Do You Believe Illegal Aliens are Voting?

February 8, 2017


☆☆☆☆How Many Illegal Aliens did it take to elect Kevin De Léon to the California Senate?

Half of California Senate Leader’s family members are illegal aliens with falsified Social Security and Green Cards.

As I charged years ago, there are enough falsified immigration documents to fill a Container Ship. Do you think these illegal aliens are not voting?


I’ve heard of people with as many as seven phoney Social Security Cards.

Do you remember the red tape you went through to get any of your government documents?

While 600,000 combat disabled Veterans wait years for the US Department of Veterans Affairs to act on our claims, illegal aliens are living off the fat of America. Too many of our Veterans are homeless while illegal aliens are driving Cadillacs and electing corrupt politicians.

Why do you think the Illegal Alien Corps has been so vociferous while burning down our cities? The Corps includes 100% if the Democrat Party and 99% of the corrupt media.


America is like a cute puppy with 30 million ticks. Our reputation as a country of suckers has brought freeloaders flooding to our shores snd through the hole in the fence.


While Americans were sleeping or watching Scott Pelley, Shep Smith and Chuck Todd blast Donald Trump, the termites were eating us out of house and home.

It’s like each law abiding, hard working American has a hundred extra mouths to feed.

We’re sleeping on the streets while illegal aliens are sleeping in our beds.


Is it too late to take our country back?

Minnesota vs. Arkansas Healthcare

February 4, 2017

My Experience at Saint Luke’s Hospital where their motto is: THE PATIENT, ABOVE ALL ELSE


Several years ago I was traveling to Lake Superior to escape the Arkansas heat when I had some pain. I called my daughter who told me a walk-in clinic could give me antibiotics that would cure it quickly.

After checking into a motel in Duluth, Minnesota, I asked the desk clerk if there was a clinic nearby. She said Saint Luke’s was close and they would see walk-ins.

I drove to the hospital and easily found a parking spot. My walk to my mailbox at home is longer than the walk from the parking lot. I was impressed, a parking space for a customer — what a novel idea.

I walked up to the counter and told them I needed to see a doctor. I was immediately taken to an examination room where a Physician’s Assistant interviewed me regarding my symptoms and ordered lab work. Simultaneously, a young lady entered the room and entered some of my demographic information (name, address, medications, and allergies) into a computer terminal. In less than five minutes, a Medical Doctor entered the room with the results of my tests and handed me a prescription.

The last order of business on my way out was an inquiry about health insurance. The entire time spent inside Saint Luke’s Hospital was much shorter than the time I am accustomed to waiting before even talking to any medical staff member.

A good friend of mine and former Mayor of Fort Smith went to another Minnesota clinic for an evaluation. He told me he walked into the Mayo Clinic and picked up a magazine on the way to the counter. He walked out of the clinic after the evaluation without having time to open the magazine.

Life expectancy is about 4 years less in Arkansas than Minnesota. Nobody will touch a patient in Arkansas without first making copies of insurance cards. At Saint Luke’s, they didn’t even know my name or have a single record about me in their entire system. I never touched a sheet of paper or filled out a single form.

In Arkansas, the first order of business is to make a copy of the patient’s insurance cards. Then, virtually every clinic and hospital will hand you a clipboard with a stack of papers to fill out even if you have been a patient for years. What can go wrong when a clipboard is passed around among sick people? The third leading cause of death in the United States is medical errors claiming more than 250,000 lives each year. That was reported in 2016 by the Washington Post.

I don’t think that includes illnesses caused by germs, pneumonia and other things while under hospital care? You would think that a patient scheduled for a CT scan or anything else would not need to sit in a waiting room filling out information that the hospital already has.

I was on a hospital board years ago and I have talked to many medical personnel. They tell me that hospital administrators are concerned about the bottom line and a myriad of things but something like the motto of Saint Luke’s Hospital is not on their radar. Most had never ever had a conversation with an administrator. No administrator had asked them what they needed to be able to do their jobs a lot better. Few administrators walked in the Emergency Rooms of their own hospitals and witnessed the treatment or lack of treatment of injured patients. If they had, they would have seen that most Emergency Rooms have the organization of a Zoo.

Only 29.8% of Emergency Room patients actually see any medical personnel within 15 minutes. I think they are afraid to publish the average wait times. “Anecdotally, there’s no question that it’s getting worse,” said Dr. Sandra Schneider, Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Rochester in New York.

Schneider said out of 1,500 emergency physicians recently surveyed, 200 personally knew of a person who had died because of the practice of “boarding.”

Boarding means keeping patients in an emergency room bed when they should be in a regular hospital bed. Schneider said the practice eventually creates a backup in the emergency room.

Hospital Administrators are DEEPLY involved in POLITICS. Hospitals and Nursing Homes gave $64,000 to Governor Hutchinson’s campaign. That does not count individual contributions from Administrators or the contributions to Legislators who got Obamacare passed for them.

I know that hospitals have valid excuses for some problems such as illegal aliens or legal refugees pouring into America with diseases that were eradicated in the U.S. 100 years ago. Also, too many people run to Emergency Rooms with a headache instead of taking an aspirin. If hospitals don’t treat hangnails in a timely manner they can be sued. Too much of what hospitals are forced to do has nothing to do with healthcare but is the practice of Defensive Medicine to avoid malpractice suits. I think this will be remedied with the Trump Healthcare plan but mismanagement and lack of management and leadership will still envelope our clinics and hospitals. Fraud, waste and abuse permeates hospitals just like it permeates our government. We can do better.

Duluth is a port city the same size as port city Fort Smith. It was home port for the SS Edmund Fitzgerald that sank in 1975 losing all 29 crew members. “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” was my favorite song in 1976 when Gordon Lightfoot released the album Summertime Dream.

Who Cares about Christians?

February 4, 2017

What is President Trump trying to protect Americans from? Horror as ISIS kills 250 Christian children by KNEADING them to death in bread machine


“Whoever denies me before men, I will also deny them before heaven” -Last words of George Assaf before he was murdered by ISIS for the crime of being a Christian.

