP, the TEA Party is the enemy of Liberalism, Big Government, Socialism, over taxing, wasteful spending, amnesty for illegal aliens, unsecure borders, weak national defense, giving away our sovereignty, taking guns away from law abiding citizens, removing God from our culture, abortion on demand, Obamacare, lifetime welfare for able bodied people and dumbing down and indoctrinating our children.

We want America to be competitive again instead of shipping our jobs and our factories overseas. America cannot compete because our government has hog tied our industry with the highest taxes in the world, tons of regulations, minimum wages ten times higher than MOST of the world and laws that favor unions and importers. Add the 30 million illegal aliens taking our jobs and we have a recipe for destroying the American Dream. Unemployment for black male teens in Chicago is 94% while Mayor Rahm Emanuel is giving city intern jobs to illegal aliens.

The totality of the insanity gripping my once great country is mind boggling! America is teetering on the brink of collapse and our Republican leaders are too lazy to even fiddle! I doubt that my tiny voice crying in the wilderness will have any appreciable effect but I simply cannot set on my thumbs and keep silent.

When Ted Curz fought against raising the debt ceiling, Republican leaders criticized him for SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT. Somebody needs to shut down about 50% of the government if we are to have any chance of digging out of our black hole.

When Donald Trump exposed the atrocity that is ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, the Republican leader’s shrill twisted rhetoric could be heard as far away as the old Belgian Congo.

Mayday, mayday, mayday!


June 16, 2015

It is easy to get caught up in the HOUSE OF CARDS that is QUANTITATIVE EASING. You have a right to know what our politicians are doing.


Generally, quantitative easing involves central banks buying up bonds with newly created money. This scheme is expected to boost economic growth as it has the following effects:
• Buying up large quantities of bonds suppresses long-term interest rates. This is extremely important, as long-term interest rates are far more important for economic growth than short-term interest rates.
• Substantially forcing down interest rates – particularly yields on government bonds – encourages investors to seek refuge in riskier investments because the return is higher. Oops, the risks are also MUCH higher. In other words: Quantitative easing generates an increase in investment in stocks, company bonds, and the like.
• Lower interest rates prompt more borrowing and less saving. I don’t think that is good for the people since 31% said they went without some form of medical care in the last year because they couldn’t afford it. One in five said their spending exceeded their income over the last year, just 63% said they saved any money at all over the past 12 months and 31% of nonretirees said they had no retirement savings or pension.
• Higher stock and bond prices improve the balance sheet position for many parties. If too many old debts were the reason for not borrowing any more, that situation changes if asset values rise and particularly if housing prices rise as well.
• Generally, the currency of the country implementing quantitative easing depreciates, as it becomes more appealing for domestic investors to invest in the country in question, due to lower interest rates. There is also more money in circulation, part of which will probably be invested elsewhere. A cheaper currency then aids foreign trade.

However, QE cannot simply generate wealth, and the drawbacks and potential risks of even more QE will become greater the more money that the U.S. prints out of thin air. Therefore, QE has several drawbacks worth considering for both policy makers and investors:
• It will only buy more time. It does not solve the underlying economic problems.
• The pressure on politicians to take the necessary structural measures to create higher economic growth is temporarily alleviated if interest rates are being depressed.
• Speculation of quantitative easing has an upward effect on commodity prices. As Western countries and Japan have to import a lot of commodities, that inhibits growth.
• Quantitative easing forces investors to step into ever-riskier investments. That could cause an enormous problem in a subsequent recession.
• Should QE achieve to temporarily lift economic growth through higher credit extension, inflation will rise immediately as the enormous amount of money created flows into the real economy. Investors in bonds will anticipate this, and will begin selling bonds – they lose more value the higher inflation expectations – so there is a high risks that interest rates rise even more than inflation. The result is that it becomes increasingly expensive for both the government and the private sector to refinance debts, and risks of bankruptcy loom.
• If the central bank does try to avert higher inflation and interest rates when the economy starts growing again, it has to drain the money it has pumped into the banks before. The more money printed, the more money has to be withdrawn. To the extent that high money creation boosted asset prices, the opposite occurs if liquidity is withdrawn from the system. The more money printed, the more downward pressure there will be on asset prices if the central bank reverses this process.

So, here we are between a rock and a hard place. If printing dollars out of thin air was good then the more the U.S. prints the better, right? Sort of like the minimum wage; if raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour is good, raising it to $100 would be GREAT, right? In my humble opinion, Gold Prices should be at least triple what they are and stock prices about one third of what they are. So how does this work? If only gold was traded it could not be easily manipulated because it is a finite commodity. No problem, just create derivatives. During the last two years gold is up in a bull market in EVERY currency in the world except one, the dollar. In the dollar gold is down. Draw your own conclusions.

“A security whose price is dependent upon or derived from one or more underlying assets. The derivative itself is merely a contract between two or more parties. Its value is determined by fluctuations in the underlying asset. The most common underlying assets include stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, interest rates and market indexes. Most derivatives are characterized by high leverage.”

The contracts to buy or sell gold FAR EXCEED the total supply of gold. The same can happen with any commodity. A farmer wants to lock in the price of his corn so he sells futures on 100,000 bushels of corn that expire in September. When that contract expires in September the farmer must produce the corn or buy back the contract. Traders or speculators setting in a skyscraper on Wall Street can also sell corn. They can sell as much as people will buy even if the contracts exceed all the corn on the whole planet. If they think the prices will go down they sell, if they think prices will go up they buy. In the House of Cards you can sell things you don’t have. So what is determining the price of corn, the supply and demand of the corn or the action of the derivatives?

It is one big game played on a giant stage. Speculators buy orange juice futures, rumors circulate that a freeze is coming and prices soar. A drought falls over the Corn Belt and prices soar. Rain comes and prices drop. Someone’s great aunt has a toe pain and pork bellies collapse.



Goldman Sachs Group said a group of investors that includes Eli Broad and Hank Greenberg will sink $3 billion into one of its biggest hedge funds, which has seen its value plunge amid market volatility.

The investment bank said its Global Equity Opportunities fund “suffered significantly” as global markets sold off on worries about debt and credit. The fund lost as much as 14% of its value during the past 12 months, according to media reports, and is currently worth about $3.6 billion.

Goldman Sachs will lead the group of investors to help bail out the hedge fund, which relies on computer-driven trading strategies. Other investors include Broad, Greenberg’s C.V. Starr, and Perry Capital.

In addition, the investment bank said that two other hedge funds it manages — Global Alpha and the North American Equities Opportunities Fund — have also suffered during the market dislocation. Goldman said it “reduced risk and leverage” in the funds to stem losses.”

The Media and Democrats applied the term, TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMY to Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts in the wake of Jimmy Carter’s liberal policies. The term has been attributed to humorist Will Rogers, who said during the Great Depression that “money was all appropriated for the top in hopes that it would trickle down to the needy.”

During this period of government bailouts and wild money printing, the Trickle Down Economy should be in its glory days but 47% of Americans say that if they had a $400 unexpected expense they would have to sell something or borrow money to pay it. The median family income has dropped about $5,000 in recent years. Americans are struggling and things can get MUCH worse. Our government punishes our legitimate businesses with the world’s highest taxes, the world’s most burdensome regulations and forced expenses like minimum wage and forced unionization. The result is as predictable as the sunrise. Companies either go bankrupt or move overseas. On top of all this, our government has opened the flood gates to the world’s poor, uneducated, unhealthy huddled masses yearning to jump on the welfare gravy train. It’s called Immigration Reform.

Don’t worry; all the politicians have been promising to help the middle class for several years!

Maybe the Stock Market will never crash AGAIN and the House of Cards will stand forever? I read the speculation about a recession and more QE this year but how would I know? I think we all should pay close attention to the totality of the threat to the American Way of Life. You will not learn it from the Media or your friendly politician.


January 5, 2015


I was driving to have coffee with some friends when the Huckabee Report came on the radio. Huckabee was telling about ascending to the office of governor and inheriting a lopsided government more lopsided than Massachusetts. He then bragged about making the best of it and getting tax cuts passed along with positive legislation. What Mike neglected to mention is that he kept all the Democrat Cabinet Members and his very first appointment as governor was ANOTHER DEMOCRAT. In fact, after ten years in office his Democrat Cabinet members were attending campaign events for the Democrat candidate for governor. Huckabee did cut some taxes but the net effect was that he increased taxes half a billion dollars more than he cut taxes while he increased spending by 65% and the number of bureaucrats by 20%.