According to one ISIS survivor in Syria, Christian children were kneaded to death in bread machines, the rotating machines breaking their bones and crushing their young bodies for no crime except being Christian.

This story has been told by Alice Assaf whose son was beaten then shot by ISIS because he refused to change his first name from the Christian “George.”

Assaf told a reporter how ISIS turned a bakery into a death shop of horrors, putting children into machines for kneading dough and turning them on to crush the hapless kids inside. Men were baked to death inside ovens.

Their crime was merely Christianity and it echoes other horrific stories told across the rest of Syria and Iraq. The terrorists remain notorious for their brutality, for it is not enough to merely kill people, the killings must be performed in the most horrific manner so as to terrorize others.

Two years ago, ISIS terrorists took over Assaf’s town in Syria. Alice Assaf told her son George to hide and arranged for him to be hidden by friendly Muslims. However, the “friendly” family betrayed George and he was captured. His mother had pleaded with him to change his name to a Muslim sounding-one, but he refused. George’s last words to his mother were: “I don’t want to hide myself. You are the one who taught me to follow what Christ said, ‘whoever denies me before men, I will also deny them before Heaven.’”

George Assaf was beaten, then shot.

Others fared even worse. As ISIS took over the town bakery, they converted it into a shop of horror, they rounded up the six bakers working there and executed them in their own ovens. When they began gathering Christian children at the bakery, some local soldiers attempted to rescue the kids. To discourage the soldiers, the terrorists began throwing children off nearby balconies. The horrifying tactic worked and allowed the terrorists to murder 250 kids in the bakery’s dough machine.

As reporters explore the liberated towns, more horror stories are being told. The terrorists did not merely execute people, but they sought the most horrific ways to kill.

Worst yet, ISIS has mined and booby trapped homes in places like Mosul so that residents will be hurt or killed when they return to their homes.

Although Christians make up 10 percent of the population of Syria and both houses of Congress have unanimously passed resolutions declaring that the Islamic State is committing genocide against Christians there, the Syrian refugees admitted to the United States under President Obama was 99% Muslim and 0.9% Christian, according to data published by the U.S. State Department.

I posted how every single Christian was crucified or beheaded in Mosul, Iraq as the Tomb of Jonah was destroyed. For the first time in 2,000 years, Mosul, the site of ancient Nineveh, does not have one single living Christian.


Christians have two choices under Islam: convert to Islam or die. President Trump prefers a third option: “Utterly destroy ISIS.”

Which option do you prefer?

Open Letter to Arkansas Government Leaders

December 29, 2016

The Gene McVay Open Letter to Members of the Arkansas Executive and Legislative Branches of Government:


After a century of leadership by mostly liberal Democrats and Republicans, we find ourselves in a precarious situation. I pen this epistle with love and with the background of a fifth generation Arkansan whose great-great-grandfather fought for the Union Army to free the slaves. My dogged determination to stay in Arkansas has been a challenge. It pains me because I know we can do so much better.

I retired 20 years ago at age 54. I was able to do that debt free by planning and sometimes sacrificing. Arkansas has a large retirement community in some of the nation’s premier communities such as Hot Springs Village, Bella Vista, Cherokee Village, Fairfield Bay, Holiday Island and others. Yet, Arkansas is ranked 40th in best places to retire by WalletHub. They rank Arkansas quality of life at 48th and healthcare at 46th. You will not find any surrounding state ranked that low.

When looking at the 2016 rankings of America’s Top States for Business by CNBC, Arkansas ranks 41st. That’s a pretty high mark for Arkansas but remember many giants of business came from Arkansas including Sam Walton, Don Tyson, Jack Stephens, J. B. Hunt and William Dillard. Arkansas could learn a lot from these men and their relatives if our leaders would only listen. About 20 years ago, Jackson T. Stephens and the Murphy Commission developed a wall chart of Arkansas government. While I was seeking the gubernatorial nomination, Mr. Stephens was displaying that 8 by 16 foot chart around the state. One would have thought that just looking at the discombobulated nature of Arkansas government structure would have spurred some interest in downsizing and streamlining our bureaucracy but, alas, that never dawned on our politicians. The mentality of “if it don’t work, hire more bureaucrats and spend more tax money” continued to permeate the marble halls of the Capitol.

Here are some findings of the Murphy Commission way back then: “Today, Arkansas’ state government comprises 52 executive branch agencies–a 400% increase since Governor Bumpers’ 1971 restructuring that reduced the number of agencies from 171 to 13. It also comprises 388 boards and commissions–more than double the 175 that existed in the early 70s. More than 4000 operational units are structured into state government’s various divisions and agencies according to state government organizational charts. The actual number is estimated to be more in the range of 7000-8000 distinct operational units.

Total state payroll for all state employees is $1.4 billion (1997) and the amount of travel expenses paid state employees in 1997 was $34.5 million. The State of Arkansas owns 1,073,522 acres of land making it the third largest land owner in the state (the Federal government is the largest). Of the state’s property, 38,170 acres are in 48 state parks. Museums occupy 58 acres. The state owns 5,302 buildings. The total number of vehicles owned by the State of Arkansas is 7,281 and the number of airplanes is 30. Arkansas’ highway miles total 16,254. The Federal Interstate System in Arkansas comprises 542 miles.

Arkansas’ state government is the largest single employer in the state. Figures from the state’s Employment Security Division (ESD) put the current number–including higher education employees–at 60,500, more than Wal-Mart, 32,412, Tyson’s Foods, 21,500, and the Baptist Hospital System, 6,200. Factor in some 101,500 1ocal government employees and the combined state/local government employee figure hits 162,000. Add in the 21,400 federal employees working in Arkansas and the total government employment figure (for all governmental levels) tops out at 183,400. The number of state employees, excluding the state’s 57,257 public school employees, has risen 228% since 1965.

Among the fifty states, Arkansas ranks 33rd in population but 12th in numbers of state employees as a percentage of total state employment–4.29% (the national average is 3.2%). Expressed as numbers of state employees per 10,000 citizens, Arkansas ranks 23rd among the states at 220. The national average of state workers per 10,000 citizens is 182.” Remember, this was 20 years ago!