Huckabee became governor when the Democratic governor was indicted. He called a meeting with the few Republican legislators but refused to attend his meeting. Instead, he had his Chief of Staff make a simple announcement that Huckabee would support those who support him and would not support those who would not support him. Nobody was going to defeat Huckabee during his first election after becoming governor by default but I ran to have a voice to expose his transgressions.

The second time he ran was a different story. No serious Democrat would challenge a man who had been so good for the Democratic Party; however, a little known token female did run. If 1.5% of the voters had changed their votes, she would have defeated Mike Huckabee. At the end of his last term he destroyed all the hard drives in his office and left the Republican Party in shambles. Not one Republican was elected to a statewide Constitutional office and the Republican candidate for Governor, Asa Hutchinson was defeated by double digits. Eight years later Asa was elected by double digits. Rebuilding after the Huckabee tsunami has taken a long time.


Mike Huckabee’s political endorsements get a lot of attention. During the Texas Senate primary, Huckabee was one of David Dewhurst’s most prominent backers. “Plenty of candidates say they’re conservative, but the only proven conservative in this race is David Dewhurst,” Huckabee said in a campaign ad.

Earlier, in an ad released a mere hour and a half after the announcement that Sarah Palin was endorsing another candidate, Ted Cruz, Huckabee remarked, “David’s conservative leadership helped Texas pass more pro-life legislation than any state in America.” In an ad released after Huckabee endorsed Dewhurst, Huckabee criticized the “Washington insiders [who] have come to Texas falsely attacking David Dewhurst.” Ted Cruz, in spite of polling only 4% in the beginning, went on to soundly defeat Dewhurst.


The real firestorm came when Huckabee endorsed Lamar Alexander. This is quoted from Breitbart: “Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee angered his Facebook fans after endorsing Sen. Lamar Alexander against conservative state Representative Joe Carr last month.

Carr has been endorsed by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham for the August 7th primary. And Carr has been relentlessly hammering Alexander for voting for the Senate’s amnesty bill even after law enforcement officials warned Alexander that it would lure more illegal immigrants from Central America.

Nearly every one of close to 450 comments beneath Huckabee’s announcement on his Facebook page blasts Huckabee for supporting Alexander. One Huckabee fan said, “We supported and worked hard to get Governor Huckabee delegates when he ran in TN. His endorsement of Lamar with his liberal voting record is both an insult and disappointment.” Another supporter wrote, “With this endorsement, you lose my support and funds!” The Huckabee fan said that “Alexander has repeatedly proven himself … to be as bad a rino and sellout to the conservative cause as” Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and singled out his support for “amnesty over simple enforcement of existing laws.”

Here is a sampling of the blowback from Huckabee’s own supporters in the past month, exactly as they appear on Facebook:

-Are you serious? You are not the conservative I thought you were. Lamar Alexander is the most liberal republican in the state of Tennessee.
-We supported and worked hard to get Governor Huckabee delegates when he ran in TN. His endorsement of Lamar with his liberal voting record is both an insult and disappointment.
-I guess your true colors are now showing. Supporting a liberal, which ever the way the wind blows part of the problem, Republican. Sorry can’t trust who you are supporting.
-With this endorsement, you lose my support and funds! Lamar Alexander has repeatedly proven himself proven himself to be as bad a rino and sellout to the conservative cause as Mcain in Arizona! Alaxander supports the presidents anti gun agenda. He has come out in favor of amnesty over simple enforcement of existing laws. And finally his voting record on Obamacare is despicable!
-Well, Mike, I just lost some respect for you; lamar alexander is far from the type of candidate I want to support, and I hope you come to your senses too — check his record, and compare it to the ideals I’ve witnessed you promote on so many occasions.
-Joe Carr not Lamar!!!
-Voted for Carr not Lamar… Disappointed in you Huck !
-Very disappointed in you, Mike! Alexander has voted too many times with Obama . . . -Amnesty, etc. Can’t vote for him this time. Besides, he’s the one who said terms should be limited to two.
-No, no, no. He hasn’t listened to his fellow Tennesseans.
-Gov, Huckabee I don’t think you realize how much Lamaur has hurt Tennessee and he is far from conservative. There are very few times that I’ve disagreed with you on political issues, but we are definitely on a different page concerning Lamar. I am very surprised and disappointed you are supporting a man who voted with Obama on —-Healthcare, war on coal , cutting veterans benefits and higher taxes in Tennessee, just to namea few.I really hope Joe Carr replaces him and his liberal agenda.
-Huck, explain yourself here. What about Lamar makes sense and tell us what about Joe Carr doesn’t?
-Mike how come you are endorsing a man who has forgotten our platform .and voted for cloture on the veterans loosing benefits budget. Someone forgot to tell him is is the only power we have to stop in this administration and his lack of controlling illegals and amnesty puts him as a democrat.and you have lost any credibility as far as us combat vetetans in tn are concerned
-What the hell?? Have you been drinking from their river of money too?
-Huckabee is just another establishment hack. So is Lamar. Out with Lamar and vote for a real conservative, Joe Carr.
-No we will not vote for Lamar Alexander. Disappointed to see you endorse him.
Lori G Lockhart Mike Huckabee, I respect all that you are doing and have done for our country, however I am shocked you would support Lamar! As a lifetime Tennessee resident it’s time for Lamar to go! He has went against the “We the People” to many times! He has supported obuma and his policies to many times. After seeing all the negative comments on this status I hope and pray you change your decision.
-You are better than that, Mike. Alexander has long out lasted his orange checkered shirt and his admirable walk across TN. Personality has gotten him more than he deserves. We need someone who will lead. Alexander spent the entire LAST election trying to discover just the right portrait blending determination and compassion … And none of his revised portraits hit the mark. We need someone who DOES … Not poses! -Have a great retirement, Lamar.
-I respect you governor but I will not vote again for Lamar. My vote will go to a real Conservative, Joe Carr.
-WHAT are you thinking????
-Mike, we in TN. know you backed the WRONG HORSE in this race!!!!!!!!!! -We Don’t need OUTSIDERS telling us how to vote. SHAME on you Mike!
-Mike, you are backing the wrong man
-I’m losing all respect for Mike Huckabee….
-Lamar has sold out bad endorsement
-I always thought Huckabee was too liberal for me.
-Yeah, the ole Huckster lost me on this one.
-Well, Mr. Huckabee, I can’t believe you support this Rino. He voted against the people and with Obama every time.
-So…Mr. Huckabee, after reading all the comments offered here, I am leaving you with one Big Question ! Why are you endorsing Lamar “rino” Alexander ? I am sure everyone would like to hear your answer…
-Sorry Huck, Lamar has gone liberal on us Tennesseans, voted for more gun control, and backed Obama’s liberal choices for offices. Vote Joe Carr!!!!!
-Mick Hartley Our founding fathers wanted “the butchers, the bakers, and the candlestick makers” to serve their country and then come back and live under the laws that they enacted . We don’t need career politicians, we need patriots.
-I dont stand with Huckabee on this.
-I used to admire your commentary and thought you stood to the right to the middle or the left…so for mr. Huckabee you have endorsed every incumbent in my district….just how much money are they lining your pockets with to endorse them?? I am afraid you are becoming a right hand rino…
-Governor, you just lost me as a fan. I cannot believe you would endorse Alexander after his voting record! You should be embarrassed! -#VoteCarrNOTLamar!
-Gotta do homework here,Lamar is supporting Reid and Obama on to much…Tennessee needs Better support…
-Have you lost your mind? He’s about as two faced as you can get….. Lamar has to go….. Joe Carr for US Senate
-Huckabee, This shows just how out of touch you are. Keep your nose out of Tennessee politics. You obviously know nothing, so shut up!
-I was a Huckabee fan until you made that endorsement. Carr not Lamar!
-Ok mike you just lost my vote
-Big time disappointed that Mike Huckabee would support Lamar. Lamar needs to go. -Time for a change to a true conservative.”

Well, well, even after Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and others spent whole programs exposing Huckabee, the Huckabites still clung to him like a drowning man clings to a floating blow up doll. Even Fox News had an article on their website for about a decade titled, “Huckabee, the Biggest Big Government Conservative.”

After Mike Huckabee raised taxes in Arkansas, the poorest state in the nation, he moved to Florida where he pays no state income tax. As Glenn Beck said, the only effect Huckabee will have in the Presidential race will be to take some evangelical votes away from Ted Cruz. I say, since Huckabee’s candidate could not defeat Cruz in Texas, maybe Huck can spoil Ted’s run for President? Cruz is the closest thing we have had to Ronald Reagan since Ronald Reagan. Remember, Reagan won reelection by carrying 49 states.