This year CATO Institute had some Arkansas observations I will share here: “Arkansas has been mediocre on economic freedom. Its personal freedom has declined relative to other states in recent years.

Arkansas is highly fiscally centralized. State taxes are way above the national average.
However, it does better than most other southern states, and indeed the national average, on its civil liability regime. It has also started to deregulate telecommunications and in 2013 enacted statewide video franchising. The extent of occupational licensing, according to two different measures, is more than a standard deviation worse than the national average. Hospital construction requires a certificate of need, and there is an anti-price-gouging law and also a general law against “unfair pricing” or sales below cost.

The state does a bit worse than one might expect on gun rights, with heavy training requirements and significant limitations on the right to carry concealed. School choice particularly looks like an opportunity for improvement, given the state’s fiscal centralization (so there’s not much choice among public schools), its generally conservative ideological orientation, and its minority student populations.” That’s just a glimpse of what is coming out of CATO, an organization that has followed me on social media for many years and an organization I have great respect for.

Arkansas ranks 46th in poverty rate and 48th in median family income. Sadly, our politicians think throwing more money at poverty is the solution. Just as education is not about money, it is about learning; poverty is not about money, it is about opportunity and motivation. You won’t walk into a shack in Elaine or Lexa and see a sign saying “Arkansas Governor Slept Here.” Too many of our politicians look past Arkansas poverty as though it does not exist. You might recall the story of Marie-Antoinette being told that her French subjects had no bread and her response was, “Let them eat cake.” I happen to think Arkansas is much worse than the stats show. The success of a few counties skews the real picture but seven Arkansas counties are among the list of 100 lowest-income counties in the U.S. They include Lincoln, Lee, Sevier, Fulton, St. Francis, Johnson and Newton Counties.

No Arkansas counties are in the top 100 highest-income counties list but our top ten median family income counties in order are: Grant, Saline, Lonoke, Benton, Faulkner, Pulaski, Perry, miller and Crawford. Loudoun County, Virginia is the highest income county in the U.S. with a median family income of $117,876. Several other northern Virginia counties are close behind including Arlington County where the Pentagon is located. The highest median family income county in Arkansas has less than half the income of Loudoun County. When considering the highest per capita income, Pulaski and Benton Counties float to the top at more than double the $13,103 per capita income of Lee County.

If you survived these few statistics without your eyes glazing over and your minds wandering too far afield, please allow me to suggest some solutions.

Robert Townsend is a perfect example of a leader who took the bull by the horns when he became CEO of Avis Rent-a-Car in 1962. Townsend was a WWII Navy Veteran who worked for the American Express Company for 14 years becoming senior vice president for investment and international banking operations before moving to Avis.

Over the years he was also an officer, a director or an adviser to Dun & Bradstreet, 20th Century Fox, Psychology Today and other enterprises. At the time of his death in 1998, he was chairman of the executive committee of Leadership Directories Inc., which publishes institutional directories.

Mr. Townsend’s book, ”Up the Organization: How to Stop the Corporation from Stifling People and Strangling Profits,” published in 1970, was on the New York Times nonfiction best-seller list for 28 weeks. For seven of those weeks it was No. 1 on the list. 1970 was almost 47 years ago and I doubt anyone bothering to read this remembers him.

Avis was founded in 1946 by Warren Avis at Willow Run Airport in Detroit with an $85,000 investment. By the time Robert Townsend took the reins in 1962, the company had been sold a couple of times but it had never made a profit. Instead of hiring more people and spending more money, the new CEO cut people and spent less money. He did away with the perquisites of a top executive including the two secretaries, a huge office staff, fancy office, company airplane and country club memberships. In fact, Townsend did not even have an office during the first year.

Townsend wore the same blazer worn by Avis Agents at airport counters and asked his employees this simple question: “What would it take for you to be able to do your job a whole lot better?”

Guess what, they were eager to tell him and he was eager to listen. When agents told him the rental agreements needed to be shortened, the bean counters objected strenuously. Townsend shortened the rental agreements. When his employees told him Avis needed better advertising, Townsend contacted Bill Bernbach, one of the three founders in 1949 of the international advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB). One of the agencies big clients was Campbell’s Soup. The Campbell’s CEO once asked Bernbach why he never promoted Campbell’s Tomato Soup since it was their best selling product. Bernbach said it was because Campbell’s Tomato Soup was terrible. He said if you change the recipe, I’ll promote it. The CEO sampled his soup and agreed to change the recipe after which DDB advertised it.

DDB developed the “We Try Harder” advertising and marketing campaign in 1963 that really took off. It was a huge success for Avis. In a matter of a single year, that campaign reversed the company’s fortunes, helping it to go from losing $3.2 million to turning a profit of $1.2 million. That tag line lasted 50 years until Avis rolled out “It’s Your Space” in 2012.

Once things started to take off at Avis, Townsend settled into his office and was off to the races. One day his secretary told him she would help him get organized if he would come to work at seven the following day. Townsend said he comes to work at eight. His secretary repeated, “If you want to get organized, be here at seven.” The CEO reported to work at seven! I’m doing most of this from memory but as I recall the story, his secretary said she was an important part in organizing his time and needed to be in the loop from the very beginning. She said at eight, people were lined up waiting to get into his office and occupy his time. If she could get together with him for five minutes and help structure his activities, everything would work much more efficiently. She got her five minutes each morning and things got much less frantic.

The Townsend turnaround lasted just three years before the new and improved Avis was sold to ITT Corporation for $51 million.

During my day, I was in charge of many Federal and Arkansas State employees. Many of them wanted to make life easier on themselves. I had supervisors asking to hire temporary employees to do their jobs for them. I had the money so why not? Because it did not serve the people we were supposed to be serving, that’s why. I told the supervisors I wanted them to be doing their own jobs. I don’t think they loved me but they respected me. I have talked to many former Arkansas State employees who told me horror stories. One Game Warden told me that many times the supervisor would show up and tell the seven or eight wardens sitting around the office he didn’t want to see them until quitting time. They would go out into the woods and lay around reading, drinking or sleeping all day courtesy of taxpayers.

Recreation areas that were once open year round are now closed about nine months a year. Nine months is a long time to sleep and drink. In Arkansas, we are blessed with great days during winter. I was wearing a short sleeve shirt on Christmas this year. What are state employees doing who were hired to take care of closed recreation areas?

I once spoke to the state convention of Farm Bureau and told the story about my neighbor, Mr. Parks. One very hot day as a ten year old boy helping Mr. Parks haul hay, I suggested it would be nice to have some help. Mr. Parks told me that one boy will do the work of one boy, two boys will do the work of half a boy and three boys will do no work at all. What would be wrong with taking a fresh look at Arkansas government to determine if we really need all the agencies, departments, boards, commissions and functions?

Arkansas has 19 statewide law enforcement agencies. Per capita government spending in Arkansas is $7,935. In California the number is $6,452, Illinois is $5,397, New York is $7,091, Oklahoma is $5,637, Tennessee is $4,843, Texas is $4,098 and Missouri is $3,965. I’m just saying, can’t our government do a little belt tightening? Does every bureaucrat have to drive a state SUV? Do we need so many public school superintendents, vice superintendents, assistant superintendents and superintendent’s office staff members? When talking about cutting taxes the question of how to replace that revenue arises. Why not talk about how to eliminate the need for the revenue in the first place. Who can spend your money wiser, the government or you?

Why does everything have to be so complicated? Every time our income tax becomes more complicated and burdensome, more bureaucrats have to be hired to count the beans and make sure the t’s are crossed. Seven states do not even have state income tax and five states have no state level sales tax. I get it that taxes are necessary but is it necessary to make criminals out of people? When I ran for governor I promised to reduce Arkansas State Personal Income Tax forms to a single sheet of paper. If some states have no income tax, why can’t Arkansas income tax at least be simple?

The burden of an income tax can be divided into two parts, one visible and the other hidden. The first burden is obvious—it is the actual tax payment. The second burden is less obvious. A major part of this burden arises from the costs of complying with the system: the hours spent preparing forms, gathering documents, and reading instructions; or the money a tax filer pays someone to do the tax preparation. Compliance costs for the individual income tax in the United States have been estimated at 10 percent of tax revenue collected, as much as ten times the level of some European countries. I believe help is on the way for Federal Income Tax but I do not see much on the home front. Arkansas taxpayers could save millions of dollars if our government was willing to simplify our income tax forms with a resulting decrease in the size of the Department of Finance and Administration. That might also help assuage the parking problem at the Capitol?

Arkansas employs 119 full time equivalent state employees per 10,000 population now, almost unchanged from the Murphy Commission report of 1979. That is more than double Ohio’s 55, Florida’s 56 and close to double California’s 61 along with Arizona’s and Colorado’s 63. Kansas has 94, Louisiana has 97, Missouri has 92, Oklahoma has 94, Tennessee and Texas have 65. When I ran for governor I said Arkansas had too many vehicles, too many airplanes, too many bureaucrats and too many marble buildings. I guess bureaucrats and politicians work harder when surrounded by Italian marble? Anyway, the speeches I made in the Capitol and the testimony I gave before legislative committees seemed to sound better?

I’m not a Rocket Scientist but even I can figure out that if Arkansas can get by with the same ratio of state employees as Arizona and Colorado, we can save about a billion dollars in salaries, benefits, office space and transportation.

I know there are visionary leaders out there but will anybody listen to them and can they move the needle in my beloved Arkansas?

Do You See Communists?

November 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are sad today at Fidel Castro’s passing but Cuban Americans are cheering in the streets of Little Havana.

Snopes will tell you the Communist Party did not endorse Hillary and the corrupt news media made no mention of the Communist Party endorsing Hillary. The Communist Party did not take out a full page ad in the New York Times saying, “The Communist Party Endorses Hillary Rodham Clinton for President.”


However, Communist Party of the USA Chairman John Bachtell on the blog People’s World, told progressive voters to cast their ballots for the Democratic ticket and to strive to influence the prospective Clinton administration with organization and activism.

That, of course, is not clear enough for today’s journalists. They are far more likely to take Bachtell’s words as an endorsement of Donald Trump or Kentucky Fried Possum.

John Bachtell (born March 26, 1956) is an American activist, trade unionist, and community organizer who has served as the Chairman of the National Committee of the Communist Party USA since its 30th National Convention in 2014.

Bachtell emphasized that the Communist Party will seek a peaceful transition to socialism so long as it is possible, saying “Given the development of democratic institutions and traditions in the U.S., involvement in the electoral arena and political action is essential and grows in importance. It entails building broad anti-ultra right, reform and anti-monopoly coalitions that win majorities and thus power in every democratic institution e.g., school boards, planning boards, city council, county boards, state legislature, federal office, in ‘red’ and ‘blue’ states.” He also said that the experiences in countries like Venezuela are useful examples.

Would you know it if these Commies were on your city council, school boards, or any other elected offices?

Gene McVay says this, “I am encouraged that a movement involving more and more citizens has arisen to move America away from the socialism & Communism craved by the vast majority of Democrats and their mainstream media. It is by being informed, awake and active that we will repulse the Communist and Islamic Terrorist hordes and make America Great Again.”

A Confederacy of Dunces & Fools

October 27, 2016

Please don’t blame the disaster in Mosul on our Armed Forces!

Our top military leadership has been replaced with Comey-Lynch like duds.

Here is what scares me: Only 41% of Americans fear an attack on American soil.

Think about it, 59% are like Americans on December 7, 1941. I don’t blame Americans, I blame our leaders and mainstream media for downplaying the threat.

Those who hate the United States & Israel are growing stronger every minute as they are infused with our uranium and 140 billion dollars of taxpayer’s cash.

The Islamic State is not in every single State to pick cotton and cabbages.

Open your eyes America, our country is little more than low hanging fruit to strong leaders who dream about our demise. Standing between unspeakable evil and American women & children is an Active Duty Armed Force the size of San Jose, California.