How Democrats Subjugated Blacks in Arkansas for 100 years

February 23, 2014


If you studied Arkansas History in school and you’re a big boy or girl now, perhaps you are ready for the truth? Arkansas History books were written by Democrats after they had been vanquished by the Union Army. Thousands of Arkansans from North Arkansas fought to preserve the Union but most fought for the Confederacy. Many still have the perception that the first Republican Governor of Arkansas rode into town on a stagecoach with a carpetbag in hand. Rarely was the name Powell Clayton mentioned without calling him the Carpetbagger Governor. Let’s see if he deserved that title.

Clayton did leave Pennsylvania following the advice, “Go West Young Man.” Will Clayton, his great grandfather, was a close friend of William Penn and George Fox. All three were imprisoned because of their religious beliefs and all three were Quakers, George Fox being the founder of the Quakers. Fox visited what was to become Pennsylvania along with other parts of North America and reported back to William Penn. Then Will Clayton immigrated to what was called West Jersey and established the town of Chester named after his hometown Chichester in England. When William Penn was given the land by King George in payment for a debt the Crown owed his father, he wanted to rename West Jersey Sylvania meaning woods. The king talked him into naming it Pennsylvania in honor of his father, Admiral Sir William Penn, Sr. The plan was to establish Chester as the Capital of Pennsylvania. You see, Chester could have become the largest city in the British Empire, the location of Independence Hall and the First Capital of the United States. However, there was a problem with Chester. It was on the northern edge of the land that was in dispute between Penn and Lord Baltimore. Penn was forced to move a few miles north and have his surveyor lay out a new city which became all those things. He called it the city of brotherly love or Philadelphia. Chester and West Chester are just suburbs today.

Will Clayton was acting governor of Pennsylvania for awhile and the Claytons lived in Delaware County and farmed for 200 years. They fought in the Revolutionary War with George Washington. Powell Clayton was the first in the family to leave. Powell became the City Engineer in Leavenworth Kansas. That would be like a City Manager today. Those were the days when Kansas was a battleground between Abolitionists and Pro Slavery forces.

When war broke out, Powell joined the Union Army and fought in the first major battle west of the Mississippi River at Wilson’s Creek near Springfield, Missouri along the Old Wire Road that runs from Springfield to Fayetteville, Arkansas. Because of Powell’s training under former West Point Superintendent Alden Partridge, he was given command of a company of the Fifth Kansas Cavalry Regiment as a Captain. Although Clayton lost 49 out of his 74 man company at Wilson’s Creek, he fought with such gallantry he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and named Vice Commander of the Regiment. In February of 1862 Clayton was promoted to full Colonel and given command of the Fifth Kansas Cavalry Regiment. Under his leadership, morale and efficiency immediately began to improve. Wilson’s Creek was where First Lieutenant Omer Rose Weaver became the first Arkansan killed during the Civil War. Weaver was born in 1837 at Roseville south of Ozark.

In June of 1862, Colonel Powell Clayton was ordered to Arkansas with General Samuel Curtis to join the Army of the Southwest in Helena. Most of Clayton’s men boarded rafts and river boats south of Calico Rock for the journey down the White River toward Helena. A week later the regimental wagon train departed Houston, Missouri laden with valuable quartermaster and ordnance stores. The wagon train ran into the Fifteenth Texas Cavalry Rangers near Jacksonport and almost lost the whole wagon train before regaining the advantage and proceeding on to join the Regiment not far from Helena. If you think traveling in North Arkansas now is tough, imagine what is was like 150 years ago. My great great grandfather lived in Oxford after the war along the route Clayton took. Joseph P. McVay joined the Union Army and was a POW at Andersonville almost the entire 14 months the prison was open. He lived in Oxford in Izard County. He was a very strong man but barely survived Andersonville and was a broken man when he died in 1900. He applied for his Veteran’s Pension at Marshall in Searcy County before Baxter County or Mountain Home even existed.

Clayton established his headquarters in Helena at Captain Ben McGraw’s Hotel. Captain McGraw had been a riverboat captain on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers before becoming a hotelkeeper. There was only one problem with life at the McGraw Hotel, Ben’s daughter Adeline. She was a Southern lady with no use for the Yankees. Adeline caused such disruption and mayhem for the union soldiers that Colonel Clayton placed her under house arrest. In time her hostility diminished and after the war she became an important reason Powell Clayton chose to remain in Arkansas as Adeline became his bride and later First Lady of Arkansas. I’m thinking Clayton probably regretted arresting his future wife?

From the day Colonel Powell arrived in Helena until midwinter, the regiment was engaged weekly, and almost daily, in skirmishes with members of the confederate cavalry circling that post. On Thursday September 10, 1863, Major General Fred Steele, Army of Arkansas commander, marched on Little Rock. His army included Colonel Clayton’s Cavalry regiment along with Brigadier General John W. Davidson’s cavalry. The capital fell to Union troops that evening.

Following the capture of Little Rock, Colonel Clayton was ordered to Pine Bluff Garrison as commander of the military forces there. At 8:00 am, October 25, Brigadier General John S. Marmaduke’s men advanced toward Pine Bluff. General Marmaduke appeared before the garrison and demanded its surrender. Colonel Clayton replied that if General Marmaduke desired Pine Bluff, he was at liberty to attempt its capture. A furious attack ensued involving four thousand men and twelve pieces of artillery. Colonel Clayton’s command only comprised six hundred men and nine pieces of artillery. He massed his little command in the courthouse square, and with the help of 300 African American soldiers, he barricaded all the streets leading to the square with cotton bales. Houses between the barricades were filled with sharpshooters who commanded all the vacant space in front. With the artillery sweeping the streets in every direction, each charge upon the square had no effect. After failing to take the square by force after five hours of fierce fighting, General Marmaduke’s men attempted to burn out the Union forces. When this too failed, the Confederate forces retired, leaving Pine Bluff to the Federals and giving Colonel Clayton a brilliant victory.

Clayton then defeated General Thomas P. Dockery and his 2,000 men at The Battle of Mount Elba near Monticello. Years after the war, Clayton and Dockery would work together to establish the Eureka Springs Railroad. General Dockery owned a plantation and slaves before the war in Columbia County, at Lamartine, four miles north of Waldo, Arkansas.

Abraham Lincoln promoted Colonel Clayton to the rank of brigadier general in August 1864. General Clayton remained at Pine Bluff until August 24, 1865, when he was honorably mustered out of the service four months after General Robert E. Lee’s surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox, Virginia. To stand in the very house where that surrender took place is a highlight of my mundane life.

Powell Clayton’s evenhanded treatment of the citizens of Pine Bluff had won him respect. He had grown to love Arkansas and the friendly people of Jefferson County. Immediately after mustering out of the Army, and marrying Adeline, Powell and his younger brother, William went in together and bought a large plantation on the Arkansas River not far from Pine Bluff for $53,000. They called the plantation, “Linwood.” Later William’s twin brother John joined them on the farm. William and John were both veterans of the Civil War and the Battles of Antietam, South Mountain, Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville.

I know several people who were ordered to Little Rock Air Force Base and Fort Chaffee who retired or were discharged and remained in Arkansas and made great contributions to our state. Just this week I had dinner with a local Doctor who agreed with his wife that they could live anywhere except Arkansas or Mississippi. He was stationed at Fort Chaffee and met my dear friend Doctor Marlin Hoge who asked him to join his practice. They are both General Surgeons. He did that about 60 years ago and has not regretted it. Doctor Hoge turns 100 in October 2014. My point is that these people are not carpetbaggers and neither was Powell Clayton.

Of the four Clayton brothers, Thomas J. Clayton, was the oldest and remained in Pennsylvania and became a judge in the common pleas court of Delaware County. The other three ended up on a farm in Arkansas happy and content. Their father, John Clayton was a farmer in Delaware County with no claim to fame except for being the father of four distinguished sons.

One hot summer day in 1866 Powell Clayton was on a Mississippi River Steamboat traveling to Memphis on business when he bumped into his old friend and fellow plantation owner Colonel Willoughby Williams. Willoughby was a Democrat traveling to his summer home in Nashville, Tennessee. He was a native of Tennessee although almost all of his holding were in Arkansas. The two sought the shade of an awning on the hurricane deck and whiled away the hours talking about subjects of mutual concern. After a few mint juleps Willoughby opened up to Powell and shared the whole Democratic scheme to restore the old slaveholding regime in Arkansas. Willoughby mistakenly thought Clayton would go for it for his own benefit. He could not have understood that Powell Clayton fought and bled to free the slaves and preserve the Union.