You may not remember when and how the Islamic State took Mosul. Mosul was the center of Christianity and Judaism in the Middle East for about 2,800 years since Jonah was sent there by God. Remember the story from the Book of Jonah? “The word of the LORD came to Jonah the son of Amittai saying, ‘Arise, go to Nineveh the great city and cry against it, for their wickedness has come up before Me.’ But Jonah rose up to flee to Tarshish from the presence of the LORD. So he went down to Joppa, found a ship which was going to Tarshish, paid the fare and went down into it to go with them to Tarshish from the presence of the LORD.” You know the rest of the story and how Jonah finally obeyed God and made it to Nineveh. Here is what Luke wrote in Chapter 11: “This is an evil generation. It seeks a sign, and no sign will be given to it except the sign of Jonah the prophet. For as Jonah became a sign to the Ninevites, so also the Son of Man will be to this generation. The queen of the South will rise up in the judgment with the men of this generation and condemn them, for she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and indeed a greater than Solomon is here. The men of Nineveh will rise up in the judgment with this generation and condemn it, for they repented at the preaching of Jonah; and indeed a greater than Jonah is here.”

The Islamic State killed every Christian in Mosul, not by giving them poison Kool-Aid but by crucifixion and beheading. ISIS also severely damaged the very Tomb of Jonah.

Mosul is built around ancient Nineveh that was the largest city in the world for some fifty years until the year 612 BC when, after a bitter period of civil war it was sacked by a coalition of the Babylonians, Medes, Chaldeans, Persians, Scythians and Cimmerians.

You may remember that the 101st Airborne under Major General Patraeus was in control of Mosul in 2004 and ten years later the Fall of Mosul took place on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s watch. It occurred between 4–10 June 2014, when Islamic State insurgents, led by Abu Abdulrahman al-Bilawi, defeated the Iraqi army, led by Lieutenant General Mahdi Gharawi. Before that, ISIS took control of Fallujah and Ramadi, inciting conflict with the Iraqi army. On 4 June, the insurgents began their efforts to capture Mosul. The Iraqi army had 30,000 soldiers stationed in the city, facing a 1,500-member attacking force. However, after six days of fighting, the city, as well as Mosul International Airport and helicopters located there were under Islamic State control. Can you do the math; the Islamic State was outnumbered 20 to 1?
Do you doubt that there are at least five million illegal aliens in America who want nothing more than to destroy our country and pick our bones? Our Active duty forces and our armed police on patrol barely number two million.

It may be too late for America? Certainly the deck is stacked against us. Sorry I am not all bubbly and optimistic.


October 13, 2016



Veteran FBI agents say FBI Director James Comey has permanently damaged the bureau’s reputation for uncompromising investigations with his “cowardly” whitewash of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information using an unauthorized private email server.

Feeling the heat from congressional critics, Comey last week argued that the case was investigated by career FBI agents, “So if I blew it, they blew it, too.”

But agents say Comey tied investigators’ hands by agreeing to unheard-of ground rules and other demands by the lawyers for Clinton and her aides that limited their investigation.

“In my 25 years with the bureau, I never had any ground rules in my interviews,” said retired agent Dennis V. Hughes, the first chief of the FBI’s computer investigations unit.

Instead of going to prosecutors and insisting on using grand jury leverage to compel testimony and seize evidence, Comey allowed immunity for several key witnesses, including potential targets.

The immunity agreements came with outrageous side deals, including preventing agents from searching for any documents on a Dell laptop owned by former Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills generated after Jan. 31, 2015, when she communicated with the server administrator who destroyed subpoenaed emails.

Comey also agreed to have Mills’ laptop destroyed after the restricted search, denying Congress the chance to look at it and making the FBI an accomplice to the destruction of evidence.

Comey’s immunized witnesses nonetheless suffered chronic lapses in memory, made unsubstantiated claims of attorney-client privilege upon tougher questioning and at least two gave demonstrably false statements. And yet Comey indulged it all.

What’s more, Comey cut a deal to give Clinton a “voluntary” witness interview on a major holiday, and even let her ex-chief of staff sit in on the interview as a lawyer, even though she, too, was under investigation.

Clinton’s interview, the culmination of a yearlong investigation, lasted just 3½ hours. Despite some 40 bouts of amnesia, she wasn’t called back for questioning; and three days later, Comey cleared her of criminal wrongdoing.

“The FBI has politicized itself, and its reputation will suffer for a long time,” Hughes said. “I hold Director Comey responsible.”

Agreed retired FBI agent Michael M. Biasello: “Comey has singlehandedly ruined the reputation of the organization.”

The accommodations afforded Clinton and her aides are “unprecedented,” Biasello added, “which is another way of saying this outcome was by design.” He called Comey’s decision not to seek charges “cowardly.”

“Each month for 27 years, I received oral and computer admonishments concerning the proper protocol for handling top secret and other classified material, and was informed of the harsh penalties, to include prosecution and incarceration,” for mishandling such material, he pointed out. “Had myself or my colleagues engaged in behavior of the magnitude of Hillary Clinton, as described by Comey, we would be serving time in Leavenworth.”

Former FBI official I.C. Smith knows a thing or two about Clinton corruption. After working at FBI headquarters as a section chief in the National Security Division, he retired as special agent in charge of the Little Rock, Ark., field office, where he investigated top Clinton fundraisers for public corruption and even Chinese espionage.

“FBI agents upset with Comey’s decision have every reason to feel that way,” Smith said. “Clearly there was a different standard applied to Clinton.”

“I have no doubt resourceful prosecutors and FBI agents could have come up with some charge that she would have been subject to prosecution,” the 25-year veteran added. “What she did is absolutely abhorrent for anyone who has access to classified information.”

Smith said Congress should subpoena the case’s agents to testify about the direction they received from Comey and their supervisors: “It would be interesting to see what the results would be if those involved with the investigation were questioned under oath.”

Comey made the 25 agents who worked on the case sign nondisclosure agreements. But others say morale has sunk inside the bureau.

“The director is giving the bureau a bad rap with all the gaps in the investigation,” one agent in the Washington field office said. “There’s a perception that the FBI has been politicized and let down the country.”

Comey has turned a once-proud institution known for its independence into one that bows to election pressure, hands out political immunity to candidates and effectively pardons their co-conspirators. He’s turned the FBI into the Federal Bureau of Immunity and lost the trust and respect of not only his agents but also the country at large.  He may be the last nail in the coffin of law and order?

While White House Tours were shut down, Obama was Spending like a Drunken President

October 6, 2016


★★Obama spent $800 million on advertising firms in 2015 to promote his policies but he closed War Memorials!


The only government watchdog I trust is the Government Accountability Office or GAO. They are bipartisan and work for Congress. The GAO can dig up the truth but will Congress act?

Do you remember that White House Tours had to be cancelled and our military had to be cut to the bone while Obama hired thousands of Public Relations personnel to bolster HIS IMAGE?


Hillary could not afford security for Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi but there was unlimited money for smoke and mirrors!!!!!


What kind of Public Relations professional can make Veterans dying while waiting for VA appointments look good?

The whole Obama/Hillary Administration has been a wasteful fraud while our workforce participation has dwindled and our welfare rolls have been burgeoning!

Our Foreign Policy is in the Toilet with Iran flourishing while our best allies like Israel & the Philippines are aghast! The President of the Philippines just told Obama to, “Go to Hell!”


The GAO said that the administration added 667 PR staffers between 2008 and 2011 to bring the staffing total to 5,238; the number decreased since then, but 5,100 staffers remained in the administration in 2014, The Washington Times reported.

The GAO says these figures do not include the $100 million spent on private PR consultants to bolster the government’s PR efforts.

The government spent $800 million on contracts with outside advertising firms in 2015 to promote the administration’s policies, The Washington Times reported.

“With increasing pressures on limited federal resources, it is crucial to know how much is spent across the federal government on public relations activities and which federal agencies are spending the most,” said Sen. Mike Enzi, chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, who requested the report.

According to The Washington Times, the Pentagon gained the most PR staffers out of all the federal agencies, with 2,100 employees assigned to the agency.

The Interior Department, Veterans Affairs, Health and Human Services, and Homeland Security also saw big gains in PR staff.


Hillary wonders why she’s not 50 points ahead. I wonder why Hillary, Obama, Lynch, Comey and their accomplices are not in prison?

What does Hillary Really Think about YOU?

October 1, 2016


We know Hillary thinks half of Donald Trump supporters are deplorable and now we know what she thinks about Bernie Sanders supporters. Remember that Trump supporters include scores of Generals, Admirals, Medal of Honor Recipients, Gold Star Families, former Bush Cabinet Members, Veterans, Union Members, Coal Miners and hard working Americans of all races and religions.

Hillary, behind closed doors among her crowd of high brow wealthy donors, has a lot to say about “children of the Great Recession” who are frustrated by a sluggish economy.

“They are living in their parents’ basement,” Clinton said. “They feel they got their education and the jobs that are available to them are not at all what they envisioned for themselves. And they don’t see much of a future.”

Hillary is right about that, our good jobs have fled the country along with our good companies that had to flee to avoid total bankruptcy under the high taxes and impossible regulations she supports.


Madam Secretary continues, “If you’re feeling like you’re consigned to, you know, being a barista, or you know, some other job that doesn’t pay a lot, and doesn’t have some other ladder of opportunity attached to it, then the idea that maybe, just maybe, you could be part of a political revolution is pretty appealing.” Barista is a Bartender.

Clinton described youth as political newbies, who really don’t know how politics works. She also implied that young voters have a sense of entitlement that they ought to be able to get great jobs straight out of college like their parents were able to do.


“There is a strain of, on the one hand, the kind of populist, nationalist, xenophobic, discriminatory kind of approach that we hear too much from the Republican candidates. And on the other side, there’s just a deep desire to believe that we can have free college, free healthcare, that what we’ve done hasn’t gone far enough, and that we just need to, you know, go as far as … Scandinavia, whatever that means, and half the people don’t know what that means, but it’s something that they deeply feel.”

The leaked audio’s revelation that Clinton played up the stereotype of the bottom-feeding, basement-dwelling “Bernie bro” in her private fundraisers likely won’t win her much support from Sanders’ supporters but Bernie is French kissing Hillary like a defeated Gladiator pleading for his life before Nero.


Hillary is offering more of the same old tax and spend, do gooder blather that got us where we’re at and our youth are not falling for it. In other words, in spite of great advertising and a great sales force at the Dog Food Factory, the dogs won’t eat the dog food!

Even Hillary’s The New York Times detailed just how badly Clinton is performing among potential voters in the 18-34 group. And it’s not just that they don’t like her (although that’s a major factor), it’s also that Clinton seems stuck in a time warp in which she doesn’t understand just how big social media consumption is. Unlike Sanders, she doesn’t seem to understand that Millennials get most of their news online, not on television, which is the traditional method for campaign advertising.
As Joe Biden would say, “that’s a big *&@!%! * deal.”

The Pew Research Center estimates that the 18-34 group we call the Millennials surpasses Baby Boomers as the largest generation alive today, making them a prime target for both Trump and Clinton. And unlike Sanders, Clinton just doesn’t seem to have a knack for connecting with them. Instead, she tends to insult them again and again, in a mildly scolding manner like a tolerant aunt who secretly hates children.


While Trump is often surrounded by police officers, veterans and working people, Hillary clearly shows how little regard she has for the average American citizen. It will be interesting to see just how Millennials react to the leaked audio once the story starts making its way around the Internet.


Hillary’s actions continue to prove that what she wrote in her Senior Thesis praising her idol Saul Alinsky at Wellesley College remains her roadmap for the future of America. “Alinsky’s conclusion that the ‘ventilation’ of hostilities is healthy in certain situations is valid, but across-the-board ‘social catharsis’ cannot be prescribed,” she wrote. “Catharsis has a way of perpetuating itself so that it becomes an end in itself.” She continued: “Interestingly, this society seems to be in a transition period, caught between conflict and consensus.” It was clear where 21-year-old Hillary Rodham stood: “… as our ‘two societies’—the establishment, the anti-establishment—“move further apart contrived conflict serves to exacerbate the polarization.”