The plan was to secure Democratic representation in Congress from Arkansas. With such representation the Democrats would be able to manage their own affairs to suit themselves. This end was to be established through three successive stages, first through the temporary acceptance of the once despised and hated Murphy government; second through Democratic successes in the elections and third, pending the election of Democrats to Congress, the wielding of power with such tact and discretion so as to dispel any suspicions on the part of the Northern People. The Democrats would pretend to be reconstructed and recover by the ballot what had been lost by the sword. You see, Barack Obama did not invent Democratic lying.

While this scheme was repugnant to Clayton he decided to stay out of it. What followed is not widely understood by Arkansans even today. In Monroe County United States Congressman James Hinds was murdered and the Honorable Joseph Brooks was shot down and badly wounded. You may remember the Brooks-Baxter War that occurred later? In Ashley County the Sheriff was openly assaulted, several black men were beaten, a man and wife were found hanged and a freed former slave hauling cotton was shot dead. In Columbia County five men were killed in 10 days, Aaron Hicks was murdered for being a Union man and armed KKK riders were threatening citizens. There was virtually no law and order in several counties. Even the Clayton plantation was physically damaged by neighbors.

Powell Clayton realized that any person who had supported the Union could not safely live in Arkansas. While he had been asked to run for governor by both Democrats and Republicans, he knew he was no Democrat. On April 2, 1867 a Union Convention in Little Rock Nominated Powell Clayton for Governor. He ran on doctrines of loyalty, freedom, minority rights, economic development and free public education for both races alike. In 1868 he became the 9th Governor of Arkansas and plunged into the problems facing the lawless state. On November 4th he declared Martial Law in Ashley, Bradley, Columbia, Lafayette, Mississippi, Woodruff, Craighead, Greene, Sevier and Little River Counties. Using militia forces he restored law and order. There was still hatred in the state and even an effort to impeach Clayton that failed to go anywhere.

As governor, Clayton made levee and road improvements, reclaimed swamp land, established free public schools, established the schools for the deaf and the blind and prohibited racial discrimination in transportation, housing, education and restaurants. On March 15, 1871 Powell Clayton was elected United States Senator by a 2/3rds majority and served until 1877.

After the Senate, Clayton served as president of the Little Rock, Mississippi River and Texas Railroad Company before moving to Eureka Springs. His home there is now a bed and breakfast called the Crescent Cottage Inn.  In 1880 Eureka Springs was an international destination as it is today. Clayton was the head of the downtown development committee. He and other businessmen built the Crescent Hotel and established the Eureka Springs Railroad.

In 1897 Clayton became the Minister to Mexico and in 1899 he was named the first United States Ambassador to Mexico. He returned to the United States in 1905 and passed away nine years later at the age of 81. Powell Clayton is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Elisha Baxter was the last Republican Governor of Arkansas for almost 100 years until Winthrop Rockefeller became Governor in 1967. Four years later Governor Rockefeller left a surplus in the treasury. That was unheard of under Democratic Administrations. Governor Dale Bumpers called a special session of the Arkansas Legislature to figure out how to quickly spend that surplus. What do you think, were they able to spend that money and a lot more?

Blacks had a tough time in Arkansas under the Democrats. In 1957 Governor Orval Faubus blocked integration of Central High School in Little Rock. Republican President Eisenhower federalized the Arkansas National Guard and used Federal Marshals to escort blacks to class. What Powell Clayton started took over a hundred years to finish. The incredible story is that the Democrats managed to make minorities think civil rights was their idea. LBJ said the (blacks) were getting uppity and the Democrats would have to give them something, nothing significant, just something to appease them. It worked.

I just looked at Wikipedia and found that it too is full of hogwash. I demanded that Wikipedia remove an article about me some time ago. Everybody can edit it and my article was being vandalized every day. That’s why no reputable school permits Wikipedia as a reference. I have just presented you with the truth as I have been able to discern it. Republicans should be very proud of Powell Clayton. The same goes for John and William but that is a story for another day.