Contrived conflict is causing bloodshed in our streets and it is often contrived by the new segregationists who support Hillary and number in the hundreds of thousands. The sovereign citizens movement is a network of individuals and organizations who believe that the United States government is illegitimate. They operate under names like “Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers, Sovereign Citizens” and the “Communist Party”.

We may all need to crawl through the hole in the fence and seek refuge in Mexico if law and order is not restored to America.

Learn what America is up Against before it’s too Late

September 25, 2016


So many things in America are not what they seem to be. Take the Ford Foundation for example:

The Ford Foundation was originally funded by bequests of Ford Motor Company stock from the estates of Henry and Edsel Ford. While the foundation is noted worldwide for its philanthropy, behind the scenes the Ford Foundation is funding a left-wing agenda that undermines the free enterprise system that makes the foundation possible.

Henry Ford’s grandson, Henry Ford II, wrote that the Ford Foundation: “exists and thrives on the fruits of our economic system. The dividends of competitive enterprise make it all possible. A significant portion of all abundance created by U.S. business enables the foundation and like institutions to carry on their work. In effect, the foundation is a creature of capitalism.”

Although Henry Ford II viewed the organization as a “creature of capitalism,” the Ford Foundation has significantly strayed from its free market roots.

Today’s Ford Foundation contributes to organizations promoting communist ideals, big-government environmental groups, and other left-wing organizations that promote an agenda that principally opposes capitalism.

In 2011 and 2012, the Ford Foundation donated over $1 million each year to a radical organization called “Latino Justice PDLDEF.” While Latino Justice claims to be “committed to justice and leadership,” it seems to have a skewed definition of what “justice” means.

For instance, Latino Justice called for the immediate release of convicted terrorist Oscar Lopez. The organization heaps praise upon the incarcerated criminal by referring to him as “the Puerto Rican nation’s shining star,” and a “political prisoner.” Here are some facts about the “shining star” that Latino Justice would like to release back onto the streets:

★In 1972, Oscar Lopez became one of the leaders of the FALN, a Puerto Rican terrorist group.
★In 1975, the FALN bombed the historic Fraunces Taven in Manhattan. The attack killed 4 and injured 60.
★In the course of 9 years, the FALN would set off nearly 140 bombs.
In 1981, Oscar Lopez was arrested and convicted for conspiring to overthrow the U.S. government.
★Oscar Lopez received additional time behind bars after he attempted to break out of prison twice.
★Described as an “unrepentant terrorist.” Lopez once told the Associated Press, “The whole thing of contrition, atonement, I have problems with that.”

Oscar Lopez was arrested for his role in numerous FALN attacks. The following day, “FBI agents discovered bomb-making material” in an apartment rented by Lopez. Oscar Lopez was charged with weapons violations, conspiracy to transport explosives, and “seditious conspiracy.” The U.S. Code defines seditious conspiracy as conspiring, “to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States.”

Upon conviction, Lopez declared, “I am an enemy of the United States government” and was sentenced to 55 years in prison. His sentence was later lengthened after he attempted to escape from prison on two separate occasions (the second attempt included plans for violence).

Despite the fact that Oscar Lopez has been described as an “unrepentant terrorist,” Latino Justice PDLDEF launched an internet campaign in January of 2015 calling for his immediate release.

Using the twitter hashtags #FreeOscarLopez and #Gift4Oscar, the group asked its followers to tweet President Obama demanding that he pardon this convicted terrorist.

With generous support from groups like the Ford Foundation, Latino Justice has the financial resources to promote its extreme agenda to the public.

Between 2009 and 2012 the Ford Foundation donated a total of $1 million to the “Labor Community Strategy Center.” This organization openly promotes the communist ideology, as well as a radical green agenda.

The Labor Community Strategy Center laments the downfall of the Soviet Union. According to its website, “When we founded the Labor/Community Strategy Center in 1989 it was a dark time in world history. The fall of the Soviet Union and the immediate fall of the entire Soviet bloc led to a period of grotesque capitalist triumphalism.”

The organization promises that it, “would never join the camp of recantation, anti-communism, or the destruction of the historical memory of the great revolutionary upsurges.” The group sees itself as part of a revolutionary movement that is fighting against, “forces of capitalist production, consumption, and contempt for nature and humanity.”

The Labor Community Strategy Center also recruits applicants for a “National School for Strategic Organizing.” This school promises to educate students on how to build, “a militant civil rights and environmental justice movement of the masses.”

In its “transformative organizing” workshop, the school informs potential students that they should work to achieve “radical social change through the strategy of building an international united front to challenge the U.S. Empire.”


Despite the fact that capitalism empowered Henry Ford to establish the Ford Motor Company, the Ford Foundation has no qualms about funding an organization that actively promotes the destruction of free markets.

The Ford Foundation even funds environmental groups that work to ban automobiles! Ironically enough, the Ford Foundation gave the Labor Community Strategy Center $1 million over a span of four years even though the organization wants to ban automobiles.

One of the Labor Community Strategy Center’s main campaigns calls for “No Cars in L.A.” According to its website, “we demand the radical restriction in auto use now. Reverse the MTA fare increases, free student pass, free public transportation, 5,000 zero emission buses, a moratorium on rail and highway expansion, auto free zones, auto free freeways, auto free days, bus only lanes all over L.A.”

And the Labor Community Strategy Center doesn’t want the fight to end there. The Center encourages us to, “envision moving towards a 90% reduction in U.S. greenhouse gases by virtually eliminating the auto(mobile) and replacing it with a nationwide system of public transit” instead.

The center refers to its campaign as “taking on car supremacy” in the name of “climate justice.”

Ford Foundation Board Member Martin Eakes has been accused of playing a significant role in the ’08 financial crisis. Martin Eakes is the CEO of the Center for Responsible Lending, which describes itself as a “nonprofit, nonpartisan research and policy organization” working to eliminate predatory lending practices. But CRL’s relationships with its credit union and lending affiliates—as well as several of its donors with vested interests in the financial industry—paint a much different picture.

The Center for Responsible Lending was founded by billionaires Herb and Marion Sandler. According to the NY Times, “The center was the successor to a smaller organization (Self-Help) in North Carolina” led by Martin Eakes. The Sandler’s approached Martin Eakes and asked him if he would like to turn Self-Help into a national organization, and the Center for Responsible Lending was born.

Herb and Marion Sandler are credited with inventing “Pick-A-Pay Loans,” which “allowed homeowners to make monthly mortgage payments that were so small they did not cover their interest charges. That meant the total principal owed would actually grow over time, not shrink as is normally the case.”

Martin Eakes’ company, “Self-Help,” worked to find a market for the Sandler’s risky mortgages. The company bragged that it had, “facilitated the extension of more than $3.6 billion in financing for home mortgages and loans.” Its generous donors included “The Ford Foundation” as part of their effort to “provide a staggering $50 million to subsidize minority and low-income mortgages.”

The Sandlers have since become two of the most vilified faces of the financial crisis due to the fact that they marketed, “risky loans at the height of the housing bubble.” Housing lawyer William Purdy told the New York Times that Pick-A-Pay “is the most destructive financial weapon ever deployed against the American middle class.”

Prior to the collapse of the housing bubble, the Sandler’s sold their bank (along with subprime mortgage portfolio) to Wachovia. According to the New York Times, “Wachovia was projecting $26.1 billion of losses” on their Sandler loan portfolio prior to being sold to Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo, “expects losses of $36 billion on the loans unless efforts to stem foreclosures help rescue part of the portfolio. The losses caused analysts and others to reassess the Sandlers’ legacy.”

In October 2008, “Saturday Night Live” parodied the Sandlers in a skit about the financial crisis. Their characters appeared in a mock congressional hearing, with the caption, “People Who Should Be Shot.” SNL and parent company NBC removed the skit from the Internet and reruns after the Sandlers protested loudly for censorship.

The Ford Foundation continues to allow Martin Eakes to sit on their Board of Directors despite his dubious involvement in the subprime mortgage crisis.

In 2013, the Ford Foundation spent over $140 million on operating and administrative costs alone. As Inside Philanthropy pointed out, “A philanthropic entity dedicated in large part to helping the world’s downtrodden is spending $100 million a year on people who are not among the downtrodden. Anyone have a problem with that?”

While the Ford Foundation purports to help the world’s poor, they are paying enormous overhead costs for expenses including, but not limited to, its posh midtown Manhattan office. The office is so extravagant that it even includes a massive indoor garden complete with numerous terraces, granite steps, and a pool of water.

Former president of the Ford Foundation Luis Ubinas, was raking in $2 million in total compensation before he left. Additionally, two ex-Vice Presidents of the Ford Foundation were each “pulling in over a half million dollars in compensation in 2013.” Must be easy to dedicate your life to “charity” when you are making that kind of money. In the last 10 years, the Ford Foundation’s overhead has totaled over a billion dollars.

Ford Foundation Supported Occupy Movement
In 2012 the Ford Foundation awarded $650,000 to National People’s Action, one of the controversial organizing groups behind the Occupy Movement.

National People’s Action is led by George Goehl, a fanatical community organizer who is known for his dangerous tactics.

Under the leadership of Goehl, NPA has focused on intimidating its opponents. Goehl not only endorses these actions, but has led dangerous protests onto the doorsteps of his enemies, targeting them and their families at their own homes.

A notable example of this occurred in May 2010, when a Goehl-sactioned protest included roughly 500 NPA and Service Employees International Union (SEIU) activists who poured onto the lawn of Greg Baer, deputy general counsel for corporate law at Bank of America. The agitators marched onto his porch—waving signs and condemning him for his “greed.”

Their actions so terrified the only member of the Baer family home at the time, Baer’s teenage son, that he was forced to lock himself in a bathroom and wait for help. When Baer arrived home, he had to fight through the mob of protestors just to get inside his home and ensure his son was safe.

Baer’s neighbor, Fortune Magazine writer Nina Easton, reported that the assault on Baer was only one of the group’s targets for the day; Goehl and the rest of the activists then packed into 14 school buses and moved on to repeat their tactics at the home of JP Morgan executive Peter Scher.



Ellen McGirt at Fortune Magazine reports that the Black Lives Matter movement will receive millions of dollars in funding from the Ford Foundation. The Foundation states, By partnering with Borealis Philanthropy, Movement Strategy Center, and Benedict Consulting to found the Black-Led Movement Fund, Ford has made six-year investments in the organizations and networks that compose the Movement for Black Lives…

As we continue to engage with and learn from the movement, we’re eager to deepen and expand this community of social justice funders. We want to nurture bold experiments and help the movement build the solid infrastructure that will enable it to flourish. As we do so, we believe it’s essential that our funding not dictate or distort the work underway.

How much money will the Ford Foundation and its partners funnel to BLM? According to Edmund Kozak at PoliZette, the above-mentioned Borealis Philanthropy says the goal is to “bring $100 million in new resources to the Movement for Black Lives.” Without distorting BLM’s work, of course.

No one should be surprised that the Ford Foundation will fund BLM. It is a thoroughly leftist operation and has been for decades.

Black Lives Matter has taken the place of Occupy Wall Street as the vanguard of a concerted, lawless, and if necessary violent push for the radical transformation of America — “total social upheaval” and “systemic change,” as BLM activists put it. The movement is, as several of its founders have said, the vessel through which all progressive causes can flow. And it is a far more serviceable vessel than Occupy Wall Street.

As you can see, powerful forces are on-board the Hillary Train bound for destruction of America as we know it. BLM will most certainly flex their muscles between now and the election because Trump will not be kind to lawless anarchy. Hillary has no need to fund-raise because money is pouring in from everywhere. She does it because she hates to associate with regular deplorable citizens.